35+ Love SMS Messages

Love is such a wonderful feeling that you feel.
Your world will be complete just by being with your loved one.
Being away is sometimes heart-breaking, but you can still send SMS to show how much you care.  Here is the list of some heart-warming SMS you can send to your loved one:

Nothing is as magical and memorable to me as the moment I met you.

I had never imagined being crazily in love with you until one day; I woke up realizing I couldn’t get enough of you.

I always think about you every time I start to wonder if you feel and do the same.

Pizza is my favourite thing in the world. Then I met you.


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Would you stay with me as I intend to stay with you?

I want us to stay together forever as I hold your heart next to mine.

It feels so funny when you are not with me, and I feel so alone and incomplete.

Don’t feel annoyed if I kept asking and saying the same things over and over. It’s just my way of saying I think about you.

Sometimes, I act so casually and avoid being too sweet because I’m afraid you’d be too secure of my love that you might take it for granted.

You are all I think of every day, even if you sometimes don’t reply to my texts.

Every day spent with you is the best, but I believe tomorrow will always be better.

I Love You Messages

My love for you knows no boundaries, but if other people try to go beyond my boundaries, I will give them a fight.

I cannot be as poetic as I try to be. But I’ll try my best for you and me. This is all for you to stay, and forever you won’t go away.

My love for you feels very surreal that sometimes I feel like floating in the clouds. I can’t believe you are mine and I am yours.

Love Messages for Boyfriend

Our story may be a cycle that keeps going and going, but I would love you and get hurt and love you again if it means that I would spend my life with you.

Like the movies, our love story isn’t always happy and colourful, but you make it all worth it. Our report will never end.

I can’t remember the exact date when I fell in love with you. All I know is I am so deeply in love with you right now, and I can’t spend another day without you.

I will never regret the risk I took for us to be together, and I will never forget the hardship we have been through for our story to start and will never end.

I love you with all my heart that I couldn’t imagine spending my life without you. It feels like I can’t love anyone else.

I don’t know how I would my life be if I hadn’t met you. I love you with all my heart.

Jealousy Quotes

We might have some random fights and random kisses and sweet talks, but I did not randomly choose you to be with me forever. My heart chose you from the moment I saw you.

I believe you already know how much you meant to me. My every breath whispers your name and my every heartbeat yells, I love you.

I never knew someone would know something about me that I didn’t even know—the way to break down my walls and capture my heart.

It’s so frustrating to keep checking my phone every second, hoping I’ll receive a text from you. I know it may sound clingy, but it’s you that I think of every second of every day.

The 60 Short Quotes About Love

I will wait from dusk to dawn to get you over here and hear the words I want to hear.

You know me more than anyone else does. More than I even know myself.

I have been so strong all this time, but you used only three words to weaken my foundation, which I built all these years.

I know I can be possessive, jealous and territorial at times, but that only means how much I value you, and I don’t want anyone taking you away from me.

You are the sweetest person I have ever known. I wonder if I have done something so good to deserve someone like you.


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It feels so amazing to love and be loved by someone like you. Every part of me yearns for you as the roots yearn for water.

I don’t know how I could ever stop loving you now when I have loved you too deep and gone so far.

You make me want to risk hurting myself all over again because I know that falling in love with you will be worth it, and we’ll stick together till the end of time.

I am telling you I love you now in a text message because I get so shy to express it to you in person. I know you already realized it by now.

If love conquers all, then why are we so far away from each other when all I wanted is to spend each second of every day with you?

You asked me what have I ever seen in you that made me want to hold your hand forever. I am telling you right now that I feel I belong in your arms, and being with you feel so right.

I would give up any possession I have right now if it means that I would be able to stay by your side forever.

I don’t know how to express how much I love you right now when you are so far away, and all I can do is send you text messages that I am not sure if it’s sufficient to get the news to you.

I used to think that people in love were lame and stupid. I became like that when I met you.

You asked me what my dream would be; when I told you it was to be with you, you laughed and said that I should have a new dream because that one is already the reality.

I hate how my heart disobeys me because it already beats for you and you alone. I don’t have control over it.

I know I haven’t been vocal enough regarding my real feelings for you. I believe that action speaks louder than words, and I showed you in every possible way I can.

I hope our love will not weaken but will grow stronger each day that we are apart. I will always love you and will wait for you no matter what.

My doctor wonders why my heart beats differently. He doesn’t know that my heart is already beating to the tune of our love.

We may not be perfect as individuals, but together, we make an ideal couple.

I had never mentioned the word forever with you because, for me, that’s what I meant when I said yes to our commitment.

Even when we are apart, I don’t feel vulnerable because our love makes me feel strong and secure about you and me.

I love spending time with you, and I hope that time can stay still when I see you so we can spend more time in each other’s arms. I love you.

I will always spend my alone moments thinking of you and imagining that you are with me. I’m guessing our future together. What do you think about when we’re apart?

I like how you make me feel so loved and taken care of like a baby. I never want to be childish but knowing that someone is looking after me makes me feel exceptional.

You are my man for many reasons, but the main thing is that I love you and trust you with my heart and everything.

You are not someone with who I want to live my entire life. You are someone that I could not imagine living without. You are a necessity. Not an option.

I love you and will always trust you no matter what. Counting the one, you love feels good to me more than to you.

I keep thinking of tomorrow when you and I will reunite again and hold each other’s arms like we haven’t seen each other in years.

I can’t sleep at night because I can’t get you off my head, and I am so excited for the day that we will see each other again.

In my eyes, you are the cutest, most adorable and most attractive guy in the world. I won’t let anyone take you away from me.

I am serious about planning our future together. I cannot imagine tomorrow with someone else.

Hey, babe. I love you a lot, so don’t ever break my heart because I will not allow any other girl to steal you away from me.

I want to wake up every day seeing your face, and that same face will be the last one that I will be staring at before I go to sleep.

I don’t think other people will ever understand our love story not unless they have already experienced loving someone else as much as we love each other. I doubt anyone has done that.

I only care about you and me and not anyone else because it is only us who built this relationship, and we know more about ourselves than anybody else.

I never really thought you could still love me this way despite the imperfections and insanity I have shown you. I love you so much.

I feel so blessed for having like you in my life. I don’t even have t say a word for you to understand me.

There is something about you and me that feels so right, and everybody else feels it too. Can you feel it on your end?

I am not a wishful thinker, but I started to believe in magic and destiny when I met you and how everything in my life was put into place in your life.