60+ Be Yourself Quotes

There is nothing more wonderful than being proud of yourself.

Rejoicing in who you are and being contented of your character gives the heart a sense of peace that no other worldly treasure could give.

Bask in the warm glow of these wonderful statements that revel in the joy of being true to yourself.

Being true to yourself means those who mind you do not matter, and those who matter do not mind you.

An imperfect, mad, and ridiculous personality is much better than being absolutely boring.

You should not take others’ personality; you already have your own.

No matter how mad your personality seems, just follow your own moonlight.


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The best achievement you can have in life is resisting others who try to mold you into someone else.

Not everything could be placed under your control, but you can do more by making sure that you will not be dragged down by them.

People may love you for who you are, while others would love you for the things you can do for them.

Continue to be yourself even if others would not like it.

Love Yourself Quotes

You have yourself that is the only thing they could not take away from you without your consent.

You can change what you do, but never who you are.

Being your self is the most pleasant thing.

You can think anything about me all the time; I do not care, for I do not think about you at all.

Nobody could enter my mind if they are bearing dirty feet.

Do not allow yourself to be a second rate version of others. You can assume a first rate version of yourself.

You are the best warrior who could fight for yourself against all people who wants to make you somebody else in this tough fight called life.

Never stop fighting to be who you are. This is a lifetime struggle where the only winner should only be you.

Only one face is given to us by God. We should never make another one.

Cool messages about being yourself

No matter how expensive, one would always pay for the honor of owning his own self.

The greatest struggle you can have is to keep from being weighed down by people who want to mold you into someone else’s personality.

Everyone has the will to be weird; they are just reluctant to show it for fear of being judged.

There are a lot of people who act like other people, whose thoughts are other’s thoughts and their entire life a great imitation.

The 60 Quotes About Beauty

If being a poet cannot be achieved, then be the poem you want to write about.

If you love someone, you would not want to change them, only draw out the best version they have of themselves.

The most horrible and insulting thing to be accused of is extreme predictability.

I will never keep to myself my opinions and desires. I am proud of what my heart wants and the things that could make me happy.

A man who hides one thing and says the other is abhorred by the entire world.

Before you can love somebody else, you must first learn how to love yourself.

I would rather scare them first before they can scare me.

Inspirational Quotes About Love

Do not let the trends rule your life. Set the trend, wear what you want, express yourself.

Do not waste your time living a life that is not yours in such an exhaustible amount of time.

If a man never pursues his passion, his life glow would slowly ebb away.

Whatever you want to be, only you could help yourself reach it.

There is nothing to follow than your own star.

No one develops a personality accidentally. You are what you are and the best way to manifest this is through being proud of yourself.

If you let others box you inside their idea of your identity, your life would be miserable.

Living freely and loving yourself would gain more love and support from others than pretending to be someone you are not.

Being your self would not be an economic benefit, it would be an art. You yourself are an art.

Respecting other’s differences is maybe even greater than being united as one.

Learn to develop who you really are and let go of who you are not.

If you show your feelings and apologize for it afterwards, then you are only apologizing for airing out the truth.

God has created us perfectly for who we are. If not, He may have made us otherwise.

You would feel exhausted and beaten pretending to be someone you are not.

Deep inside, every man knows that he is uniquely created with no other replica in the whole of the world.

There is no chance that our Creator would make another version of a masterpiece such as ourselves.

The masks that we keep glued to our identities would reach a time when removing them would require us to also remove some of our own skin.

Some of us would not want to lead the life we already lead.

The 60 Cute Love Quotes that Inspire

Hate me for who I really am. It is much better than loving me for who I am not.

You would certainly not fit in a society who has different tastes from you.

Others may tell you that you are going your own way, but in reality you are only going your own way.

Being yourself brings simplicity into your life.

Most of us fake who we really are and pretend to be someone we are not. Who must have the courage to be who they really are?

Do not let your own essence be diluted by blending with others. Be fearlessly, proudly you.

Real love always allows a person to feel their real feelings without any restrictions.

Friends never tell you to feel otherwise; they give you freedom to be yourself.

Being your self is never easy especially nowadays. Be proud if you manage to emerge as your own true self. That is priceless.

If real people do not mind the real you, then they must be the one who deserves thinking about.

Accepting other’s imperfections is the most beautiful thing to give to someone.

You already have your original personality. Do not go around picking up and using somebody else’s used ones.

Madness is not a disease; it is just the ultimate expression of being free from other’s shadow of insecurities.

Catastrophic events may overwhelm you but it cannot take away yourself.

All you can do to make life worth living is by living it being who you really are.

Stealing away a person’s personality and supplanting yours is the worse and shortest transplant mankind has ever performed. And it would not last long nor would cure you of your discontentment.

Give in to who you really are, it is the only thing that could save you from drowning in someone else’s character.

The most amazing thing that could happen to you is being who you really are.

How wonderful to think that you waste most of your time thinking about how blessed I am and how unlucky you are. It pays to be true to yourself, you go to learn that.

Never stop fighting for the real you, even if the entire world struggles to turn you into somebody else.

Why make another face when God has only made us one?

You may get lonely and isolated while trying to be yourself but is it not worth it to be unapologetically you?

60 Quotes about Love

The most expensive thing we can afford in this world no matter how poor we are would be to own oneself.

Avoid turning your life into mimicry of others you adore so much.

When you cannot succeed in writing songs, then take a chance and be the singer.

The best way to show your love to someone is not to change their personalities to suit yours.

I follow my own heart, wherever it may lead me. As long as it is what I truly desire.

I am proud of my choices and aversions. I do not need your opinion, and there is not a chance that I would change them for you.

Be careful of the man who talks about one thing and hides another.

Your first love should always be yourself. If not, how can you love other people?

Fashion does not own you; do not be a slave to trends. Create and showcase your own brand: your personality.

Time is a very rare commodity, and it would be such a waste to use it living someone else’s life.

When you pursue other’s dreams appointed for you and not your own, you would lose your life’s vitality.

When I grow up I want to be myself.

Do not let others keep you in a prison of who they want you to be. Prisoners are never happy inside their cells. Only the truth could set them free.

Poor as you may be, you are the richest man on earth if you manage to hold ownership of yourself.

You yourself are an art; do not take yourself for granted.

We may have our differences, but respecting the right of others to be different is even greater than unity.

Stop chasing after the qualities you cannot possess; instead focus and cultivate the ones you already have.

No one should feel sorry for showing their real feelings and personality.

If God would not want you to be who you are now, then why create you as you are?

Pretending and all the mask-wearing would someday drag you down where you can never rise again.

Every one of us is a unique representation of God’s love for us.

You are most beautiful when you are yourself.