60+ Faith Quotes


Even the courageous could not stand the adversities without faith.
It strengthens not only the body but ultimately the spirit.
Faith is our soul’s food, and without it, the soul and the body would weaken.
Let us strengthen each other’s souls as we go through these quotes of faith.


It is not the beginning that should matter, neither the end. It is always the journey in between that matters the most.


There is never pain without strength, any sorrow without laughter, and darkness without light. God may bring us trials, but He could also get us through it.


Common sense will be nothing if faith tells you to believe otherwise.


Having faith does not necessarily mean believing in angels. It is as simple as believing in the impossible.

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It is not the sight that always leads us towards the right way. It is mostly faith that guides us all throughout.


Faith lets us take the first step forward despite not seeing the entire path that we are walking towards.


Not being able to see something does not mean it does not exist. We cannot see the air we breathe, we cannot see our future, but it is there. It exists.


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Let us not take the easy way out and ask God to take away our problems. Let us ask for strength to face the trials, and surely God would grant them.


No matter how big or small you are, faith could bring out miracles in everyone.


Nothing can ever move me, not with what I see or feel. I could only be moved by what I believed in.


Start where there is the will of God, and then faith would also begin.


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When you believe in God, you have the confidence of truth that is called faith.


Nothing could be conquered by faith, be it distance, time, or even our future.


Faith is what the Bible is supposed to make, not sense.


When you study the Word diligently, you will be awarded a faith stronger than tenfold of warriors.


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Faith with prayer is the strongest weapon one can have. It is the cost of all soulful gifts and graces.


If you are alone, God would be moved by your faith in Christ.



We grow faith, we nurture it, cultivate it until it bears fruits ripe for the picking of our spirit.


The words that come from our mouths are the outcomes of the faith in our hearts.


Have faith when you cross an ocean; it must start from being strong upon losing sight of the shore.


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When you believe, anxiety is thrown to the ground. When you feel anxious, faith leaves the body.


Faith should be full to the brim, while doubt should be deprived of nourishment.


God always stretches His helping hand towards us, and that is most commonly called faith.


When we pray, we do not overcome God’s disinclination; it is simply grabbing hold of His willingness.


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Faith is responsible for bringing us to God; love brings us towards other people.


When we look for faith, we will find evidence of the glory of God.


Believing in God with all our heart would make us go beyond what we expect of anything.


We are all subjected to a Holy Trial where God is our judge, Jesus is our supporter, and our faith is our ultimate evidence.


There is nothing impossible with faith; it gets what it wants. It never fails to obtain the objects that it needs the most.


Have a little faith, and it would bring your soul to heaven. Have the greatest of faith, and it would bring heaven to your soul.

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If we believe that we have good things inside of us, our faith would be most effective.


Faith does not only lead us to believe in our future ahead. It also guides us as we take the next step towards the unseen future.


The Word of God is not only read from a page. It becomes most alive when the heart listens to it.


You know you have full faith in yourself when you can sprint into the dark face-first without any qualms about it.


Faith must never replace God, no matter how precious this grace is. It is simply the medium of communication between people and Himself.


Plant the seed of faith in your heart and nourish it. God would harvest it at the most appropriate time.


God is willing to take you to places before you can imagine being there. Just hold on to your faith.


Faith would have a disability without hope.


Jesus says Come, and you hear it through your faith. You decided to follow Him through believing in Him.


My life is now fully dedicated to serving excellently what must be achieved through faith and prayer.


Believe first before you determine your actions, and your actions determine your results.


If you have faith, you will be able to hear through your heart.


You have to see some things first before you can fully commit to believing it.


Blind faith is not enough. Knowing faith could be depended on, and this would come from believing wholeheartedly in the Word.


When you make sure that what you say will happen happens, you have inherited the trait of God.


Faith is just an inch away from hearing, peace just a blink away from knowing, and victory just a breath away from your actions.


When you are in doubt, you are conversing in the language of man. If you talk in faith, then you are conscious of the language of God.


As faith goes, when you believe in something, you are able to see it.


Believe in something that is theoretically impossible from the norm, and that would be called faith.


You will recognize real faith if it is the only thing you are holding on to.


No explanation is needed for one who has complete faith. No explanation can be possible at all for one who has no faith after all.


I was able to understand because I believed.


The reason may not be able to wade through dark, dangerous waters, but trust that faith could swim there.


Only faith can laugh at all the impossibilities in the world and cry all could be done.


Supernatural faith is more of a gift from God than genuine faith between the two kinds of faith.


Faith would make a fine pillow to lay our thoughts on despite being up all night because of fear.


Put all your eggs on God’s basket and count them before they hatch; what you just demonstrated is pure faith.


Faith is trusting what you cannot see and believing in what makes sense in reverse.


We have faith as our profit in our Christian walk; it is God’s currency received through prayer, which is a transaction of faith.


Faith must always dare the soul to go further than what the eyes can see.


Worrying only wastes the body, and one who has faith in God should be ashamed that they worry at all.


Own what you need to with your faith, and it shall be given to you.


Hold on to things you once accepted by your faith despite your mood changes.


The heart knows beyond anything else that you could prove, and that is called faith.


You may not understand God sometimes, but faith enables us to trust Him with all our hearts.


Faith and hope are hands in hand in making our lives worth living. Hope gives us a reason to live, while faith gives us blessings to live by.


You will never know where things would lead you if you lived a life of faith.


Trusting in God is shown through being calm.


When you love, you believe in the impossible.


We are all given by God the ability to trust in all that He can and will do.


Put all your faith in God’s Word rather than in human plans, for God can make everything work strongly despite objections from the human end.


The sound of the Word of God resonating in your heart is the holiest hearing of faith.


God’s special fruit of revelation comes from the exhibition of faith of every human being.


Faith only does good at all times and never waits to look if there is something good to work on anything. It just knows.


Believing is for the obedient, and the obedient is the only one capable of believing.


When you believe that God’s winds blow your sails, then nothing can stop you.


Do not pray that you may understand to believe; instead, ask to believe so you may understand.


Always believe in what you cannot see and be rewarded by seeing what you once only believed in.


Let faith run free like a bird who sings in the dark while anticipating the breaking of dawn.


We do not see the shadows cast by the things around us, yet we still fully believe in them.


You are only allowed to do one o these things at a time: do your own believing separately from dong your own dying.


Faith may be a happy road, but it is a narrow path.


Faith is nothing but the conviction that whatever God says will be done.


We are permitted to seize the things we do not see by faith alone.


When you act towards God’s promises, which are called believing and having faith.


Either take hold of your tomorrow by the handle of anxiety or by the handle of faith.


You can either be blinded by shadows for those who do not believe or be lifted by the light for those who fully believe.