Top 45 Heart Quotes

As we all know, the heart is often associated with love.
It is the symbol of love.
Yet, our heart is also a solid and driving force of life.
We end up doing a lot of things simply because it is what our heart wants.
So here are some heart quotes that can keep you inspired.

I need you just like a heart needs to beat to survive.

You might want to hold my hands for a while, but you can have my heart forever if you wish.

Perhaps the best way for your heart not to get broken is to pretend that you do not have it.


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There are so many reasons to love you. Your sweet laughter, cute smile, innocence, and most of all, your kind heart gives me more reasons to love you.

I love every moment that we spend together. You have touched my heart in ways that I can never imagine.

This message of thanks comes from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for everything you have done for me and for changing my life in the best way possible. I am so happy that I have met such a great person like you in my life.

In my heart, I know I will never stop loving you. No matter what I say or do, my heart will always stay true to you.

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Your smile has captivated my soul.

For me, true love is eternal and infinite. It is pure and equal and does not come with any violent demonstrations. It may have seen white hairs, yet it will always remain young in our hearts.

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Tears are just like words that the heart cannot express.

Your presence indeed takes my breath away. I cannot find enough words to express what I feel when you are near me. I can only hope in silence that my eyes will speak what my heart says.

Sometimes, the heart will see the things that are invisible to the human eyes.

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I would rather close my eyes so I would see your face. I would rather close my mouth so I can hear your voice, and I will close my ears since I know I would listen to you. However, I can never close my heart and stop loving you.

We are two souls but with just a single thought. We are two hearts, but both are beating as one.

The heart that loves will always stay young.

We have come together underneath the sparkling stars above. What started as an infatuation turned out to be love, and I can sense in my heart that what I feel for you is real and everlasting love!

You are always in my thoughts forever. I always see you wherever I go, and I would like to let you know that I care about you more than what you know.

The best and the most beautiful things in life can never be touched nor seen but can only be felt by the heart.

You have won me over with just a single kiss. Your kiss has brought shivers down my spine, and from that day on, I am already your number one fan.

Remember that your heart knows all the things that your mind cannot bear to explain.

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Yes, I felt hurt so many times. But remember that I still love you no matter what.

You can never escape from what your heart wants. Therefore, it is better to listen to everything it says before you decide to do anything.

To have a soft heart in this cruel world is about courage, not weakness.

The best things that one can give as a gift are a beautiful smile and a grateful heart.

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Anyone who will not mind opening your heart to love you despite it being broken is braver than any person in this world.

The heart can only feel the most beautiful things that the world cannot see nor touch.

Always follow your heart but do not forget to take your brain with you in doing so.

You should always put your mind, soul and heart into everything you do, even the most minor acts. This s the best secret to success.


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The real personality should be determined by looking into her eyes since that is the doorway that will lead to heart, and this is the place where love often resides.

Your work will fill in a large chunk of your life, and the best way to be fully satisfied is to do your tasks in the best way you can.

Wherever you will go, always go with all your heart.

I can never imagine where I will be today if not for all the friends and loved ones who have me a heart that’s filled with so much joy.

Always keep some love in your life. A life that does not have love in its heart is like a garden without a sun where the flowers often end up dead.

The tear that goes out of our eyes often comes from the heart and not from the brain.

Don’t forget to smile, for this is the only key that will fit into the lock of everyone’s heart.

Remember that your face serves as the mirror of your mind while the eyes are capable of confessing all the secrets kept inside the heart.

A friend is the kind of heart that everyone needs at all times.

It would help if you always stayed close to nature. Break clear away every once in a while and climb up the mountain from time to time. Take time to clean up your spirit.

Let your soul smile within your heart, and let your heart smile into your eyes.

The fool has his heart on his mouth while the wise will have his mouth in his heart.

You can never kindle a fire in anyone’s heart until it starts burning into your own.

A good heart is much better than the heads of the entire people in the world.

This heart will always have its reasons, of which the reasons know nothing at all.

The heart that truly loves will never forget.

For as long as the memory of some of the most beloved persons in my life will remain, I can declare that life, after all, is good.

In the sweet moments of friendship, there will be lots of happiness and pleasures. In the dew of little things is a heart that finds its morning and will often be refreshed.

A joyful heart will see and read the world with a sense of graciousness and freedom.

The actual act of marriage happens in the heart and not in the church or the reception. This is a commitment that two people make, not just on the day of the wedding but with every single day of their lives.

Grief is often a garden of compassion. If you are open to anything, your pain can end up your biggest ally in your search for wisdom and love in this life.

A good head and a good heart are two formidable combinations.

Whether you adore me or hate me, both will be okay for me. If you choose to hate me, I will always remain in your mind. However, if you will choose to love me, then I will stay in your heart.

Throughout your entire life, people will make you angry. Some will treat you bad while others will disrespect you. But let God handle all these things for you. Because if you do, this will leave hate in your heart and will end up consuming you.

I’m going to smile like there’s nothing wrong. I’ll pretend like everything is all right and act like everything is perfect when deep inside, it hurts.

Dear heart, please do not get involved in everything that’s going on in my life. Your job is to pump blood, so please focus on it.

There are just a lot of things in life that will easily catch your eye. However, there are only a few things that will see your heart.

When you learn to look at people through their hearts, you will realize that life is much better.

No beauty will ever shine brighter than a good heart.

Fall in love with someone comfortable with your silence. Look for someone who does not need any words to know that it is already time to kiss you.

She has the eyes of an innocent, the beauty of an angel, and the personality of a dreamer. Most of all, she has the kind of smile that will hide more pain than you can ever imagine.

If you always carry joy in your heart, then you will be healed at any moment.

The most painful consequence of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing that you had.

That awkward moment when you thought you were important to someone and you realized you were not.

They said that the best way you can get over a breakup is to fall in love over again. Thus, I have learned to love myself more and realized that it is, in fact, the best relationship I have ever had in my life.

When you sleep with a broken heart, waking up is the hardest part.

Do not cry if the sun disappears because the tears will stop you from seeing the stars.

When someone cares for you, they will surely make an effort to see you and not make any excuses.

Educating the mind and not education the heart is like having no education at all.

The day you left was the most challenging day of my life because you are not very easy to forget.

Always follow your soul. It will lead you to the right way.

Do you know what the best part of life is? It’s when you wake up in the morning and realize that you have a new opportunity to become a better version of yourself.

Always start and end your day with a grateful heart.