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Some people are just meant to be in your life, for better or for worse—I’m not talking about your significant other, I am talking about your friends! Here are some of the sweetest, funniest, heartwarming quotes you can use to shout out to your friends how much they mean to you.


If life has been nothing but unkind to you, maybe you need a good time spent with your dearest friends.


The truest of friends protect each other from their common enemies.


To walk in the night with your friend is better than walking alone in the morning.


Boyfriends come and go, but girlfriends stay forever.

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Life is best lived with a friend who enjoys the same freedom.


A friend will never give you a rose; she will provide you with a bag of seed to plant an entire garden of roses.


A friend is a person who will not judge you for your mistakes.


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Friends are your extended family members, they are once strangers, but they become closer like brothers/sisters in time.


One fine day I minded my own business, then this stranger tapped me in the back and asked if I go to the same school—we’ve been best friends ever since.


A friend is someone who neither walks ahead of you nor behind you but beside you through the widest or narrowest of roads.


Friends, they come and go, but the best ones stick longer than you expect them to.


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Friendship is a predestined phenomenon that you cannot phantom to explain, they appear in your life, and suddenly, you’re not alone.


A friend would feel sad for you if you trip and fall down the pavement; your best friend will laugh at you, take a picture, and repeatedly remind you that one time you tripped and fell down the pavement.


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They don’t teach friendship at school, but that’s the first place to find one.


A friend understands your past, but your best friends lived that past.


A real friend will never judge you for what you’ve done in the past; it’s the present that matters.



Some people stay for a period where it is convenient, but your friends visit for the inconvenient, draggy, and ugly part of your life.


Your friend is the only person whose opinion of the clothes you wear matters.


A friend is your life’s lie detector test; they know when you are lying, but they go with it and even help you cover it up.


The people you choose as friends mirror your true self.


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Only your friends can teach you the good, bad and the ugly of the natural world…


If you miss a friend, you don’t text them; you call them.


You don’t simply hang out with your best friend; you walk into their house, eat their food, sleep on the couch and greet them good morning as if you’ve lived there all your life.


Friendship is the most beautiful thing a stranger can give you.


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Your best friend is somebody who mastered the art of erasing the same pointless drama you’ve been saying over and over again and reacted as she heard it the first time.


Don’t burn bridges with your friends out of a misunderstanding.


If you fight your friend, talk about it; if it can’t be solved, take it outside, get physical and punch the anger away; after that, hug, makeup and laugh about how stupid it was in the first place.


A friend would pay to bail you out of prison, but your best friend would be sitting right next to you, plotting your escape.


You know you have found your true friend when you spend time with them in silence.

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It’s true, blood is thicker than water, but you know what else is thicker? Your best friend’s face whenever he calls you names then asks you favours.


Not all friendship grows into love. However, love is the root of all companies.


A friend calls you names, humiliates you and pulls a prank on you when you’re with them, but when you’re not around, they say the best things about you.


Do not forget the names of the people who stood by you when no one else would.


Your real friends would dismiss a rumour and defend your honour.


Time is not an issue when it comes to friendship. No matter how long you haven’t seen each other, you always go back to that last conversation as if it was yesterday.


Time makes a tree grow more robust, so makes friendship.


Your friends always know which button to push to make you smile.


If a person annoys you enough to make you do crazy things and end up enjoying it, you two are friends.


My friend is the only person in the world who would tell me I look stupid whenever I cry.


Friendship is not just a fleeting thing; it is a lifetime relationship.


A friend is a person who would help you dump a body, no questions asked.


The firmest friendship is one that resists being forced. It comes naturally and attracts like gravity.


You know you have found your truest friend when you laugh at the same thing at the same time.


What is sad about being betrayed is that it does not come from your enemies but your friend.


Not all of your friends are there to stick around longer; some are just there when convenient for them or when you are doing something that benefits them.


If you have found a person willing to lie for you, do not let go of that person.


Few people are capable of tolerating my attitude, and then some complement my mood.


The truest of friendships are founded on selflessness and loyalty.


Keep the ones who would tell you the truth even if it hurts.


Friendship should always be unconditional.


Only your friend would slap you when she finds out you are attempting to do something she knows you will regret and never apologize for it.


Never allow yourself to have fake friends. Label them as acquaintances and reward those worthy of being called a friend when they have earned it.


Some people just became friends because of a common enemy.


That moment when someone acts as if they have known your best friend their whole life.


A great friend I a shoulder to cry on.


Your true friend is the first person you run to in times of great need.


It is the saddest thing to close a chapter on a good friend.


Make it a habit to fill the tank of your friend’s car when you borrow it.


A real friend would do the dumbest thing for you and never ask what for.


What’s good about having a friend is that, no matter how silly or awkward you seem, they will always be there complimenting you.


How to test a friendship? Throw a party, get your house trashed, have a great night, and wait till everyone leaves. Those who stay to help you clean up are the real ones.


Some friends are like cigarette filters; they appear to make things better for you, but they do more harm.


Once you feel alone in this world, maybe it is time to call your family—they’re your default friends for life.


A family does not necessarily have to have the same blood.


You know you have found a new friend when you end up saying; No way! You too?


The best of friends do not require constant communication. A year or two can go by, but the connection will always stay there.


Look for a friend that makes you feel good about yourself and motivates you to do great things in life.


Gravitate towards people who help you grow into a better person.


Being a friend to someone can change that person’s life.


Only a true friend can hate someone for no reason, just because you hate that person.


Be wise when it comes to finding a friend. Like money, they’re easier to make than to keep.


A real friend will celebrate your success, not envy it.


A real friend will mourn your failures, not celebrate them.


If your friend imitates you, she’s not a friend; she’s a fan. You don’t need another you in your life.


A friend need not ask if something’s bothering you. One look, and they know.


In times of sadness, what better way to spend it than with a friend and a bottle of chardonnay.


A good friend accepts your awkwardness.


I don’t make enemies; I recruit them and make them believers.


If you can’t bother them at 4 a.m., they are not your friends.


Your best friend is the only person that can bring the extremely best and extreme worst in you.


You know you’ve hit rock bottom when your only friend at the late hours of the night is a beer bottle.


A friend will catch you in a trust exercise; your best friend will not catch you in a trust exercise.


If a friendship ends, then it never really started.


Your friend should be the person cheering you on when you are about to do the riskiest thing in your life, and no doubt your capacity to overcome it.


Surround yourself with positive people.


In grief, some people turn to God, I, to a friend with two pints of ice cream and a whole bag of candies.


You know your day is well spent when you end it with long gossiping on the phone with your best friend.


They’re not your true friend if they don’t hate the same people you hate.


There are no rules in friendship.


It is inevitable that at some point in your life, your friend will bring you the drama.


Studies state that those friendships that last for more than seven years will last a lifetime.


When your friend challenges you to a dare, you know you will not hear the end of it if you do not accept.


Take the hand of the person who helps you lift the burden from your shoulders and take time off their day to be there for you. You can’t find that kind of friendship anywhere else.


After years of not spending time together, your friends will always pick up from where you left off.


Keep your friends close and your best friends closer. Your enemies? Just keep them somewhere safe. You wouldn’t want to be implicated in a conspiracy homicide now, would you?