55 Love Yourself Quotes

Everybody needs love, but how can you give love if you do not have a passion for yourself.
It has to start within before it can be shared.
Let us learn about loving yourself and sharing love with others by motivating them to love themselves through these quotes and sayings specially prepared for you.

Love yourself because no one can give you the utmost love that is true but you.

Give time to yourself. Give gifts to yourself because you earned them.

When you have learned that love is from the inside, that is the time that you can readily give love freely to others.

Directions to true love will always fall back to you.


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No matter how hard we find love in others. We will never find it unless we have opened our hearts to love ourselves.

The culture of love knows the truth, and it starts with being truthful to yourself.

Complicated love is earned not by the effort but by how much you have sacrificed self-love.

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You have to pamper yourself once in a while. Love others but love yourself more.

Give others a chance to enjoy the moment of life by letting them learn how to love themselves.

If you have known the secret of self-love, you will never be lonely in life.

Why is it easier to love others than that yourself?

Love Yourself Quotes

Your body is your temple. Your mind is your soul. Your heart is your sanctuary. Take care of these things dearly.

It is okay to love others but do not forget to love yourself.

One has to appreciate their reflection before they can appreciate others.

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The most beautiful sight to see in this world is a person who knows how to love himself.

Never put yourself down just because others seemed better than you. You are your cheerleader.

The more you hate yourself, the more you will hate the world. Love yourself and see the love in others.

Be in front of the mirror and say that you are the most beautiful thing in the whole world.

Empower yourself. Give yourself a chance to show this world that you are capable.

Turn your bad days into good ones by smiling to yourself in the mirror.

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The only way to show genuine smiles to others is to smile at yourself and be happy.

If only people love themselves, they will never spend a bit of their time pleasing others for them to be loved.

Love others 20% of the time and leave the 80% to yourself.

Give love to yourself, and it will radiate love a hundred folds.

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Flawed as you are, you have to accept it because confidence shows a lot in your character.

It is impossible to teach love to those who deny themselves from love.

You could be perfect in your eyes if you knew how to appreciate your being without basing it on the standards of other people.

Whoever has set the rules and standards of beauty in this society has a shallow level of love for oneself.

Be your priority, and everything will fall into its rightful place.


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Always put yourself first in every situation. It is a way to protect yourself from being hurt.

In an aspect, one has to keep something for their selves to avoid emotional damage.

Live life to its peak. Love yourself and be free!

Do not have high expectations of others. Only you can provide the utmost love and understanding to yourself.

Compliment and praise yourself if you have accomplished something. Intrinsic motivation is usually stronger than extrinsic motivation.

Compliments outweigh compliments from others to yourself.

If you only know how to love yourself, you will never beg love from others.

The best choice in life is to love yourself.

If you are stuck in a situation where you have to choose, Always choose the decision that would leave something for you.

Please do not give it all. Love yourself a little.

Never sacrifice self-love because, in the end, you will be left broken.

All types of love come from self-love at first.

Take care of yourself and show it to others so that they will follow. It is great to see people full of love and joy because they know how to love themselves.

Bad days can turn into good days if you know that you deserve to be happy today no matter what.

To love oneself is to see things from a different perspective. To love oneself is valuing your own even if others want to suck all the love In you.

Let the joy of love radiate in your soul.

Learning how to love yourself is hard, but once you have learned it. You will never be weary of others anymore.

Eventually, you will come to know that in life. Love from others is imperfect, but love for oneself is magical.

They are not worthy of being you. Do not insult your image. Love your body and your soul.

Never compare yourself to others. They are nothing compared to your understanding of yourself.

Do more than what you can. That is how you can show love to yourself.

Your own eyes only see the best side of yourself. Let it be shown to others.

If you hate yourself in this world that we live in, you will never get along with anybody.

Why are you giving so much effort for others to love you? While all along, the only love you need is self-understanding and self-love?

It is tough to find love these days. Loving yourself is the best medicine for any feeling of despair.

Treat yourself nicely because if you do not, you will suffer your consequences.

Be honest to yourself and forgive yourself for the wrongdoings that you have done.

Believe in your abilities. You know your limit, and you know that you are limitless. Carry on with life with complete compassion and love.

Never fear the unknown. Trust yourself and be courageous because you know you are not a quitter.

Do not be discouraged with others because they doubt themselves. You are different from them. You know yourself better than anyone else.

It is hard to love if you do not know the meaning of love.

Whenever you face a challenging situation, always keep in mind that you love yourself and are doing this for yourself and others.

You do not deserve to be loved if you do not know how to love yourself because you can never have enough of others’ love if you do not love yourself first.

Self-image is built with confidence and self-love.

You are designed to be human. It is innate for one to love their selves because this is where love for others comes from.

The love that you can give to others depends on the love that you have for yourself.

If you love yourself, you will never stop helping yourself achieve your highest dream because it will let you fill your heart’s content.

There is nothing wrong with self-love because it is our assurance that others will not hurt us.

Self-love is more potent than any love as it gives one the power to carry on with life even if there are a lot of challenges that lie ahead.

What a devastating scene to see one with no love for oneself. You have no one but yourself to depend on in times like this, so always find and lean on your love for yourself.

I wonder why people do not love their selves. Their image, body, beauty; they do not know how much happiness they are missing.

After years of trying to find love in others, you will learn that love is not something you search for but something you develop in yourself.

Relationships with others are erroneous if you both do not give a little bit of love to yourself.

If you do not love yourself, I bet you are one of the loneliest people on this earth.

I love myself. One should say this once in a while as well. There is too much I love you but not much about loving oneself.

Be gentle with your heart. The best protection from wounds and heartache is to love yourself.

Connecting to your reality is the most incredible realization a person can have in his lifetime.

Love for oneself is never forced, not like other forms of love.

Love yourself on the way you are made because no one in this world is ever the same as you. You are a unique and original piece of artwork.

Be comfortable in your skin. You have to deal with it forever.

Imitating others would not suffice and can never make you happy. Being yourself and loving it will do.

Only you know your worth and your capacity. Never let others limit your growth.

Celebrate your existence because others did not have a chance to walk on this planet as you do, so make it count.

Sometimes it takes one to be alone for them to realize that they need to love themselves more.

You are not just an option in this world. You are an individual that has the same strength as others. Love yourself, and more of your inner skills will submerge to the surface because it is not shy among others’ presence.

Wrap yourself with warm words of encouragement that comes from your breath of life.

The noise of the outside cannot calm your soul. It is the inner voice of your mind that you have to listen to.

You cannot escape the dire realities of the world. The only thing that you have to do is to talk to yourself. Constantly remind your heart that love for oneself and others can endure any type of pain that this world can bring.