70+ Happiness Quotes

There are millions of ways to be happy.
How we see the world is based on the amount of happiness we felt each and every day of our life.
Contentment and overflowing joy are defined by our happiness.

And to know more about it, here are some simple yet meaningful quotes about happiness. Enjoy reading.

My every day reminder to myself: Choose happiness. It is where you will see how beautiful life can be.

Happiness is to be loved, to be accepted, and to be appreciated by many.

We are responsible of our own happiness. It is our choice, our dream come true, our own life.

Happiness means loving and caring family, awesome friends, and good company.


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The best way to stay happy is to stop hating, worrying, and complaining.

Nothing makes me feel more happy than watching sunrise with you.

Happiness is when you come home with good foods on the dining table.

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Enough sleep is enough to make me feel happy.

You don’t need to be rich, or to travel around the world, or to have luxury cars to be happy. All you need is love, good friends, and some quality time with our dear God.

A positive attitude is what will make your life happy, contented, and young-and-free.

The happiest people in the world usually don’t have everything but they make the best out of what they have.

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All the happiness I have right now is because of the man who never stop showing me how beautiful life is when I am with him.

The story of my life begins when I choose to be happy and ends up happy indeed.

Look for the things that will make you happy and take time to think how you can reach it.

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Forgive more and complain less. It’s the key to have a happy life.

Being in a painful situation doesn’t mean you cannot be happy again. There are many reasons to be happy, you just have to look around and appreciate things.

Have you ever ask yourself when was the last time you smile? Because I think that’s the only thing that is missing in you.

Happiness is when you do not have to go to work, have enough sleep, and then party with friends.

Life will sometimes makes you cry and tears you apart, but what is beautiful is that life gives us hope and chance to be happy again.

There is no one stopping you to be happy, only yourself.

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When I am sad I just think of you and I will be happy again. Thank you for being my inspiration.

Look not on what you do not have but on what you already have. There is where real happiness lies.

True friends think of ways to make you happy during your difficult times.

There will be no life at all if there will be no happiness and love in the world.

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Pray. Forgive. Make friends. Be happy.

Let no one steal your happiness. If somebody dares, then give him the best fight ever. Fight for your own happiness.

Look beyond the things you have. You just don’t see it yet, but there is happiness in everything around us.

Forget about those who have sinned against you and start focusing on what will make you happy.

The best way to stay happy in a relationship is to enjoy every moments of it.


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The happiest people in the world know not only to receive but to give more.

Never stop chasing your own happiness. It is where all beautiful things came from.

Life is too short not to enjoy every little thing about life. Make happy memories and enjoy every bits of it.

To be happy you must have learn to forgive, to stop worrying, and to give more.

I am nothing without the ultimate source of my happiness, my Lord and savior.

It is when you completely trust and respect your partner that you will be happy in your relationship.

It is when you look in the eyes of a person that will can see if he is truly happy.

Do not let anyone take away your happiness. Fight for it, as if it is the only thing that matters to you.

I never felt extremely happy except when I am with company of good friends.

People with most excellent sense of humor are one of the happiest people in the world. Also, they can make others happy too.

Wear your happiness every day of your life and you will always look beautiful in the eyes of many.

Being happy doesn’t mean you have all you want but being contented of what you have.

Try to make at least one person smile each day and you’ll be happy everyday.

A person that does not boast and does not envy are those who are living happy and contented with their life.

Choose happines over your problems, what stresses you, and negative people around you. Take every step of your way with a cheerful heart.

Happiness is what will lead you a life that is wonderful and beautiful.

We’ll watch sunirise and sunsets together, count stars in the night, laugh like there’s no tomorrow, and read more books together. This is what happiness means to us.

Once you start to live with a positive attitude, there will no day you will feel empty and sad.

The love you get from the people around you may give you happiness but your love for yourself is the main source of it. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Go and search for your happiness.

No one knows what you are capable of except yourself. Whether you failed or not, just keep on smiling. You are the director of your life, your happiness depends on it.

Your sweet smile gives me hope and your love is my happiness.

Being happy is a choice God given to us. It is absolutely free, you do not have to pay for it.

Letting go of what hurts you is the first step to be happy. Forgive and forget, then every good things will follow.

Start your day right and it will end up happy.

Love, not hate, will bring so much happiness in your life.

I once asked myself why I am not happy? That night I prayed to God and with a snap of a finger He made me realize what is missing in my life. If you want to be happy, do not focus on what you do not have, but on the things you already have. From small things you will appreciate big opportunities. You just have to learn to value everything in your life.

Happiness doesn’t mean a perfect life. It means having difficult times but still being thankful for your life.

Let no one tell you what to do with your life. Be responsible of it. Remember, your happiness is the result of how you live your life.

There are two types of people in the world. First, the one who has everything but still live unhappy. Two, the one who is contented with what he has and lives happy.

You do not have to steal other’s happiness in order to be happy. Go and find your own happiness.

To be happy, you must not ask more but give more, trust without doubt, and love like no other.

Appreciate every simple things in your life, make something out of nothing, and be the happiest person in the world.

Happiness is when you achieve your dreams and goals in life, you have a happy family, and most especially you never forget to thank God.

To love and to be loved is what will bring us nearer to our happiness.

Happiness is the result of our generosity, kindness, and thankful heart.

Success will never bring you happiness, contentment is.

Get the happiness you want on the things you love and you will never have to ask more.

True friends, cold beers, and funny conversation are what makes me happy every single day of my life.

There are no life without sufferings, no life without pain, no life without tears, but in every difficult times of your life there is where true happiness lies.

You will be happy only if you allow yourself to be free from stress and hate.

I cherished every moments I have with you. In you, I find my happiness, my comfort, my joy.

Without books, my life would be a total chaos. Aside from it, what else does a man need to be happy?

Happiness is not something borrowed, not something you can fake or hide, it is the result of your own action, your own choice.

Those who have experience defeat, hunger, and extreme pain are those who knows what real happiness means.

Some people are just good in hiding feelings. They can show you how happy they are, but deep in their heart they are dying of pain and longing.

My goals everyday: Share blessings, spread goodness, and make at least one person smile.

Be hopeful of what tomorrow will bring. Just think positive and everything will turn out just fine. Stay happy, be happy.

Look for the things you love and you will never get tired of doing it.

Happiness is a choice made, a God given opportunity, so don’t waste your life feeling empty.

I haven’t known a man who never felt happy once in his life. It is normal to feel sad, alone, and blue, but good news is that you have a choice to choose whether to stay on that situation or choose to be happy again.

Choose a job that will make you happy and you will never get tired of doing it.

You do not have to be always on top to classify yourself a happy and successful man. Just a taste of success would be enough to feel happy and be thankful for it.