Top 40 Love Poems for Him

It is not only girls that have to feel appreciated. Boys would love to have something dedicated to them as well.
Why not try making love poems for him? Make him feel more special and loved by writing love poems for him that he will surely appreciate.
Boys may not show it, but they love the efforts that girls make for them.
Here are some love poems for him that you can use if there is a special occasion and you want to greet him or just on average days when you want to make it extra special.

I hope to God that you will never let me down, to never let my smile turn into a frown.

You have taught me joy in living, and I can only say it is because of how much I was loving.

I’m going to make thousands of love poems for him to make him see how much I care for him.


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You are my soulmate, and every day I spend with you is like a fairy tale out of a storybook.

Whenever I see you, I automatically smile even when you are still away for about a mile.

You always seem to know what to do or say what to say to improve my day.

There is a straightforward thing that I wished for when I saw the shooting star: for you to be mine.

I wish that I can be as excellent as a wife as you are a husband to me. That is my wish now.

I love you as no one has ever loved a man before, with innocence and pure love, that I do.

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Maybe if I write love poems for him, he will see the difference between other girls and me.

I want you to look at me like you see no other girls around, make me feel important, boy.

There is not much I can say but pour my heart out in these love poems for him.

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You have shown me that I am worth something, and now I only want to see you around.

I know now what it is like to love someone every day and always want to make them stay.

This poem is for you, the one that has been there with me through thick and through thin.

When the day is over, I will read these love poems for him that I made with all of my heart.

I hope you will understand that you are the only one that I hope will be with me now.

For there is nothing else, nothing much now that I can do but tell you that I miss you!

Whenever I feel like I miss you, I wrap my arms around me and whisper your names over.

Hold me in your arms tonight, show me what it is that I should be fighting about, baby.

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These love poems for him are what I want him to know about because he is my love.

And when it is over, I swear you will see just how much you genuinely have meant to me, darling.

Boy, I miss your charm; I practically miss having you around. That is the truth of it.

Life is not always going to be fair. Most of the time, it is going to punch you; I’ll be there, boy.

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And when all people choose to forget you, I will remember your name and shout it out, man.

There is no sweeter way to tell him I love him than through these love poems for him now.

I want to hear that manly voice of yours and hear the sound of a lullaby to my ears.

May you cradle me in your arms when I am weakest, and may you love me as no other did.


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And now I assure you that I am coming for you; I want to kiss you and love you.

From this moment forward, I swear I will love you and show you how much I do.

In the middle of this sweet life, I made love poems for him, a reminder of the love we share.

Your embrace is so warm I can only wish to smile at the fact that you are here for me now.

This song will be our song, and we will sing it proudly, you and me both.

I am telling you that I have never loved someone how I love you, which means a lot.

Thank you for showing me your other side. I am completely in love with it, just the same, boy.

I thank fate for showing us the way towards each other; I love everything about it.

There is no going back now; I have made these love poems for him in hopes he would return.

With all my heart and all of my soul, I will love you forever and ever, that I promise you now.

You may not believe me now or what I tell you, but I want you to know my love for you is accurate.

There is no one else in my heart but you; you are the one that fills me up with good things.

People come, and people go, but you are the one person I want to stay in my heart forever.

Please do not leave me, and I want you to know that I love every moment I stay with you.

There is no one else I would rather be with right now than you, and I’m happy you’re here.

I am still waiting for a reply for these love poems for him that I made through time; that’s it.

My love for you will never fade; that is the truth, no matter what happens between us two.

I love you a lot, my love for you is accurate, can I ask you if you feel the same way I do?

I want you to be my man and love me good, and well, you can later on just put a ring to me.

You are a strong man, so brave, so true, and I would love to see you love me like you seem to.

I wish he would like these love poems for him that I have written for all the times we had.

And when no one else seems to like you anymore, I will be right there for you, by the door.

I will be with you, holding your hand with all my might, giving life a good old fistfight.

For you, I am willing to fight life; I am eager to try hand to hand combat to be with you.

There is no one else in this world that I would rather be with than you, my man, no one else.

When all the words in the world have lost their meaning, I will give you my hand to hold.

I will hold tightly to you so that you can never let go of what we have, what we are.

These love poems for him are reminders that tomorrow we will try to work it out still.

I want to lay beside you for as long as I can, for as long as my life would let me last.

The sky is beautiful like you are, the epitome of the perfect man, and I can only smile at you.

We shall live a happy life, you and I, we can sing of words of praise to what we have: love.

I have written all these love poems for him to think that things will get better for us.

The day I finally got to be your wife was the one day I treasure the most in this life I have.

I would love to be with no one else in this world other than your masculine smell, your words.

Falling for you has never been part of the plan, but I don’t regret getting to call you mine.

You are strong, and you can get tricky, but still, you love me for me, and that is enough.

Maybe these love poems for him will be the reason why the two of us will work out just fine.

You show me kindness when I need to, and so there is nothing else to do but to love you so.

I want to let you know each day just how much more I can love you in different ways, boy.

There is no language for love but your eyes boring into mine is the one thing I can trust.

Whenever I miss him, I write love poems for him, thinking that he might be closer to me.

What you are to me, no words can dare explain, and you are the only person who keeps me sane.

You are the world to me, and I can only hope that you will realize that this is the truth of it.

I want to show you reality when the rest of those girls try to show you their fantasies.

These love poems for him will serve as witnesses to the love that we share between us two.

Would you tell me that you care for me as much as I care for you? I love you so much, I do.

When you ask me if I would be with you, I would say yes without a doubt, I really would.

There is no one else in this world I would rather be with tonight than to hold you tight.

I miss you when you are gone, but I miss you more when you are here with me but not.

There is no more excellent way to show I care for him than through these love poems.

I have written millions of love poems for him ever since I first locked eyes with him.

I have such poetry, and he is my muse, so I wrote tons of love poems for him.

And I can only wish that these love poems for him will get to him, somehow.