The 55 Courage Quotes


One of man’s greatest feelings of pride has always been their courage.

Courage can overcome not only physical adversities but also that of the intangible dimension.

Having the right courage and showing it at the right place and at the right time would give you an edge among others.


Among all qualities, courage is the highest esteemed, for, without it, all the others could not be guaranteed.


You would not be able to achieve every great and dignified endeavor you desire if you would always desire your safety.


A man who manages to smile in the face of trouble and can generate strength from adversities is a man worthy of being loved.


If you are strong and courageous, you will be able to find your way towards realizing your goals and being prosperous.

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A man who knows how to carry on unhappiness with courage is most admired.


You cannot describe courage; it is that complicated. It does not require any verb to describe it. It is a quality, not a thing.


No courage can be generated if you are not scared of anything. If you do something you are afraid of, you are courageous.


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The best man you can ever know is someone who can bear all the hardships and trials with dignity and grace.


When you are at your lowest, fight the hardest. They might think you will die for it, but be determined, and you won’t.


No matter your sex or status in life, all would be fair in the battle of life that has no spaces for cowards.


Every human being is born to succeed, so pick your battles well.


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Even a single courageous person could embody the absolute majority.


You could handpick the real winners from the losers by observing how each reacts to the playfulness of fate.


Once you went through the path of a quite impossible ordeal, the encouragement within yourself would sing louder until you find yourself freer than you ever were before.


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The best part is surpassing every horror in your life is when you can finally say, I can face anything that would block my way to success.


Every endeavor is always put to a halt because of a question of safety.



A courageous and strong person would make his way to a prosperous life and would have success.


The man who deserves admiration the most could face his unhappiness using his own courage.


Bravery is a difficult word to define. You cannot assign its size or color, or weight. It is not a thing. It is a quality.


Do not let the fear of being out to get inside your skin.


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Keep your ship alongside an enemy’s ship, and as a captain, you can do nothing wrong.


Never dodge any problem, be it small or large. Face it courageously, confront them quickly.


Boldness is what makes a military person great.


When you feel fear that is still holding a little bit longer than usual, that would be courage, my friend.


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You can fail and fail again but still, be brave if you do not lose the enthusiasm to try again and again.


Great courage arises when you blatantly look at something you have never seen before.


You lack the courage you need to see what is right yet choose to ignore doing it.


Bravery is not the absence of fear. It is mostly the mastery of how to handle fear.


Most people who walk the earth only earn physical courage. How curious that moral courage is nowhere in sight!

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Whatever dreams or plans you have, you can start right now. You only need boldness, and all the magic, power, and genius would work together to make them come true.


Facing your fears even though you are trembling to death; now that’s courage.


I had many troubles in life, but most of them never happened to live a long life.


When you are thinking about something for too long, please wake up and snap out of it.


Losing willingly is the most courageous thing a person can experience.


Find your limits first, so when you have uncovered your true potential, you can use your courage to blow these limits apart.


Heroes are not born overnight. They take one step to attain the courage they need until they notice that they can stare every bad deed down.


Being able to deal with fear is something that we do every day. Facing your fear builds our strength of character, while shrinking away from it weakens our personality.


Taking action against your fears is not the absence of fear but merely courage.


We are afraid to try things if we perceive that they are difficult. However, it is only difficult because we never dared to do it.


Human emotions have two elements: fear and love. Love originates from the soul, while fear comes from the personality.


When you have found your real potential and others discourage you from taking its path, it would be a great boldness to pursue it and reach the end.


Risking yourself to be kept tightly inside a bud is now more dangerous than blooming out in the open.


Loving is something we are born with; fear is something we learn when we walk the earth.


Reaching for something that is beyond your potential would make you unhappy for the rest of your life.


A man who knows how to stand up and speak is courageous. However, a man who listens and understands has more courage than the rest of them put together.


Others interpret fear as false evidence appearing real.


You can only go past your fear when you make your way through it.


You can never set yourself free from fear. You can only stop letting it control you.


The size of the surrounding you move in depends on the amount of your courage.


A courageous man does not wait for something to catch him when he jumps. He just jumps because he knows there would be a net appearing.


Never fear to embark on something new but worth doing. If now is the time to do it, never fear to make a difference.


You may feel the fear, but you can do it anyway.


We are both afraid when we speak out or remain silent, so it is better to speak out anyway.


When you feel that you are already compromising yourself, do not be afraid to stop doing it. You are all that you’ve got.


Sometimes, our courage in life is more dramatic than our final moments in life.


Have the courage to change the things that you can.


Being bold does not mean that you are not afraid of anything, but you are willing to conquer that fear.


The cowardly experience death a thousand times through letting go of things that you could have made yours.


The valiant would never encounter death for once in his life.


Having a brave man within your group could infect everyone else and stiffen everyone’s spine up.


One can never be sure of his courage until the day he dies.


Trying to flee from danger sometimes requires courage.


Choosing to sacrifice and suffer is braver than dying.


Fearing danger close to you is a normal thing. Genuine courage is facing danger even though you are afraid.


There is no guarantee of success even though you have the valiance. It would be best if you endured everything; life is the survival of the fittest.


It is never too late to be brave for tomorrow.


Maintain your courage. Everything else would go without it.


Be wary of how and when you show your courage. There is always a right place and time for that.


Courage is only worthy of respect when it is used for a valid reason.


You would not reach the other side of a canyon through small, fearful steps. Have the courage to jump high. Then you’ll go places.


Different kinds of courage exist. It takes a lot to stand up to your enemies, but more so when you stand up to your friends.


You can never achieve anything if you never use your courage to take risks in your life.


Freedom has been anointed by courage to roam the earth.


Courage is never having anyone define you.


A man who still fights despite seeing that he is losing is more courageous than a coward who pursues the fight because he can see that he is winning.


Shouting either makes you feel brave or announces that you are a reckless person.


Combine perseverance and courage, and you will have a powerful talisman that obstacles can never hinder.


Ignoring something or someone is the quickest path towards courage.


Courage done in the eyes of justice and righteousness could conquer any fight.


If you want to maintain your virtue, then you would want to work on your courage and strengthen it.


Saying your prayers after facing your fear is what bravery is all about.


Showing your courage does not need to be loud. Sometimes you will see courage in a tiny voice that says. I don’t mind trying again tomorrow.


We are given courage so we can take care of peace.


Life would cease to be what it is if courage flew out of the window.


One single deed of bravery could change the whole picture already painted.


Use your courage to arm your soul against conquest and slavery.


Belittling others who have not achieved as much as you have is never an act of courage. It is merely a defensive mechanism of one who has pat insecurities.


Prosperity and success always follow the valiant.


Choose to risk something to gain anything than keeping to yourself and gaining nothing.


Keep your soul from being taken from you through your acts of bravery.