The 35 Single Mother Quotes


Being a mother is indeed hard work because it has a lot of responsibilities.
The job of a single mother is twice that, acting as both the mother and the father in a family unit.
It is one that you can never retire and does not have a time frame because the kids are at your house, and wherever you are, you are bound to just that.
It would help if you had the grit to manage the children and the finances at home and more determination so that you would not give up because it is genuinely one of the most rewarding of all jobs as you see your children grow up to be independent persons of their own and create their character in life.
You are priceless; a single mother should be praised, so here is to every single mother out there striving their hardest to support, to feed, and to raise their children the best that they can.


Raising your kids alone is not an easy feat, and only those strong enough can do that significantly.


A strong person is what my mom is; for a single parent takes more struggles. That is the truth.

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Parenting is never an easy task, and being alone in the journey makes it more challenging than ever.


The love of a mom cannot be replaced, for she pours her soul into all of it.


Work twice as hard as ever and give love where you can because it is worth it all.


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Being a single mother may be tiring most of the time, but when your children smile, it is worth it.


You have been working so hard for your children, so mom doesn’t forget to take care of yourself.


My armor is what you are, for you have been protecting all on your own since I was born.


No one could have done a better job raising me than you, and I love you for all of that, mom.


You may have made a mistake in your life before, but it made you the person you are today.



The truth is that one day, there will be someone who will love you as much as I do, mom.


I hope you see just how beautiful you are even through all the hardships you have been through.


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I wish to see you smile more often than ever, mom because you deserve to be happy.


There isn’t much you can do; for me, you are the real hero of my life now and until forever.


If I choose to select my parents, I promise to choose you over and over again.


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Somehow, there are days when I wonder how wonderful your life would be without me in it.


I think that maybe you could have been a whole lot better if you never had me, mom, sadly.


You are the best parent in this world for me, and I swear you will always be just that for me.

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There should never be a shame about being a single mother because you had the guts to.


I want you to know that I appreciate every little thing you have done for me, mommy.


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Your life must not have been easy, but you made mine easier because you loved me so much.


If I can bring back time for you, mom, I will arrive a little later in your life; I love you so.


You have never been perfect, mommy, but you are the best one for me; I know that now.


You have guided me towards a life that I have always wanted, and I want to thank you, mom.


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With all the effort you have put in for me, you are the real hero of my story, now and again.


I hope you will learn to appreciate yourself as much as I do because I am all you, mom.


It would help if you gave yourself some credit for raising your children to be great human beings.


With every success that I get, I lie to you because you are the best in this life of mine.


I never had to wonder who my father was because you filled every space in my Heart.


You gave me all your dedication, time, love, and effort, and I want you to know I love you, mom.


No matter how angry you get, you always try to make me feel that I am never alone in this life.


I want to tell you that I want you to be my mom even in my next life; I love you that much.


There will only ever be one you, and I want you to know that I care so much for you, mother.


You always make sure that we are your top priority in your life, and I appreciate that, mom.


When no one wants to take your side, I promise you that I will keep on being on yours.


You are more than just a mom because you are all that I need and a whole lot more than that.


It is tough to be working and take care of your children simultaneously, but you did it.


I know that to achieve the best in life, you have to work for it, and that is what you did.


There may be times when it feels like nothing will go right but believe me, they will.


When you have brought up such amazing adults already, you deserve the most significant award, mom.


I wish someone besides us could appreciate what you do in this life because you deserve that.


When you think about it, a single mother harbors twice the love that other mothers do.


Be proud that you are a single mother, that you have raised your kids to be great people.


If you have a single mother, be proud of her and show her that she deserves only the best.


One day, when you grow older, I promise you that I will always be there for you, mommy.


I hope you will never think you are not good enough because you are everything for us.


In this life, you are one of the people I love the most. That is the truth of that, really, mommy.


You can do anything by yourself after raising four kids on your own what can’t you do?


There is your smile that makes me think that you never really do get tired of raising us all.


Though people may think differently, I still think you are the best mom in the world.


You have stood by your choices, made up for your mistakes, and I think that is enough, mom.


I appreciate that you chose us instead of abandoning us; it means a lot to me, mommy.


You have shared all your deepest secrets, your greatest fears; you are the best, mom.


Our bond can never be severed by anything, for you make me so happy every day, mommy.


You are the best there is, the best there will ever be, and I believe in you, my dearest mom.


It’s okay to date, mom, do not forget to live a life too because you, of all people, deserve it.


I am proud of you, mom, and I hope you are proud of yourself as well. You did a good job.


Raising us was the best thing you could have done for us, and I want to thank you for it, mom.


There isn’t anything I would not do for you, for I love you so much, my dear mommy, I do.


In this world, some things cannot be explained, and my love for you is that.


My love for you is something that will never fade. That is the truth, mom so remember that.


You are already fulfilling many roles, and being a mommy to me is the best one ever!


You do everything on your own and still have time for me, and for that, I love you so much.


I know it isn’t easy trying to be both mom and dad, but you did an excellent job for me.


I wish I could show you that you mean a lot to me, and I hope that you get to appreciate it.


In this world full of cynical people, you only believed in me; I love you.


You are my number one support, and I will always have you. That is what I know, mommy.


When life goes wrong, you will be the only right in my life; that is the truth.


There will always be a single mother in life, and you should treasure her and make her feel great.


The single mother works every second of her life to give the needs of her children, love her.


Your single mother is already tired of it, so help her, make her feel as unique as she is.


There isn’t much I can say about a single mother but that she is a miracle worker, that she is.


I am wowed by those that are single mothers because they dedicated themselves to their children.


Being a single mother is not a sin. It has the spine to face the consequences of actions.


A single mother is truly courageous than any other because they face more problems.


I am a proud daughter of a single mother, and one day I hope I can be as brave as her.


There should be an award for single mothers because they have life twice as hard as ever.


One day I hope you can tell your single mother how proud you are of her, that you love her.


Every single mother out there deserves love from their children and so much respect, kiddo.


A single mother raised me, but I never have for a second felt incomplete before, girl.


I love my single mother, how she always put my mind at ease, to make me feel safe.


There is not a thing I would change about being a single mother because I love being one.