70+ Strong Women Quotes

Gender equality is the theme of the world nowadays. Women from all over the Earth are very much empowered, letting nothing block their way to achieve their dreams and goals, to assert their beliefs and opinions. That is why we have prepared these inspirational Strong Women Quotes to show appreciation to these magnificent women that are roll model and inspiration for all of us.

Young girls are meant to pull off the Earth out of its axis. Life needs a kick on its butt to spice things up.

Do we ever contemplate how those strong, empowered women we look up to became what they are today?

It is always convenient to let challenges take over and give up. But those are not going to happen on a strong woman’s watch.

Being able to give the best that we have could affect our own lives as surely as affect the lives of the people that surrounds us.


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Women who are excellent at running domestic affairs are the most qualified to understand the essentials in running a whole country.

There is no harm to a little fun when breaking the rules.

The best moments in our lives are not numbered by the breaths we take. It is measured by every simple moment that could take our breath away.

There is not always a comfort to be an intellectual, who riddles herself with all questions but not always stumbling upon the answers. The only thing that could matter is feelings.

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You can blow up your life or blow it into pieces according to your courage to live the life.

If you are a wallflower, then detach yourself from the wall, because only you could do it.

Be different in the best way possible in everything you do, and you will stand out from the rest.

Women who know what they want always get what they want.

If you dip the tea bag into hot water, you’ll see how strong it is, much like the likeness of a strong, independent woman.

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God always give us forgiveness, as well as trials that we can share and solve ultimately.

The decisions we make that end up in too much drama is more often called our destiny.

There is no point in sitting indoors and letting life pass by. Life has got to be lived and enjoyed, sparked with an intense curiosity that would make life a roller coaster ride.

The moment that men recognizes the strength of women and upholds gender equality, a supreme race of beings would finally come to life.

All the rights and justice of the citizens must be equally given and promised to the daughters of the future.

When one finds her calling, there would be no exhaustion at a job you love, no limits to the extension of your service. This part of human beings is what makes them distinct from each other: their own personal calling.

You can give men their rights without encouraging any more additions and women with also their rights without giving it a shortcut and not being treated as a inferior race.

A woman with the gifts of logic, courage, and decisiveness understands these are not only feminine wiles. These are her gifts, which she uses wisely as a strong woman.

The strength of a woman runs like a circle; never ending loops. She has the power to transform, nourish, and craft.

Women should do whatever they want, even those that only men can do. They should treat failure as a challenge to other women.

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When women show men what she can do, she never looks back.

Be wise and never forget to bring your best protection: your courage.

The belief that we are gifted about anything would always bring us the achievement of that thing.

Confidence has an offspring called success.

Being a woman requires unique efforts to succeed. Once a woman fails, everybody generalizes to “Women do not have what it takes”.

For the world to see the best in us, we should also think highly of ourselves, and our success would be acknowledged by the world.

Love has always been a prelude to life, a sequel to death, the center of creation, and the exponent of the world.

Do not worry about those who would allow you, think about those who would stop you.


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Remarkable women are smart and funny and charming, and they are the backbone of their husbands.

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To celebrate the rise of the women, here are some inspirational quotes about strong women from various accomplished people that would touch the eager souls of today’s strong women.

Never draw the day thinking that men are the final answer to fulfillment. Empowered women can fulfill themselves sufficiently.

Value the things that you already have, and there would be more to come. Waste your time on those you do not have, the less you would have.

For women to succeed, they must always double the effort they exert than men do. Fortunately, it is a piece of cake.

If you want to give up your power, stop thinking about it.

People are more likeable when they are at a loss that when they are triumphant.

Defeat let us become wiser, teaching us how to rise above the situation, solve it, and come out of it without a scratch.

Strong women are never more at strength than when they surround themselves with their weaknesses.

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Blessings come from one open door to another. Do not focus on the one which already closed. Another door always opens for those who also keep their eyes open.

Winning has always been difficult; it takes a lot of losses to realize this.

When you take your own life with your own hands, then no one would be left to blame.

When you believe that there is a valid reason for suffering, then you have already removed yourself from reality.

Continuous use of courage strengthens it, much like the use of a muscle.

Be confident and choose the challenge that is the most difficult for you, for it will require you to use your gifts splendidly.

There is more benefit to using your backbone than your wishbone.

Strong women can boldly identify themselves, their capabilities and beliefs, and where they want to end up.

You do not only have to stand up to your enemies. The most difficult would be to stand up to your friends.

The best accessory a woman can ever have is the joy of being alive.

Acceptance is not for women, challenge is for her. She is not destined only to admire, she has the power to create.

You may have staggering intelligence, a network of people, and convenient opportunities everywhere. But in the end, only hard work pays the most.

An opinionated woman is the spirit of a strong woman. However, the quest for her voice is a difficult one.

A man can do the things that he wants. A woman should do things he cannot.

This is a complicated world we belong in, where both women and the society think that a majority of the women should still be rooted within the confines of her home.

Always believe in the abilities that you have, and be strong enough to follow it through.

Being a woman is not a trait we are always born with, it takes enough courage and personality to become one.

A person who puts another one down could not soar as high as she may please, for there is always a part of her that must work to keep the other down below.

Being able to catch for our lives is never enough; we must learn to be able to throw back.

You can challenge yourself to do something by doing it.

It may be the truth, and it may give you a sense of peace, but first it will get under your skin irritatingly.

A strong woman can sometimes be too stubborn. It is a difficult task for her to allow people to support her, for she is independent and private. She has to do what she’s got to do.

Your imagination can reach up to the imagination of others. Help others dream big by dreaming big for yourself too.

Speaking is always for political men as for doing is always something for a political woman.

The most difficult task for both men and women alike is not to learn, but be able to unlearn.

To be successful in your chosen field, you need not follow everyone else or the trend. You can distinguish yourself by being different, like no one has ever seen before.

Pretty girls are already contented of their beauty. Never stop at that, strive for intelligence and personality. In the end, you will have both beauty and be also interesting and informed.

Criticisms are meant to be taken seriously, not personally. Take it and learn from it, otherwise let it leave you untouched.

There is no harm in dating all kinds of boys; explore unerringly when looking for a lifetime partner. But when it comes to choosing, choose the one who values the equality between men and women.

There is nothing sexier than marrying a man who wants an assertive and ambitious wife, and values equality within their home.

There is nothing wrong with being an ambitious and tough woman, a woman who knows exactly what she wants.

Silence in our world would make us realize the essence of an assertive voice.

Determine your likes and dislikes in this world and mix it with a job you love. Find something that you care for above all and the thing that you could do forever to be contented with your life.

Genuine, good relationships would not weigh you down. They would hurt but would not scar you. Surround yourself with people who would do the right things with you and for you.

Being strong woman is also not forgetting about love!

The most important thing in life is doing the things that could make you happy. One of it is love!

The emotions and love you have within you should be let out; it is never a cause for shame.