Crazy Quotes

We are all but a little crazy inside of us.
Maybe it is because we are, or perhaps we turn crazy through the experiences that we go through.
Everyone in the world is a little bit crazy, and there is no hiding that.
There are so many things that can make us go crazy, and love is just one of them.
If you feel crazy in love, then maybe you could relate to these crazy quotes too.

I feel like I am going crazy whenever I see that smile on your face, and then you look at me.

Just like everyone else, I want to experience a love that will last for my whole life as well.

Inside my beating heart is a love that runs deep for you, and I hope you will notice it like me.


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I know I seem weird at times, but truth be told, I love you, and I wish you would believe it.

You may think that I am crazy, but the truth is that I am just happy that you are here with me.

I feel the same way when you are happy, and I can feel your emotions too; I guess I like you.

There was something so beautiful in her smile that I think they are brighter than stars too.

Take a look at the people that like you, and maybe then you will realize their magic too.

I am crazy about everything about you, and all that I want is to hold you and get to see you well.

I never planned to fall in love with you; I just suddenly did, even to the point I was surprised.

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I decided to walk into this love I have for you, my eyes being wide open now.

Every step that I am choosing is one more step closer to you, and I love that for now.

Maybe the truth is that some people are crazy while some are not just tamed enough, wild too.

Choosing where to go made me weird, but I still decided to be next to you from here on.

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No matter when I would always choose you to be next to me, even in the next lifetime.

I love you more than I love seeing the stars shine brightly against the dark every single night.

I watch you, and I wait for a moment when I will finally get to see you smile; I lie awake to do.

My heart tells me that I am alright, I am good, but you tell me no, how did that happen?

I know this is crazy, but I do not want to live without having to fall in love even just once now.

I want only one kind of love in this world, and the true make you crazy type of love.

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It is one thing to fall for someone and another to go weird, making them love you back now.

I wish you feel a the very least, be responsible for what you made me think in this heart I have.

I thanked you a million times and would do so again if it means getting to see you smile at me.

My love for you is deep as it is crazy. It is something that I hope will indeed last for a long time.

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You are the most fantastic person and the loveliest I have met in my lifetime; thank you for it.

It is an understatement that I like you; I love you with every piece of my being believing that too.

Whenever I am together with you, I have all the fun in the world, and it must be because I like you a lot.

There is no cure for heartbreak but love, so go ahead and cure yourself of all the pain now.


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I know I sound crazy right now, but the truth is that you are my top priority in this lifetime.

The best type of love that the world can offer you is bringing about peace inside us.

I hope that I can give you something but the truth is that all I can offer is my love for you.

Yours and my soul must have been made from the same source, and we must be soulmates too.

You need not ask me whether or not I love you, for I think I was born loving you so much.

You think that I am crazy, but the truth is that I am so in love with you, all of you as well.

The truth is that the best people in the world are all a little bit weird in the head like us two.

Never let the voice of your heart fall into silence, for I care for you a lot, I do, my dear.

And you were my strength when I needed someone to help me be more muscular; thank you, love.

I met you more than anything and anyone in this world, and there must be a reason for that.

Please take a look at this world. It is full of magic and crazy people that believe in happy endings.

You and we were taught to be the best person in this crazy world; let that be the truth of it.

I want you to know that something inside of me is dying to get to know you more.

It is crazy to love someone with more than you can give, you know, that is sad.

You were the light that was enticing me to come nearer, and you were the missing piece of me.

I wish that the best things in this life would be saved, such as you are to me, my world.

You are indeed my piece of heaven in this world that we are in. I love no one more than I do you.

So many people in this world are crazy enough to do all they can to prove their love.

And the truth is that I still do not know how to sit across you without wanting to get near you.

Some girls are just meant to keep being wild, which is the truth, so let me keep being me.

Let the ones that love you be happy too; there is much I do not know about you, I can see it.

The sad thing is that the best people in this world are the ones that are a bit crazy.

I want to get to know the crazier side of you; I bet to you I would also love that side as well.

This life of mine began when I fell in love with someone such as you are, dear.

I realized that I am genuinely in this feeling with you. I cannot take a day I do not see you.

I want you to be near me all the time, for I feel anxious when you are not; I see why.

You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen, and still, I find you crazy even up ‘til now.

Of all the seasons, whenever I get to be with you is what I like the most, for I do care a lot too.

Your eyes speak more than you know; it tells me so much about you as well, so let me be that.

You are my favourite place, and there is nowhere I would love to be than to be with you as well.

Let me keep you as my favourite person, the one I lean on when the world feels like ending.

Yes, I am in love with you, but that does not mean I do not find you crazy all the same, dear.

Your feelings for me keep me alive and breathing; there is no one I like better now.

God, do not let us be apart, for He knows just how much I need you with me to feel alive too.

I guess my point is that I was meant to be yours in this life, in this lifetime and this world.

I find no one in this world perfect, for we are all a little crazy deep inside of us.

It was bound to happen anyway, you being next to me; I knew I would always find you then.

Even when time sets us apart, I promise you that I will find you even in the next life too.

I think that I am complete and have all that I need as long as I am next to you.

There is no one else I would rather be with than yours entirely. There is that to think of.

I wanted to be so in love that people would think that I am crazy enough to be that.

In this long and winding journey that is life, being beside you is the best thing that I know.

The best kind of love is the one that makes you feel a little drunk and also a little crazy too.

I have wanted to be that girl you would care about all the time but being your wife is good.

If I did wrong to you, let me know, and I will try to correct it for this feeling inside me is more considerable.

All the moments we have had are genuinely something to deal with and treasure a lot now.

Love is genuinely crazy, but you have to deal with it, for that is just what it truly is anyway now.

It may feel crazy doing so much to get your attention, but I will if it is for you, my dear.

I know you look at me like I am crazy, but the truth is that I’m just so stupidly in love with you.

These are crazy times indeed, being beside you and telling stories all about our past mistakes.

What we did was crazy, I do agree, but then again, we were so much in love with each other.

It is a crazy thing, that is what love is, but that is also what makes us so happy, that’s true too.