40+ Smart Status


Smart is the new cool.
Being smart not only means that witty, but it also means that you can go with your guts alongside using your knowledge to guide you through tricky situations.
Here are quotes that you can use in your social media as a status to keep your cool shining:


Being is smart is always more attractive than being beautiful.


Don’t ever let anyone make you believe that it’s impossible.


In your every decision, always consider if the consequences will affect your happiness.


The best revenge you can give to your haters is to move on, ignore their taunting and walk away with a massive smile on your face.

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Distance is only a minor hurdle to two people who love each other genuinely.


You can spend your life as you wish, but you can never get it back once it is over.


You are already ahead of the race once you make the brave first step into the tracks.



You won’t get past where you are if you don’t consciously decide to move on from your past.


Even if you keep trying but keep failing, promise me that you will stop trying to make it succeed.


Trust is like a building, it takes time and even years to build. But it can be destroyed by a single strong earthquake of lies within seconds.


Life will be full of disappointments. Could you not say I didn’t warn you?


Smart Quotes


The secret to keeping yourself from being disappointed is never to build any expectations.


Life is about living through a desert storm or an avalanche. You will get hurt, but you will emerge as a different and stronger person.


60 Cute Love Quotes for Her


I’ll never forget her as that girl in a blue dress, eyes twinkling and laughing like she has no care in the world. If I find her again, I will never let her go.


Aside from food and sleep, thinking about you is mostly what I’ve been doing lately.


Letting go will show you who is worth holding on to.



Starting strong is leads to great beginnings. Ending more vital leads to memorable endings.


I may be far from perfect, but I guarantee you that I will stick by your side forever.


I treat everyone according to how they treat me. So if you don’t like how I treat you, then there must be something wrong with you.


I am an expert in keeping a straight face even if, deep inside, I am falling apart.


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Yesterday is a dried ink in the pages of history. I can only control what I write today, so that I will give it my best shot.


My happiness is only mine. No one has to bother themselves with it.


My happiness is my sole responsibility.


My life is certainly none of your business, so stop snooping around it.


I Love You Quotes For Him


No one is perfect…except Nutella. Nutella is always excellent with anything.


Sure, money can’t buy happiness, but I don’t mind crying in a mansion.


Once I stopped caring, it meant I’d stopped trying to understand it.


Sure, I smile, laugh, and nod my head when you want something, but don’t push me beyond my limits, or you will not like what you’ll see.


Paying a large amount of money does not mean you will get something equal to the price you paid.

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The best way to keep track of your future is to write it well yourself.


The most precious people in your life are those who will never leave you even if you’re at your worst.


Follow what your heart whispers but don’t forget to heed what your head is screaming too.


If you find someone you can talk to for hours and someone you can laugh with at the same jokes, never let them go.


Some girls will find a man who can pay the bills, but wise girls will build their future, not requiring them to rely on her man entirely.


I’d instead be called crazy, mad or different than boring.


Life is too short to spend your time staying inside your comfort zone. Besides, nothing grows beautiful inside of it.


The cold-hearted ones are those who got hurt and won’t risk themselves to the same pain again.


A smile always makes you extra beautiful, so don’t forget to wear it every day.


These days, girls waste their time being with someone who is only pleasant on the outside and find out later that they’ve married the wrong ones.


When you think that the world is on your shoulders, think of the other people who feel the same. Doesn’t it give you comfort that you are not alone in your misery?


Simple ways to release the stress: get out of your chair once in a while, go for a walk when you feel like you’re stuck and sing and dance like no one is watching.


There’s nothing like a good night sleep can cure.


Smart people know their value and the dangers of placing their self worth in someone else’s hands.


Beauty without intelligence is as hollow as a house made of empty bricks.


No one can tell you can’t do it unless you believe them that you genuinely can’t.


I chose to work and build my dreams rather than be a slave to someone else’s.


Success won’t teach you anything. It is from mistakes and failures that we learn most from.


One of the keys to success is to surround yourself with people who will cheer and believe in the path you are going.


Please don’t waste your time hating yourself. Hate wasn’t in God’s heart when He created you.


Someone smart learns from his mistakes. Someone wise learns from others’ mistakes and avoids them.


There’s a big difference between working hard and working smart.


Smart girls go after what they want without looking desperate.


Don’t downplay your intelligence for the sake of looking cute; nothing beats the charm of a person who has wisdom, integrity and dignity.


I never liked playing hooky or drinking myself to death to be part of the ‘crowd’. I’d rather be known for my smartness and sass than being just a mere mediocre of society.


In life, we must learn to admit our faults, learn to gain profit from them and be tough enough to make up for them.


One day, I hope to hear myself ‘I am enough’ instead of ‘I’m not good enough or ‘I’m not pretty enough.’


If you rely too much on your emotions, no matter how smart you are, you never reach the dream that you are chasing.


Success is a combination of a lot of blood, sweat and tears, people who told you ‘you can’t’ and ‘you can’ and your determination to see it all through.


To write is to douse the emptiness of loneliness.


In life, the only enemy you have to win against is yourself.


I woke up in the morning and did what I love for a job with my family supporting me? Do I need to ask for anything better?


Boys and girls are the same in this aspect: many may catch their eyes, but at the end of the day, they only think of one person before they close their eyes.


A wise woman would instead choose to be single than be with someone who is bound to break her heart any minute.


The smart and the kind one always wins the race.


A combination of a kind heart and wit is a rare find these days.


People who know how to handle their emotions are the smart ones. Those who can both balance wit, emotion and kindness are the smartest ones.


If he is stupid enough to walk away from you, be wise enough to let him go.


Smart is the new sexy. Nothing is as sexy as someone who can carry an interesting conversation for hours.


It’s not that I’m looking for someone who is eye candy, but I am also looking for someone who can make conversations as sweet and exciting.


I have a high standard for having a partner who always surprises me and is as intelligent as me.


A wise person is aware that he has restrictions in life. An intelligent person knows that limitations do not exist.


The sign of an intelligent person is someone who knows how to sit down and observe the little details going around him.


Confidence and elegance is beauty.


Keeping calm amid trouble is wise. Keeping yourself out of trouble is smart.


A person who knows how to treat his people well and leads them hand-in-hand towards one common goal is an intelligent leader.


Going against the road where everyone is travelling will undoubtedly lead you to beautiful and unexpected places.


One thing that my mom told me is to live smartly, love genuinely and treat others kindly.


There is no need to shout. Powerful and intelligent words echo a thousand words.


You don’t have to show your body to gain attention. Just speak smartly and move elegantly, and people will listen to you.


In a room full of beautiful girls, be the smart one.


Remember: Do allow anybody to make you feel less intelligent or less worthy of the bright future ahead of you.


You have to be kind to forgive and be competent to give people as many chances as they can.


Yes, you are forgiven, but I am smart enough not to fall on the same trick twice.


You are beautiful and precious than you seem. You are smarter and braver than you think you are. You are loved more than you’ll ever know.


A wise woman knows when to leave and when to forgive.


I don’t want to be with someone who will pull me down and drag me away from my ambitions. I am smart enough to know who is suitable for me or not.


Find someone who is exciting, someone who is intriguing and as smart as you are.


Being pretty does not mean a beautiful face. It means having a beautiful heart, a forgiving soul and an appealing mind.