80+ Quotes About Change


It is often quoted saying that the only thing constant in this world is change. The world turns, and time passes, and we are all renewed every day to become another version.

We have to accept the inevitability of change.

Here are some quotes to help inspire and enlighten you.


The Herald of progress changes and those who cannot bend shall be slashed down mercilessly by time.


I cannot do anything with impossible things to change, but the things I can, I shall.


Death is a change that all men must prepare for.


One can shift into a different reality by merely changing one’s perspective.

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The change will not arrive if one waits for it all the time. We must go forward in order to catch it.


Perfection can only be attained when one changes so constantly towards their best selves.


The only way to understand change is to become one with it.


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When you are in the midst of some form of struggle, know that you are in the midst of a significant change.


To make a change, you must start by becoming the change.


These are changing times, and one must move with the tides or be left in its wake.


A journey is the best way to create change in one’s mind.


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Change can come at any time, at any age, and any point in life.


Change can be as silent as the night, creeping upon those asleep, with a great and sudden surprise as the sun rises.


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People never change their true selves; they merely adapt to fit the change happening around them.


Everything changes the moment each breath enters your body. Lovers leave, friends marry, and have children. Other’s go on to their destinies, and we realize life is a synonym of change.


Each person has the power to change the world if only they would read a book.


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When you don’t like something, change it. It might not be easy, but you can do it.


We look at our government and see no change, but it cannot happen unless we push it to do so.


Depression changes you, but when you emerge from it, you are cleansed clean by the fire like a phoenix.


Change is transformative, a caterpillar becoming a cocoon turning into a butterfly.


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A revolution doesn’t need a million people to start it but an idea for a change and the hearts of a few willing individuals.


You cannot change a person’s mind by telling them about something they cannot see. Sometimes the brain needs a visual shock before it can transform.


I am a slave to the changes around me, but I refused to be changed by them.


Never lose your smile. No matter how the world changes you, try to keep your tiny slice of happiness.


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We are constantly changing, evolving into the full realization of our being.


In order to change for the better, one must educate oneself with the works of those who created change in the past.


The truth can change according to the speaker but is irrevocable when it is witnessed by many.

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Change is a thought in the mind of Mother Nature, and we are all at the mercy of her whims.

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For the human mind, change is a challenge that is hard to swallow and even harder to digest.


Every single person we meet leaves a piece of themselves that will inevitably change us.


Love does not change people. People change for love.


Some things, like childhood relationships with your siblings, cannot be changed over time.


Change happens so fast that the mind develops memory to remind us where we were last.


To work with other people is to allow a change to your style, a boost in evolution, a path to progress and completion.


The only change you can have a hand in is the change in yourself.


It would be best if you changed according to the direction of the wind. To resist it would mean breaking.


Stop looking at the past, for you will miss the change that will herald the future.


You can change yourself, but not the past. There is nothing you can do about what has already come to pass.


A single instance can be the spark that can change your life forever.


Change happens when you look away, and suddenly a child can become an adult in an instant.


To know when to change oneself is a sign of intelligence.


you cannot change an animal’s true nature, only the forests he run in.


Love can change a person for better or for worse.


Spontaneity is a change one needs when he finds himself standing in a stagnant puddle.


You can change what you say but once something is heard, it cannot be taken back.


Fate cannot be changed, so let go and just live your life and it shall be revealed to you.


To want to change the world is a sign of youth, to want to change oneself is a sign of wisdom.


When you are at a fork in the road, choose the one that brings the most change.


A great calamity also ushers in great change.


Change can manifest itself in small signs that can lead to great upheaval.


Every step we take is a change.


The idea of predestination is a hope against change.


Enemies come when you are the bringer of change.


Status quo must be challenged for positive change to come about.


Change cannot be stopped and one cannot make a rational decision without taking it into consideration.


Change requires considerable sacrifice. Something valuable must be given up to receive something far more worthwhile.


Personal change empowers and creates a foundation to become a powerful force.


Change becomes faster and greater as one grows older for we become more aware of its power.


One can only be relieved from the ravages of change through a restful sleep, and even then, time moves.


A woman is a chameleon, protecting herself from predators by adapting into different skins, changing herself as she sees fit for her ultimate survival.


People love to say they do not resist change but they resist it when they are asked to!


The change will happen whether you like it or not, so you might as well help yourself.


Ruin will come, and we will perish without change.


Business is trading on change, what the people want, needs, and crave, and to be able to run one successfully, one must be able to change faster than the rest.


Without change, we cannot grow. Without growth, we cannot change.


Change is an everyday occurrence, and it is abnormal not to see it move.


Only in death will change will forever stop.


Change is an uncomfortable constant adolescent growth spurt.


Birth is a change both of the world and the transformation of a woman.


Travel is a change of the mind and the soul.


The laws of chance and chaos govern life.


To have changed, you have to make a change and want it.


Change, nobody has time for it, but it happens regardless.


Any change that will happen in an improvement of the stagnant now.


We can change many things, but some things like values and honor should stay the same.


A person must want to change to be able to change his life, for the future, for today, and you must do it without delay.


Change is a roulette wheel where the odds are in everyone’s favor and in no one.


A single vision can move mountains, divert rivers, and shatter the earth. A single vision can change the world.


The human condition changes in the turning world. We are all just passengers of this stable ride.


It is a challenge to want to create change, and what a fulfilling one it is!


It’s a good year for change, as it is always year after year.


A single solution cannot solve all problems as each must be changed according to the specific problems to find the cure finally.


Never put upon others your expectations for disappointment will be the outcome and you cannot change this.


It takes courage to create a change in a place so violent against it.


When making plans, put into consideration some flexibility for change usually happens on the fly.


You are not a potted plant. If you want something done, change it yourself.


If there are things you cannot change, learn acceptance in order to attain happiness.


When you cannot win by the rules, it is your divine right to change it.


Change endures time, and time brings about change.


A hero becomes a martyr when he dies to stop a great change.


Change is a monumental task that must be worked upon day by day for us not to be run over by it.


It is a sign of unhappiness when one resists change for fear of everything turning for the worst.


The pace of life is relevant to each person and the change that is brought about by time.


We change images as we change clothes.


We are but vessels of time and change manifested into humans.


Wealth and success do not change a person but reveal the true nature within the light of day for all to see.


When raising a child, we have to look at ourselves and see the negative things we want to change.


The best place to change oneself is to look at the mirror and ask if the person looking back is what you want to see.


Be wary of those peddling pills of change for weight loss, health, brilliance, and wealth. No single pill can solve these ills for change must be done with hard work and determination.


Proud men who are wise are stupid enough to resist change.


We have to accept what is right in front of our eyes to change it. Turning a blind eye to ignorance will only lead to stagnation and defeat.


When you get into a relationship, resist the change that society forces upon you. Remain true to yourself, for it is with this outside pressure that your love will break.


Ignorant people are against change for what they cannot understand the fear.


If you want to change your future, you need to work on your present and stop looking back.


When things become constant, life becomes boring, so go out there and start making changes.


Things are not always going to go your way, especially the changes that will come but be strong enough to survive every single one of them.


What good is change if it will bring about consequences far more significant than what it is meant for?


There are a lot of changes that are going to happen in the world, and not all of them are good.


When you want something to change, you need to do things to make it happen, not just wait.


Change need not be in great and enormous deeds. It can start with small and everyday things.


Stop waiting for something to change. Go out there and do something to start the change.


I think that the change must start from you, from deep within yourself, before anything else.


Have you ever looked around your surroundings and realized how much has changed then?


You need not change, my love. You are perfect the way you are, even your imperfections.


Do not let anyone drive you to change yourself. If you ever want to change, do it for yourself.


If you see something that needs change, do not let it pass and do something about it now.


Truly, the only thing that remains constant in this world we live in is change, nothing else.


The things you have right now may be gone in an instant. That is change at its finest.


You can never get too comfortable with anything these days because everything changes.


It is not only things that change, people too, one moment they are kind to you, then the next moment they are nothing similar to the kind.


The best kind of change is the one that inspires you to make something out of yourself.


The only way to leave a mark in this world is to make a significant change that will define you.


The way I see it, either you change because you want to or you need to.


There is no escaping it. There will always be change no matter where you hide from it at all.


If there is a chance to go to a place where there will never be any change, will you go to it?


Sometimes, you need to accept that change happens all the time, to everyone, to anyone.


The people you love will change, and you are most likely the first one to notice these things.


Change is truly inevitable. No matter how much you try to stop it, you never will.


I think you should stop trying to stop change because no matter how hard you try, you won’t.


You can never stop change, but it can be reversed, although some things are not reversible.


It is because change is always present that you should always be kind to everyone around you.


You do not know what tomorrow holds, so always stay alert and keep yourself open to all.


When you do not expect anything to happen, change will finally decide to come to you.


One day, someone will bring so much change in your life that you will accept it all.


If you change your mind and decide that you no longer love me, you are free to walk out.


You do not get to decide what happens in my life. I decide the changes that I will indeed make.


And through all the changes I will make, I will somehow make my mark one day soon.


I will take small steps to the more significant change that I want to see here with all that I have.


If we join forces, each and every one of us, we can make far greater changes in the world.


It is human nature to change, so no one can stop it when it happens to anyone.


You can either die trying to stop change, or you can make the most out of it by creating it of your own will.


When you realize that I am right, that change is coming. You will regret everything you said.


I do not want anything to change between the two of us, can you promise me just that?


If you can tell me that you are never going to change, I will tell you what a big liar you are.


Be brave enough to conquer the world and bring about some change into it. You can do it.


I believe that every person in this world can change if they want to, so can you.


The answer to Will people change? It is not a big shock. The big surprise is the answer to when.


I know that people are bound to change, but I do not know when they would change, scary.


People change, and it happens all the time. What hurts is that feelings change just as well.


Yesterday you told me you love me. Now you tell me you don’t. What a fast change that is.


People change, seasons change, everything changes, and sometimes it just hurts that they do.


You cannot let go of things but are forced to because they have already changed. For the better or worse, you cannot do anything.


The changes that hurt the most are those you cannot undo and those you cannot reverse.


If there is some power I want to have, it is to be able to bring back the changes people make.


Just like time cannot be put in rewind, you cannot reverse some changes. That is the way it is.


If I knew this would happen, I would have kept my changes minimal, my mistakes never.


I wanted to see you one last time, to etch your face into my mind, but you have changed.


I honestly did not even recognize your face. You have changed so much than you did before.


Who would have known that you would change this much? I indeed did not, not one bit, girl.


You were the first one to notice the things that changed about me, and I loved that.


I love how you would notice the small changes I make, even when I keep it all subtle and all.


You are truly something to behold. You are someone that brings change to everyone’s lives.


If I could change anything about you at all, I would not change anything. You are perfect.


Can I tell you a secret? The thing I love the most is your stability that you do not change.


Sooner or later, you will have to change, because of a person or maybe of circumstances.


I hope that when you find the reason to change, you find it hidden within yourself, not others.


Do not let anyone but yourself be the reason for a change you want to make in your life.


Even when the seasons or the tides change, I will still be here for you, always waiting for you.


One day, when you are all settled down, I hope you come back to me so I can see you change.


My greatest dream in life is to watch you grow old and change with me by your side.


The only thing that I would love to change about you, girl, is your last name.


If you had wanted me to change anything at all, I would have left you at that moment, but what a surprise it was when you said you did not.


There is no sense in going back to things that have already changed. All of them are done.


Once something has changed, that is it. It is already a done deal. You have to accept it.


When you learn to welcome change in your life, you will be able to smile through most of it.


You either let life change yourself, or you take action yourself to change your life.


The thing I would like for you to do would be to change yourself into a better person.


Let this year be the start of a new day in your life, clean your slate and start over, make changes in your life that you had never done.


Maybe it is time to change your habits, remove the bad ones and utilize the good ones.


The capacity to change is in your hands already. All you need to do is hold on tight to it.


Now that you know you have the power to change lives go out there and bring it to others.


Words have the power to change people’s minds, so let your words bring change to the world.


Only with change can we make our lives a whole lot better than it already is, so go and make it.


You have to make your changes in life. That is the only way to survive it until the end.


Nothing good will come from always being the same, so stand up and make some change.


Being the same old story gets boring. It would be best if you changed something from time to time.


If you want to be perfect, you might as well try to change things for yourself.


Once you have made a small change and realize that it matters, you will feel good about it.


A small thing, even a change in your hairstyle, can give out significant results like meeting the love of your life.