105 Loyalty Quotes


As with all relationships, whether it is friendship, romantic, or with your family, loyalty is a vital part.
We have prepared these Loyalty Quotes because loyalty is the cement of the relationship, and infidelity is the water that seeps and destroys it.


True loyalty means being true to your partner, no matter how hard things can get. Even if it hurts, you have to tell him when he is wrong and urge him to keep going when he Is right.


A man with no loyalty will leave you once the road darkens.


I belong to you, my love finds shelter in you, and a part of you is also a part of me too.


Be always loyal to your country as you are a part of it as soon as you draw a breath of its soils.

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Friendship is born from love. It is a flame that shines brightest during the good times and keeps you safe and warm during the darkest of times. It is a loyalty that nothing in this world could ever drift apart.


Faithfulness and sincerity should be taught as first principles at home.


The value of a person is never even an inch close to that of an object. A person will never rust or fade when drenched in the rain, while an object will rot away as soon as it meets a single drop.


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The essence of family lies in its unshakable faithfulness to each other.


There are three qualities to take note of in a person – Loyalty, respect, and honesty.


I want one man by my side than ten who will leave me on the first sight of my demons.


If you cannot die for us, how can you ask us to die for you?


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Loyalty will outweigh cleverness. While it can save you from perilous situations, only faithfulness will stay when all hope comes to the edge of fading.


Giving up on someone is not on my dictionary, especially when they need me not to hold on.


To be loyal to someone who is shrouded behind a cloak of mystery is impossible.


Without a doubt, I will entrust my faithfulness to those who truly deserve it.


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Fidelity to your partner is love that speaks beyond a thousand words.


There are four types of loyalty – faithfulness to your family and friends, fidelity to your partner, confidence in yourself, and devotion to God.



If I regarded you as my friend, trust me to follow you even on the bleakest and most dangerous roads.

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Not too many people in this world can keep their loyalty strong and sturdy, for there are just too many temptations in every corner.
Here are some of the best quotes about loyalty.


Loyalty is a treasure I regarded as precious as the stars and the moon itself, as rare and as pure as the clouds rolling in the skies. Once you find it, never let go.


I may have few friends, but I am devoted to keeping our bonds last more than forever.


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A person who is afraid to risk his heart is the true coward of this world. He is frightened of placing his loyalty in somebody else’s hands when it is the only way for him to find who’s that special one he can trust to protect it forevermore.


The ingredients for a steadfast friendship are a cup of love, a tablespoon of honesty, and a huge pack of loyalty.


The sad reality of the modern world is the extinction of loyalty. Corporations rarely have an employee who has stayed for more than five years. Business ties are fragile and severed so easily. Even within the family, faithfulness appears to be fleeting.


There is no meaning behind loyalty without self-sacrifice.


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There are no other colors to loyalty, only black and white. It’s either you are faithful or not at all.


Words spoken through loyalty, no matter how much bitterness stings me, are the true essence of friendship and family.


I am loyal to those who will, not even for a slight second, ever doubt my loyalty.


Loyalty does not have a price tag. It is something you earn and work hard for.

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Be careful with shattering people’s trust to pieces. The scars never fade. To earn back the loyalty will take a lifetime or never at all.


Friendship is faithfulness to one another. Not even death can divide nor violate.


Loyalty, the whole aim of it, is to stick by those who will stay with you no matter what.


No relationship is without patience, love, persistence, and most of all, loyalty.


You cannot buy faithfulness. Loyalty is purest in its form. It stems from the human heart alone, a product of love. Devotion, however beautiful it may be, is prone to betrayal.


No matter how hard that journey is, marriage binds you with one person, a friend and lover rolled in one, who will embark with you in every chapter of your life.


Marriage, aside from taking a lot of work, challenges the capacity of two people to keep love and fidelity intact in the midst of chaos and rainbows, storm and sunshine, to come.


It is your duty to protect the trust placed on your hands. It is a wonderful gift, earned.


Money will never earn you true loyalty.


True friendship is a place where you can say anything, and no one will judge you for it.


You are failing to fulfill your commitment to others loses the commitment you have to yourself.


Thriving businesses are drawing strength from the loyalty of their patrons.


How can you trust someone when you can’t even trust yourself?


Everything in excess is bad, even loyalty. Too much of it lead you to your grave.


Nothing beats old and loyal friends. They are a reminder of your life’s best moments and greatest adventures.


Friends do come and go while enemies pile up like walls.


To play in a band composed of your most loyal friends is creating music of friendship and faithfulness.


Loyal companions are the hope against the advancing darkness, the antidote against the poisons of despair, and the saving grace against insanity.


Loyalty is not an easy virtue to live by as loyalty requires loyalty to it.


Without loyalty, there will be no friendship, and there will be no love or family. Without devotion, there will be no community, society, nor country. Loyalty is essential to all basic principles in life.


Stupidity is staying with someone who will never appreciate you.


Loyalty is although, fragile, is the noblest of virtues.


Friendship, faithfulness, and honor are what keep this world a better place.


Leadership has two sides: With loyalty or without it.


The true test of loyalty is standing strong amid chaos and misery.


I’m very faithful with all my relationships. I don’t go looking for other sisters or another mom when I know I have my own.


Do not be friends with anyone who cannot give you the same amount of loyalty and trust.


Faithfulness and good faith are treasures worth more than any gold or precious jewels.


There is no use for weapons when there is devotion and faithfulness.


If a man asks me for loyalty and honesty, he shall get my loyalty and honesty.


We are all traveling a grueling path. Then we owe each other loyalty.


A group with loyalty for each other will achieve their goals together.


Famous does not equal faithfulness.


Loyalty is something you should not hesitate to give, for it comes with other great qualities.


From loyalty comes trust. From trust comes faithfulness, then faithfulness comes love.


Low prices do not spin loyalty.


A man’s faithfulness is tried when he has all the money in this world, while the woman is when she has nothing at all.


Be loyal to those who are not present, and you will earn their loyalty.


Those who do not know the value of loyalty can never know the price of treachery.


Loyalty does not have a price tag. It’s a characteristic quality.


I am blessed to have three meals a day. However, loyalty is a wealth I never thought I’d ever had in this life. It makes me feel richer in every sense.


When the battle of the wars rages, the loyalty of a soldier is tested.


To be loyal to your country is your duty as its citizen. To be loyal to yourself is a duty of your own. To be loyal to God is an essential duty of your life.


You cannot call loyalty one that is bought with money.


Loyalty to the wrong cause is tarnishing honor.


Loyalty gained is freedom gained.


One of the reasons why many people love dogs is primarily for their loyalty.


Loyalty is a virtue that needs a lot of work.

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Being loyal to your family is the greatest virtue one can have.


Success comes from a lot of loyalty to your craft, faithfulness to your habit, and devotion to your goal.


If two people can be loyal and honest to one another, they can pull through whatever comes their way. That is called family.


If an animal has the virtue of loyalty and love, then it is not far from having the heart of a human.


I am not looking for anything too grand in a relationship. I don’t need a wealthy or handsome man. All I need is lifetime loyalty and love from my partner to make a good and healthy family.


When people are loyal to you, you have the obligation of taking care of them. This is something that can be found in a family.


A faithless friend will not remain long in your circle. Trust me.


A hero is someone who always possesses the quality of loyalty, self-sacrifice, determination, and some stubbornness in there.


I don’t need too many friends, only a few loyal ones.


Confidentiality is a virtue of devotion, as devotion is a virtue of loyalty.


A person filled with anger and hatred bleeds out the quality of loyalty and faithfulness from himself.


Employee loyalty comes from the loyalty of his employee first.


Family does not only involve blood. It entails loyalty, love, and respect for each other.


I dread cheating, people. For me, they are the lowest kind.


The biggest mistake you can ever make is to break the heart of the girl who is loyal to you.


I consider loyalty a crown made out of angel feathers and the tail of a shooting star.


Just like kindness, loyalty comes back two folds. When you are loyal to someone, they are too.


Loyalty is never asking for a reason why the person does the things he does but just supports him all the time.


Sometimes, I think that my loyalty lies where my heart does. I am loyal to the people I love.


You cannot start a new relationship if you are still loyal to the last person you love.


It is not fair to be loyal to someone whom you know would never be loyal to you, ever.


There will be times when loyalty becomes a matter of whom you trust and whom you do not.


Who are you to tell me who I should be loyal to when you do not even know what loyalty is?


There is no time to think about who to be loyal to. Just be loyal to the people you trust.


Loyalty is scarce nowadays because people are easy to betray one another for material things.


At present, people are willing to give their loyalty for a certain amount of money.


Loyalty is something that should never be sold because that is like selling your pride as well.


When you find the person you want to be loyal to, you realize what loyalty really means.


There are things that I regret, people I did not get to be loyal to and people whom I should not have been loyal to.


Tell me, how do I become loyal when the betrayal happens in front of my face this time?


Things will get rough, and sometimes, the only people you can trust are loyal to you.


People loyal to you are the ones you should trust the most and give your loyalty to.


I wish I could have met you sooner before I swear loyalty to the relationship I am in now.


When the time comes, and you have to choose, always pick the one who is loyal to you.


There is so much hate and war in this world that loyalty is often misunderstood.


Misplaced loyalty is the worst of them all, to place it in the hands of a person who will betray you in the end.


I have been loyal for so long, only to end up being the one betrayed, being the one hurt.


In the end, it did hurt, losing a person so loyal to me because I took him for granted.


Who was I to have your loyalty? And for it, I was forever grateful to you and all you did.


To whom should you give your loyalty to but the person who is there for you every time.


I am there when you need me, but why are you not here now that I need you? Where does your loyalty lie?


Upon my face, you have sworn your loyalty, and yet you are so easy to betray me. Why?


What did I ever do to receive your loyalty? I would do it over and over again if you tell me.


Thank you, for being loyal to me all this time, despite all the wrong I have done to you.


Maybe it was wrong of me to be loyal to you. I hope you realize what you did one day.


Many of us have sworn our loyalty or given it to the wrong person, but it is not too late.


It is never too late to give your loyalty to the person who deserves it the most. Try it out.


When the worst thing comes your way, the only thing you can do is trust the people loyal to you.


I wish I had trusted the people that have shown me loyalty through and through, but I didn’t.


If I could turn back time, I would at least know to whom I should give my loyalty.


Most of the time, we pick the wrong person to be loyal to and get hurt at the end of it all.


Just tell me that you are loyal to me, and I promise you that I will give you the same loyalty.


Some things cannot be seen, and loyalty is one of those precious things there.


I was hoping you could show me how loyal you are by telling me all your secrets, showing me that you truly trust me.


I think that loyalty is putting your life on the line to make sure that person is alive.


Loyalty is never betraying the person you are loyal to but showing him that he can trust you.


If there is one thing that I would demand of my lover, it would be his loyalty, so I am sure that he will forever be mine.


I can give you not much in this world, but I promise you to have my loyalty.


If there comes a time when you have to choose between two people, pick the one loyal to you over the one that loves you.


Loyalty is being reminded of that person wherever you may be and putting your trust in him.


The only thing that I am good at is being loyal to people that are important to me. That is all.


If I were given a chance to know the people loyal to me, I would thank all of them and show them how much I appreciate them.


Thank you for being loyal to me all this time. I swear I will do my best to repay it.


Be careful in choosing the person to be loyal to because you never know if they are to you.


One cannot be loyal to a person who only knows how to love himself and no one else.


There is only one person I can think about when I hear the word loyalty, and that is you.


After all these years, it has always been you and only you I had been loyal to, my love.


Our love is sweet and daring, and the reason I love it the most is because of our loyalty.


You can only measure loyalty in extreme situations like life and death ones.


There is no point in explaining what loyalty is to the people who do not even know how to be loyal to anyone in the world.


When you become loyal to a person, you should expect to suffer and to have utmost pain.


There is no loyalty that does not come with pain, just like no love comes without heartbreak.


I did not believe when I heard from others that you were not loyal to me until I saw it myself.


There is no need for you to sign a contract because I know just how loyal you are to me.


Now that I have told you just how loyal I am, there is no going back. I will follow you anywhere.


Wherever you may be right now, I hope you know just how loyal I will always be to you.


You are my reason to live, the one I will always go back to because you are the one I am loyal to.


Your family and friends may not be loyal to you but at the very least, be loyal to all of them.


There is no point in hurting people over loyalty when loyalty is something that you should give freely without any payment.


All this time, you were the one that was the most loyal to me, and yet I did not see it.


How do you love a person when you know that his loyalty lies somewhere else all this time?


It is just so sad that I had to tell you that your loyalty lies elsewhere, and it makes me sad.


How sad it is when you realize that the person you thought was loyal to you has been lying to you all this time?


I wouldn’t say I like that I was so loyal to you while you were never loyal to me.


I wish that I could turn back time and apologize to the people I disappointed out of loyalty.


So many people hated me for being loyal to you, but here I feel betrayed still.


What did I do so wrong that you had to see you betraying me when I had been nothing but loyal to you?


Can I have a moment with you so that we can talk about this loyalty you have been bragging about?


I was such a fool for believing in your loyalty when it only was words for you.


Loyalty is not something you say but something you prove by your actions, not your words.


It was good meeting you, but how wrong you were to betray the loyalty I have given you.


When the right time comes, do not expect any loyalty from me as you have failed me so.


I hope you realize how much you wasted the loyalty I have given to you, my friend.


I trusted you so much and was loyal to you, only for you to hurt and betray me instead.