Top 60 Empowered Quotes


Everyone could become what they want if they believe in their abilities. We have to remember that the power of our minds is a lot stronger than we could ever know. Empowering oneself is one step towards reaching your dreams, and no one can help you achieve it but yourself.


If you cannot endure sitting in a quiet room all by yourself, then you would not be able to handle the misery of life.


Treat happiness as the consequence of doing things right and suffering due to doing the wrong something.


You cannot give all the needs of the world. Think of what you need and what would keep you alive so that the world would still have people to live in it.


Our world is alive with so many holy moments even though each of us could not live a holy life.

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You may not have found out the secret to life if you do not dare to go ahead and conquer your fears.


Being angry for just a minute takes away sixty seconds of precious peace in your life.


Events that happen to you cannot be controlled, but how you react towards them could be controlled by yourself.


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Do not let change overpower you. You have to let it bend to your will rather than be subjected to it.


Never underestimate the power of the mind. Whatever you think you can do, you can become.


To be able to enjoy happiness, you must share it with others.


Do not dwell on things that you do not have. It would take time off those things that you have, and in the end, you will get what you do not want.


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The mind is like a telephone; you have to keep it open only for positive things and block the negative ones so they would not come ringing.


Heaven is not only for our dreams that could not be within our reach. You could make it happen here on earth and own it.


Remaking yourself would be far more significant, especially if the whole world is in tune with it.


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Try taking one step at a time instead of rushing forward, and everything that you want would crowd around to catch you.


You can rewrite the story of your life for every day that you wake up.



Discovering oceans would only be possible if you let go of the fear of losing sight of the shore.


You are only blocking the sunshine, and that is what causes the shadows in your life.


Being busy with nothing constantly makes up our life.


Only the heart could feel the most beautiful things in the world. They are not seen or heard; they are supposed.


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Taking light from a candle would never shorten its life. It could light a thousand more if it has to.


You would strengthen your experience from all those nasty moments. And you can make sound judgments from all those experiences.


Create your pattern by breaking out of all your beliefs. Only then could you re-create your own story and explore new things.


Let happiness settle into your life like a butterfly. If you chase it, it will fly away, but it will descend upon you if you stay still.


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Happy people always welcome change because, through the transformation, they become more comfortable. And the more content you are, the more change would be welcomed.


We always believe that perfection is what embodies the best. What we do not know is perfection only becomes possible because of all the possibilities around it.


Accept the circumstance that you already have as if you chose them yourself.


You will respect others if you are content with what you have and do not go on competing.


The difference you could make in life is how you handle what it already is, not how it is supposed to be.

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It realizes that you have nowhere to go and nothing to do but be where you are right now is the beginning of your enlightenment.


You are mainly unhappy because of your thoughts. The situation is always neutral; divide your thoughts away from it.


Being excellent requires repeatedly doing what we always do.


Chaotic situations always go before a significant change that would uplift you ultimately.


If you have the purest and sincerest effort, then success is never hard to reach.


Do not let your emotions get the best of you. Let it pass you by so you can be free from it.


You will never rise above the situation if you do not forgive yourself or others. Bring light into darkness instead of letting darkness swallow you.


The capacity of your brain to think tells you what you are capable of. If you talk about other people more than anything else, consider your mind small.


Choose to live an imperfect life with ingenuity than living another’s life perfectly.


If you continue to shine upon the rest of the world, you are transforming yourself to become a better person.


All hardships and heartaches you undergo constantly have a more significant benefit in the end.


Becoming grateful for all your blessings allows you to feel a sense of fulfilment. It would become your nature once you embrace it.


Pleasing yourself is the ultimate secret to achieving creativity. Do not do it for others, do it for yourself.


If you self-educate yourself, you will earn more than what you have had formal education.


Let go of what you are in the past to become what you have always wanted to be.


Have your character moulded through being exposed to the world than training yourself in your loneliness.


Happy people are not perfect; they just learned to accept their imperfections.


You will only become fully human if you achieve honesty. Honesty is only achieved through being direct and being direct through being simple.


Feeling fulfilled is the best blessing you could ever receive, and you should not be ashamed of it.


Knowing what to do at present is more important than knowing what you could do in the future.


Being able to do the right thing in a better way makes it more creative than usual.


Whatever job you have, if you do it well, you will surely be rewarded.


Allow yourself to make mistakes to be creative, but knowing what to keep among your masterpieces is true art in itself.


Face your adversities with an open mind, and you will see every positive thing that would come out of it.


Building brick walls encloses what we always want and keep us away from others who do not wish to do it and may just hurt us.


Being more concerned about others’ happiness might give you the sense of fulfilment you have always wanted to achieve.


Feeling warm-hearted towards others drowns away all our fears and insecurities and gives us the strength to handle the obstacles in life.


Measure a man’s worth by seeing where he is at times of challenges than knowing how he handles himself in times of success.


If we do our best in all the ways we can, we can never do what we can for others or ourselves.


If you know how to run your home efficiently, you are closer to running a country.


You will miss out on all the fun if you stick to all rules for your entire life.


Count the number of moments that take your breath away than counting the number of breaths we take.


Intelligence might give you great ideas in one sitting, but at the end of the night, you would still go home with only views to hold. Feelings are what matters in the future.


Measure your courage, and you will be able to see how life goes on for you.


Get off the floor if you do not want to be called a doormat.


Being different would help you stand out. In all things you do, try to be different.


You would only get what you want if you said what you want.


God does not give anyone something that they cannot handle. He trusted me too much.


When the consequences turn out to be more dramatic than what it is supposed to be, people call it destiny.


Be alive to live your life. Keep going on and never turn back from it, or you will just be another wallflower.


The moment men recognize women as one of their peers and there is unity in the sexes, the world shall see the most significant improvement of our race.


If you have found what you love to do, the best way to succeed is to offer it to others.


A wise woman values her gifts and uses them to improve herself.


Women are miracle bearers because they create and nurture life inside of them.


Women can do what men can. All you have to do is try and if you fail, take it as a challenge to try again until you succeed.


Women can do whatever they want, just let men watch them, and they will never look back.


Arm yourself with courage. It is the best weapon any woman could possess.


We can attain what we want to in life if we truly believe in it.


As a woman, you have to double your efforts to succeed because people will generalize that women do not have what it takes if you fail.


How the world sees us affects our way of seeing ourselves and how the world acknowledges us.


I do not care who will let me; the question would be who will stop me.