Top 35 Holding Hands Quotes


There are many reasons for people holding hands, and there is love, friendship, and cause just for signifying unity.
It is normal to try holding hands with someone you know if the matter comes that you must, but it might not be that okay if there is no reason to.
Nevertheless, when you find the person that matters the most to you, it is customary to try holding hands with each other, for there is something about having the hand of the person you love that signifies and transcribes that you feel for each other.
Here are some quotes about holding hands that might help you out.

Holding hands with her made me know I never wanted to let her go no matter what happened.

And I hope you understand that this is me reaching out to you, willing you to talk it out, boy.

I wish I could be there for you, beside you in every moment of this life, and I hope I can.


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And we may stumble and even fall, but I swear I am going to hold your hand every step of the way.

I am not possessive; I love feeling your touch in the best way possible: your hands.

I want to be with you, to feel you, to be able to hold you as close as I possibly can, my baby.

Holding hands with you is one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime for me, girl.

Through being able to touch you, we can go on speaking without any words at all.

I hope that I never have to let go of you no matter how many times we fight with each other.

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No matter what, I promise you that I would never even think of letting go of your hand, love.

I love you, and I want to keep on holding on to you no matter what happens.

You have my heart to keep forever, so you do not have to worry about anything at all, dear.

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I wish you were here with me, and we were holding hands once more just like we did before.

I need someone like you to keep hugging me tightly as if you do not want to let me go.

Would you please tell me that everything will be okay, that you will stay with me even though it is all?

And when the time comes, I hope that we can still share our love.

When you go out into the world, you will realize that the best move would be to stay together.

Who would have known that after all this time, it was holding hands with you that matters?

It seems that to get close to you, I have to use all my charm, everything I have now.

No matter how old you get, it is still best to hold on to your mother’s hands, for sure.

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When I let go of her hand, she goes away from me to shop her heart out, so I tend to hold tight.

If someone notices us that we are holding each other’s hands, I don’t care. That’s it.

So whisper to me that I mean the most to you, and I will whisper the exact words right back.

We may disagree, but we have never once let go of each other, and I think that matters most.

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The thought is that you will never experience anything else in the world quite as lovely, girl.

Holding hands is but a promise to someone that you will be there for her at that moment.

You are the one for me, and I know that now, so I will never leave you for anything else here.

So keep saying that you love me and care for me, and I will show you the same.


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There is something about feeling your palms on mine that makes me giddy and nervous.

You reduce my stress by holding my hands, which is the best thing that ever happened.

I can’t explain it, but I get the best feeling in the world when you are right next to me, girl.

Let us keep in mind never to hold grudges against each other; how about hands instead?

I am holding hands to remind you that you are not alone; I am right here for you.

The spaces between your fingers laced into mine feel like the perfect day of all, really, girl.

I hope you find a real friend and am more than willing to hold you tightly, dear.

Boy, you make me feel like I have never felt before, as if I am more than necessary to you.

Who would have thought that we would fit each other, me the pessimist and you the hugger?

And when our fingers touch, I know that you and I are meant for each other, my dear.

Let us keep holding hands until the moment that we have to let go because I easily miss you.

I wish I could keep holding hands with you because you matter a lot to me, my darling.

I can tell how much you love me by the way you will hold these hands of mine, I will know.

And when you started to touch my hand, I felt like a billion fireflies was consuming me.

There are butterflies in my stomach as I realize that our fingers are intertwined. I am in love.

I am in love with every detail of you, even the lines running through your very palms.

You make me feel sweaty, and I can’t help but be ashamed of the way my palms are wet now.

I feel so damn secure whenever you place your hands over mine, and it makes me feel more alive.

Baby, holding hands with you is what I have dreamed about since we first met long ago.

I am not alone, I am with someone, and I know this because I can feel you at this moment, girl.

Boy, I can probably get the world to be mine as long as you are beside me; you’re my strength.

I hope you will never let go of my hand, and I promise I will not let go of yours either, okay?

It is a nice feeling, probably the most excellent feeling in the world to feel your palms, boy.

You mean something to me, maybe more than just something, and I hope it shows by this.

I am doing this, holding out my hand for you to show you that I care for you a lot; it’s real.

My friend, I am holding hands right now with you to tell you that I will always be right here.

And most lovers appear like they are with each other when you look down into their hands.

If it is possible, I want to be able to hold your hand and be with you for the rest of your life.

I know I am still in this world, anchored to you, and that means a lot to me at this moment.

I want to be the only person you would like to hold on to, the only one that matters a lot.

I wish I could be the one for you, the one you would never forget, but it seems I can be wrong.

You might as well have all the fun you can get if that means that I get to be beside you at that.

It was impossible for me not even to try holding hands with you; you are my love.

He was holding hands with her in public means that you are proud to be with her and have her too.

It is impossible to be beside you and not want to grab your hands to keep them safe in mine.

Everything becomes better when you are with me when you take this hand of mine on yours.

Always make it a point to show the world how much you love her by kissing up to her, boy.

Man, I wish I was there to see the two of you be with each other, to work out with each other.

Holding hands together with you gives me the strength to conquer anything in this world.

If I get to sit next to you, I am more than okay with that, and if I get to hold you, I can die today.

Even your fingers fit in mine perfectly, just like we are a perfect fit for each other, my darling.

Sometimes, all we need is someone who holds our hands tightly when we are too sad.

There will always be room for you here on the spaces between my fingers, be with me soon.

I miss you, and I also miss seeing you, holding you, and telling you that I love you so.

We may stumble, but I believe we can do things as long as we are together and holding hands.

I mean, is it not enough that I love you? Do I have to tell it over and over until you believe me?

Forget it; you are my happiness, you are my sunshine, and nothing else can ever compare.

You are the love of my life, and I am willing to give it my all to be able to be with you now.

And that was the night I told myself that I would be with you for the rest of our forever.

It is quite a comfort, holding hands with you and being together with you all the time.

I understand now that it is the act of holding hands that matters the most in this life we are in.

It was a journey worth going, holding hands with you. That is the truth of it all.

The moment that we are holding hands is the moment I never want to forget in my life.