60+ Compassion Quotes


We often show our compassion to the people we care about, those we think need help, and those we believe need support to live a happy life.
Being compassionate even to strangers is not a bad thing; in fact, it is one of the best things to do if you genuinely want to live a happy and peaceful life.
Here are some quotes about compassion that might help you.


One of the ways that a person can establish compassion and love is to practice meditation.


Compassion is but to always give without expecting anything in return at all; it is.


If you care about the happiness of other people, then you are compassionate without a doubt.


Once you show a person how much you appreciate and understand them, they will be happy.

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Compassion will fill you up when you have known suffering, defeat, struggle and loss.


Beautiful and compassionate people do not just happen; they are born out of loss and defeat.


If you learn how to turn the bad things into something to be compassionate about, then good.


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Ask yourself what would happen to a man if you do not stop for a moment and help him.


You need to have a sense of compassion for everyone, no matter what state they are in.


Every people are suffering deep inside of them, small or more, so always show compassion.


Believe me when I say that there is a need for compassion that we all need to feel this way.


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Some days, you need to find the urgency within you to be compassionate about things.


I wish I could have been compassionate back then; let me tell you, it is never too late to start.


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No matter how old you are right now, you can be as compassionate as you will yourself to be.


Compassion and love are needs, not wants; the world would not survive without these two.


Love and compassion exist side by side; one cannot exist without the other, that is true.



Thou shall not underestimate the power of listening and being compassionate about it.


If you told me that you are compassionate, I would not ask a single thing; you know that.


No one will tell you or judge you about compassion; you only have your conscience for that.


Sadly, not all people will be compassionate, but you need to let them see you do it.


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Do not be compassionate to others because of anything else rather than you want to do it.


Sometimes, an honest compliment is all that people need to turn their life around.


The kind words that you say today might make the entire day of the person beside you.


When you figure it out, the true strength of this world is nothing but love and compassion.


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When you want others to be happy, as happy as you are, you should practice compassion.


If you want to be truly happy, then compassion is something to consider; that is the truth.


What is compassion but the ability to live inside someone else, to be in another’s shoes?


Once you know, the joy of someone having a more leisurely life because of you means you succeeded.


If you want to be compassionate, you need to listen to what your heart tells you.


Later on, I realized that the reason to be merciful and compassionate is the joy it brings.


Do not let your undoing be because you did not ever do anything for another person forever.


What binds people together is compassion, not pity and neither patronizing people.


As human beings, our purpose in life is to turn all of our common sufferings into hope.


Just hope, hold on to the hope that we can still be compassionate about each other, even now.


One of the greatest gifts that humanity has ever received is the power to be compassionate.


They were compassionate means feeling what other people think and, in turn, helping them relieve it.


Compassion is to be the person that you need to be, to help other people become themselves.


The best thing you can do right now is to help other people and be compassionate too.


If you cannot help other people, you might as well try your best not to harm anyone.


What is compassion but to immerse yourself in becoming a person that is kind and honest?


You need to be yourself, fight for what you believe in and respect others’ opinions.


Being compassionate is always being kind whenever it is applicable, whenever possible.


Sometimes being honest is a way of being kind, and this way, you would not have regrets.


To be compassionate is to be kind; it is to be mindful of what you say all the time.


Some days, you will bend what is proper to be kind, and you need not be ashamed to do that.


A person that is always kind is someone who has wisdom within him; that is the truth.


Be kind to everyone even if you notice that there are people who would not follow that rule.


Make it a goal each day to impart kindness to a person, a stranger, or even a friend.


When you make it your ultimate goal to be a kind and compassionate person, you are rich.


The things you do will eventually come back to you, so you might as well be kind enough.


You need to be hopeful about the world; that is all there is, that is the truth.


Believe that humanity still has the hope to change, and you will realize that you can do it.


You can change the world if you try; that is the truth; you just need to take that step.


Do not ever look down on someone unless you are doing so because you are helping him.


Believe me when I tell you that the kindness you give away will leave a mark on people.


When people remember you for being kind, you will be loved and not be forgotten.


Carve your name into people’s hearts, be kind and make sure you will be great.


Sure it would feel good to be essential, but it is also necessary to be good.


If you smile at one stranger today, it might just make his whole day.


Treat people politely, even those that are rude, just because you are kind and compassionate.


What the world truly needs is an army of kind people with compassion deep in their hearts.


The little things you do to help others matter; they will be remembered and recalled.


It is often the little things that people overlook that makes them happy at the end of it.


When you try to see the best in everyone else, you save the trouble trying to be sad about it.


Do not just be yourself and instead try to be someone a little bit nicer than you are.


The greatest loan you can let yourself borrow from you are ears that would listen.


I hope that you never miss one opportunity to make other people happy, no matter what.


If he tells you he needs to be alone, then leave him alone if you think it would make him happy.


Kindness is a language that everyone knows, even the blind, even the deaf, everyone does.


There will always be an opportunity to be kind, and I hope you keep grabbing it.


Kindness is a power within itself, and it is up to you to explore it and wield it eventually.


Do not bother waiting for people to go all friendly on you but instead show them how to.


The most important trip that you need to take in your life is to meet people halfway.


What I admire the most in this world right now is those that remain kind all the same.


Do things for people, small kind things with great love, and you will be truly happy for a day.


Do something for a person, even if that person might never be able to repay you, ever.


The best thing about kindness is that it is like a boomerang in a way that it will always return.


If you want to experience generosity, then help someone who will never really find out.


The goal of life is to be kind in all the things you do, in every word you say.


Be kind, start today and never let others blow you away to the side of evil; never let them do.


If you want to know the kindest word in this world is; it is the unkind word unsaid.


Even if people take advantage of your kindness, do not let that stop you from being kind.


Be someone who cares; I think that is the real journey of this life; you need to do just that.


Today, give someone the gift of kindness and let him spread it to the world, try it out.


Be kind just because all of us are suffering inside because we all need to be cared about.


You need to be the kind of person that will make other people’s feelings into account.


Generosity is not achieved overnight; you just go and give the things that you have.


If it is in your capability to help people, then why not help them out the best you can?


The goal of life is to be kind, help others, and become the best person you can be.


If you have decided to be wrong today, it is never too late to change it halfway, you know?


The best people in the world did not start off being all kind and generous; that is the truth.