Leaving Quotes


Leaving ain’t always going to be a bad thing, for there are moments when you indeed have to let go.
Just because you are the one that is leaving that you are weak, there are times when you are strong, and that is why it matters.
For all the people trying to help you out in trying things, you should try your best to let the world know that leaving does not mean not being assertive.
Here are some leaving quotes that might help you out to express yourself.


The reason why leaving hurts a lot is because you are connected through your souls.


You can go away to somewhere far, but I wish you do not expect me ever to forget your smile.


When you go to a place where I can’t follow you, I hope that you will be happy there too.

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If removing yourself from my life would make you happy, go ahead and do so, don’t hesitate.


The sad thing is that parting with you will make me feel sad and make me cry.


I think that leaving at this moment is a callous and brave decision on your part, be proud.



It is so hard to hold on to a person who wants just to let you go, so instead, just let go as well.


It might be easier to leave someone when you know that person is mad at you, do try that.


The problem is that danger is just at the very corner, in every direction, so go and leave now.


There comes the point when you have to leave, it is inevitable, but you can do it anytime too.


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When you are going to be leaving me soon, please drop off signs or tell me to prepare.


Please do consider coming back to us, to the home that you have known for a very long time.


May you leave something behind, a trace of you, something to remind me of my dear love.


When you go away, please do not forget me, keep me in your loving heart, & I’ll be ok.


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Sometimes there is no need for farewell nor goodbye, for we will meet once more later on.


Be brave to tell me you are leaving to help me accept the fact that you are.


I am confident; I am sure that one day soon we will see each other and it’ll be just like before.



For friends, there is no goodbye, hello, see you again until we meet once more.


Wherever you go, know that you are inside of this beating heart of mine, my friend, always.


See, these days are tough, and they would not last for a long time, but days pass by us.


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I am afraid that I will be leaving in a few days because I need to find myself who I am.


I hope that if you are strong enough at holding on, you can also be strong when letting go.


You have to accept it does and will not last for a long time; forever is not even enough time.


Maybe it wasn’t the end; perhaps it was just the start for something better to come now.


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If we never get to talk to each other after this, know that you changed me.


I wish I never had to tell you goodbye and leave you behind, ever in life.


You made me into a different person, someone I can look at in the mirror; thank you for it all.


I take a piece of you as I leave; I shall keep it in the deepest crevices of this heart of mine.

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See, sometimes, we face difficult things by trying to get out of the situation that we are in.


I learnt that the most challenging thing you can do is leave people hanging, waiting right for you.


You see, just because I am leaving does not mean that I will ever forget your face, my lover.


The sad part is when fear harbours itself inside of you, and you venture off somewhere else.


Humans crave something that they can limit themselves with, try to head off of the air now.


When they say that your limit is the sky, show them that they can go off to the universe too.


It is so painful to leave behind the place you have grown up in, where you made dreams.


Leaving can also be a sign of strength, of power to make that same decision then.


There is a sense of stability inside a house that you can’t find anywhere else but goodbye.


When I tell you goodbye, what I mean is, ‘won’t you stop me from going to where I’m going?’


All I ever wanted was for someone to come to me and tell me that I could be who I wanted to be.


So he left me, hanging like I was just air, that he couldn’t see me any longer like I wasn’t there.


How do you hold on to someone you know is leaving? You had to have been satisfied.


The real fear is in the unknown, in the situation where you get left behind in the very end.


I wish that the moment you decided to leave me was happy, that you never hope to go back.


So let me tell you this now: if you decide to leave me altogether, do not go back to me.


Now she is leaving, and there is nothing you can do; you wish you had shown her your love.


I hope he knows he does not have a place to come back to ever since he left me here, broken.


I do not know how he can do that: how anyone can leave another feeling broken and hopeless.


It is the very last words that you say that can truly matter in this life; that is the truth of it.


And when she is already leaving, you can no longer show the love you have for her right now.


You talk for hours, but the words you say before parting ways would matter the most then.


And still, I wanted to be able to hold you for just one last moment, but you took that away too.


Until we meet one day again in a place unknown, I wish we could leave some happy trails too.


The sad thing is that leaving someone can be the hardest thing, yet you have to do it too.


It is hard to have the ones you love be so far away, and you can’t do anything at all.


I wish you were closer to me, but you left years ago, and I do not know where you are.


Now tell me, how do two people who parted for a long time go about when they finally meet?


How do people try to be leaving others when just saying the word goodbye hurts so much?


Stop crying for those things that happened to you, instead smile for everything else.


The story of a life is fast if you are the one watching; in just the blink of your eyes, it’s over.


You were not at fault, and you never wear; the only mistake you made was going away then.


Leaving is easier when your heart is angry, for it does not long to be with the other person.


If you can make some changes, would you change the decision you made a long time ago?


I am leaving you now but do not think you lack anything; I just changed too.


You get that strange feeling just when you are about to leave, that you want not to.


And when you are longing for the very place that you left, what does that exactly mean?


Now, how you wish you could go back to that place you tried so hard to forget too.


It is sad when you see the person you love blindly following someone who left him already.


Leaving your past behind you can be challenging but do so for now until everything is settled now.


If I can stop you from going away, you would not be getting on that plane now, but I can’t.


Leaving is expected; we have all been left and was the one who went at one point in our life.


Everyone has their reason for leaving, or so I thought, but no one ever knew they were that.


I am leaving you now, and I hope you find the right person for you at the end of time, dear.


Leaving home must have been tough for you, do not do that again; just keep guessing.


I wish I did not have to say my farewell before leaving, but I guess I need to do that.


There are moments when leaving a place is all you think is best for you but know why.


How can you talk about leaving when she is suffering there, trying to accept that very fact?


Leaving someone whom you genuinely feel a lot of love for is like ripping your hearts into pieces.


There is nothing worse than leaving someone when they are at their very weakest, sadly.


And so, you are leaving today, but then we all want you to try and rethink this decision more.