35+ Insult Status


You are just so annoyed at people you want to tell them that you dislike them.
One of the most efficient ways to do this is to put on a status that insults them indirectly so that you do not seem too much of a wrong person, but you get to insult them at the same time, so it is up to them to interpret whether the status is for them or not.
Here are some of the insult status you can use to annoy the hell out of that person.


You are so annoying; I wouldn’t say I like how your voice sounds like screeching tires in traffic.


The way your face looks could probably stop traffic because it is so scary to look at.


I do not believe that people should get plastic surgery, but I think you need one.


You may think I am joking, but I am serious when saying that I do not like you.

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Things might be better if you are not with me and you do not ever show your face to me.


What may seem like a joke to you can be somewhat of an insult to other people.


Let me tell you just how much I do not care about anything about you.


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What is the point with backstabbing me when all you become then is one big stupid person?


The best thing you could do is to look at yourself in the mirror and judge yourself.


You do not even know me, so you do not have the right to judge me one bit. Remember that.


I want to tell you that I do not give any damn about what you are doing now.


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So go ahead and try to ruin me because nothing will be left for you before I am done with you.


If you have something you want to say to me, then say it directly to me.


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Stop talking about things on your status and just freaking say it to me if you have the guts.


You are the most cowardly person I have ever seen in my entire life, you two-timing guy.


Your heels are so tall I figured that it must be because you lack the height without them.



That face of yours is so full of makeup I do not even know how ugly you must be without it.


All I want for Christmas is to wipe off that smile on your big round, ugly face.


I may be fat, but at least I can think thoroughly, and my brain is working a hundred per cent.


At the very least, I can say that I am original, which is the truth behind all of that.


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I think you should go to church more often to rub off on your attitude eventually.


An insult is so hard to forget, so instead of injuring your enemy, keep insulting them.


I do not care how much you would like to insult me but do not insult my family, ever.


Stop doing things that are only an insult to your intelligence and kindness; stop them.


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When you stop comparing yourself to anybody else, you stop insulting yourself with it.


Please do not take any insult thrown at you seriously because it will only make you unhappy.


If you lie to me, that is okay, it would not insult me, but when you question me, I am bothered.


How dare you question the things I say and insult my intelligence together with it?


I do not know how you make it so realistic, but you are good at acting dumb; I would rate you five stars at it!

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When people tell you to stay being yourself, they have given you the worst advice ever!


You should have a license for having a face that is so ugly it attracts ugliness.


Hello there! I am a person, a human. So if you would not take offence, what are you?


I think you should not let your mind wander so far; it is too small to be on its own, you know?


Have you always been so stupid like this, or are you putting in some extra effort for today?


Sometimes I wonder if being stupid is just your front or if that is genuinely the real you.


The advice that says you should be yourself is only for those who are kind and beautiful.


Of course, I have seen people just like your way before, but there was an admission fee, then.


I think it is nice to see someone like you in a new environment, in a place you do not belong.


I am responsible for warning you about IQ tests because if you took one, they’d be negative.


I would love to help you out right now, so tell me, where did you come in from?


Most of the time, brains are not everything; I mean, look at you; they are nothing to you.


Now that I have taken a good look at you, I see why mammals want to eat their kids so bad.


Do you want to tell me all about you? Fine, I would love some horror stories right now.


Barbie is very jealous of you; you are super fake if you have not figured it out yet.


Okay, I may be fat, but exercise will solve that; ugliness cannot be fixed if you know it.


You know, opposites attract so I wish that you would meet someone intelligent and attractive.


I just wanted to tell you I am sorry for calling your boyfriend guy, but he hit me with a purse, so I think I am not ashamed; I was just honest.


If the world’s currency were brains, you would be on the rock bottom of the chain today.


I had wanted to go up and ask about your age, but I think you cannot count up to that number.


All I could think about was you; well, I went to the zoo today and saw this gorilla.


Please stop hating me for being beautiful and hate your boyfriend for thinking that same way.


You do not know what fear means, but you do not understand what most words mean.


I urge you to go and tell them all the things you know, and I bet it would take 5 seconds max.


Did someone leave your cage open once more? Is that why you are here right now again?


My memory is so good I never forget anything, but I would love to forget yours.


I would have loved to curse you to become ugly, but it seems like I do not have to make an effort.


Who would have known that brains have an off switch? Yours was the first I saw.


I think you might have been the fruit of the tree that is called stupidity. Am I correct?


Do you eat stupid for breakfast and then for dumbness for lunch and dorkiness for dinner?


You have the perfect face to protect yourself. The horror speaks for itself, aren’t you happy?


Were you insulting me? I am so sorry because I do not value your opinion enough.


I think that people, your kind is why the middle finger was invented. Do you not agree with me?


Stop with the compliments that mess up your mind; it just is not worth your lovely time.


You are lucky that stupidity is not an actual crime, so you are already free to go out now.


Of course, I was not insulting you; I am not that bad. I was describing you honestly.


If you want to go and save some energy, I suggest you do not talk to me anymore.


I am not laughing together with you, no worries, but yes, I was laughing at your face.


If people would love to insult me, they should consult me because I can do better than them.


So you are now together with my ex? Well, I am eating lunch, you also want some leftovers?


If you want to know what you are like, you are a Monday, something no one likes.


I think that you are lucky enough because mirrors cannot talk and laugh the same.


I was just wondering if you are still a nature lover despite everything it did to your face.


You know, I am swamped at the moment, can I ignore you on some other day?


I wanted to explain it to you so much, but I am afraid that your brain might explode.


I think the best way to improve yourself would be to mix with other people who you want.


I do not think that you should use your brain right now because I might be sprained.


How do you make yourself look so ugly and stupid because that is just so good, girl?


I was just wondering if you practised how to be ugly and all that, were you?


Many people say that I have no taste in guys, but hey, I think I might actually like you.


I wanted to teach you how to raise your standard because it is just way too low.


I think you need to stop looking so dumb and practice happy for once.


Girls like new shoes more than anything because it fits them even if they are heavy.


I think you should stop calling my number because I will not answer.


There is no worse insult than not being able to be yourself in the middle of a crowd.


What is the sense of trying to be great when you are nothing but a loser anyway?


I cannot believe that I am friends with a loser like yourself; how could I?