The 40 Love of my Life Quotes

There are moments when you want to tell the whole world about the person that you love, about how they mean the world to you and that you love that person so much. During these times, social media is an excellent way to tell the world about it. The best way to do it is to post quotes regarding that topic. Here is some helpful Love of my Life Quotes that might help you express yourself.

I want to tell you that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you!

You are one of the people I cannot live without, and I want you to know just that.

I will never let anyone get in the way of our love, which I promise you.

This time can be short, so don’t forget to love life. It will love you back.


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There is someone out there who will love you for who you are. You are that to me, thank you.

Thank you for always being there for me no matter what has happened in our lives.

I thank the heavens every day for sending me the most beautiful angel in this life of mine.

I will take care of you every day from today onwards; I will love you more and more.

I assure you that there will be a forever; we will make that happen and show it to the world.

You were like my dream come true; you are everything I have ever dreamed of.

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For so long, I have been waiting for your arrival, the moment when my life changes for good.

You may not see how much I love you, so I’ll say until there are no days left.

This heart in my hands is for you to do what you want with it. That is how much I love you.

I love my husband quotes.

I will always love you; I will always be here waiting for you.

My love, you are the sunshine to my day and everything that you could ever be.

Sometimes, I think of how lucky I am for having you in my life.

There are times when it feels like you are the one I have been waiting for all this time.

Indeed, the heavens above have answered my prayers from the very first moment that I met you.

To the love of my life, I want to thank you for showing yourself to me.

My love, you are the sun of my life, the one that makes everything I see so bright.

Your hugs are the best thing in the world; they make me feel all warm and giddy inside.

Loyalty Quotes

If tomorrow is the day I day, I can say that I am so glad that I met you.

Maybe we will be better partners in our next lives, even better than what we have now.

You make me smile when it feels like my whole world is crashing down, baby.

So let’s go cruising all over the world; let me show you how much I genuinely love you.

Inspirational Quotes About Love

The first time our eyes met, I already surrendered all of me and my heart to you.

I want you to know that I will always love you and be with you no matter what happens.

I know I am clumsy, too happy-go-lucky, too careless, but I promise to look after you with care.

You will never be forgotten even after you are gone; you will remain in my heart forever.

There are days when you are away, and all I can think about is when I will see you again.


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If possible, I would like to wrap my arms around you forever and bask in your warmth.

Ever since I met you, all the days of the year seemed worth living for.

Having you in my life is one of the greatest blessings that I will ever receive.

Sometimes it feels like all the blessings came pouring at once, and I caught you in my arms.

Just the thought of being with you is enough to keep me happy for the entire day.

I find it amazing how people find love from the billions and zillions of people out there.

Their world is generally a lonely place, but it becomes a happy one once love finds you.

You may not know, but every little thing that you do has slowly melted my once frozen heart.

You are the primary source of joy in my life, and I hope it will last forever and ever.

I want to let you know that I will never cease loving you because that’s just who I am.

Then you came into my life and changed everything I know about; you defined me in a way only you could.

It seems that as the day passes by, I begin to love you more and more.

I will love you from today and to the very last day that I live on this earth.

Until the day my heart stops beating, my heart will always be better for you forever and always.

You were a dream I thought I could never have, but here you are, sitting beside me.

You are the most beautiful person I know in this universe: both inside and out.

How lucky they are to be able to see your sweet smile every day we are not together.

I never imagined myself settling down, but here you are, making a family with me.

You changed my life in a way that only you could have done, and I thank you for it.

When I wake up in the morning and am so happy, the first thing I see is your face.

I have to admit that I am now a better version of myself because I have you in my life.

No one in this world can ever be on par with you, for you are the best.

I have to say that I am the luckiest man in this universe to call you mine.

Before I go to bed at night, I pray to God to spend another tomorrow with you.

You are always on my mind when I am out with friends, when I am away, always.

How can you keep improving even when you are in a perfect state of being?

No matter how horrible the day gets, just one smile from you and I suddenly feel alright.

Could it be that we were the ones meant to be for each other all this time?

Who would have thought the snotty little boy next door would be the love of my life?

You brighten each day of my life, and for that, I want to tell you how much I love you.

To be able to see you now and then is one of the gifts from God that I am thankful for.

Maybe tomorrow, you will love me even more; that is one of life’s mysteries.

Loving you was out of my control; it was not a choice; it was destiny that brought us together.

Sometimes, I wish there were 25 hours per day, so I get to spend another hour by your side.

What I know is this: I can never get enough of you, your scent, your sweet kisses and everything else.

If I were given a chance, I would wish for you to be happy and that you are going to be pleased with me.

It is funny how the moment you get out of my sigh; I automatically miss you.

I see love as a miracle, something I never thought I would ever experience, but I am glad I did.

You are the most beautiful person in this whole world, and I would never give up on you.

Unique You Are Love of my Life Quotes

There are moments in life when you want to send the love of your life quotes to them as the perfect way to express your feelings. Remember, life is too short; enjoy loving someone and being loved.

All I want is to spend one day beside you, spend one day together with you.

You are the love of my life; I swear to you with my life.

You are like a garden of roses, elegant, beautiful, and simple joy of my life.

I never imagined that I would get to know love until the very day that you came into mine.

I promise that I will always love you today and until the world stops rotating.

I know just how much love hurts; I know it every time I do not get to see your face.

I can never imagine what my life would become if you were not in it if you were not with me.

I will never get tired of loving you, just like how the ocean never gets tired to hit the sand.

You are like the air; I cannot think of living this life without you, without ever being with you.

You are the last missing piece in the puzzle of my life; when you came, I was completed.

I never believed in love at first sight until you passed by me, and I knew you were the one.

You are the person I will marry, the one I plan to spend the rest of forever with.

I hope you know how happy I am that you are on my side, even in pain at this moment.

I without you is like a bee without its honey, sad and bitter.

Now that I look back at it, the day I met you were probably the happiest day of my life.

I have arms to give you hugs that will hopefully warm you up on your gloomiest days.

Falling in love is simple, like a walk in the park but falling out of it is just a disaster I never dream of experiencing.

I do not know the right words to say to make you believe me, but I genuinely love you.

My heart is all that I have to offer, not a house, not a car, just me and everything I have.

I hope you will see that my love for you is authentic, that loving you is the best feeling I have.

There came a time when all I wanted was to see you smile because that is how I love you.

Tomorrow, I hope you will still be with me, making me feel like the best person alive.

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