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Could there be anything lovelier than a lovely quote about sweet love?
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Love is hope. Hope shines forth in life. Life is a gift and a blessing.

Love is a game of tug-o-war. Two people pull at both ends, and the other hurts when the other one releases.

If someone loves you, no matter how chaotic, demanding and busy their life is, they will find time to seize even a second of their day to be with you.

Love is a supernatural force that can only be felt by the heart.


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Love knows no poverty, no social status or rules.

Every moment spent with you are my precious little gem in my life.

My heart has been ripped open, stepped on and burned by the pain I’ve been through. When you came and graced me with your love, I finally understood that all the pain I’ve experienced had a purpose and led me to you,

60 Quotes About Love

In life, I only need your love.

My heart will always be yours, wherever you are, and no matter which lifetime – always and forever.

Love is the rainbow after the storm, the light in the creeping dark, the joy against sadness.

Love does not know the word ‘sorry’.

Best Love Status Quotes

True love is in which there is no jealousy, burden or anger, only forgiveness, love and worries.

Even if we are a thousand miles apart, I never feel so alone whenever I’m thinking about you.

Best Love Status

There is nothing in this world that can ever explain and give light to the mystery of love.

Every time my phone chimes along with your name on it, I can’t help but smile and giggle a little too much.

They say that when you think of someone, even though you are drowning in paperwork or homework, it means that you have fallen into the endless pit of love. I guess I’m doomed now.

Love does not discriminate. It does not judge. Love does not have favourites. Everyone is equal in their eyes.

Thinking of you is as easy and normal as breathing and blinking.

I did know that this kind of pain ever existed until I started aching from missing you.

Loving you is the beginning of a journey that knows no end.

Heartfelt Quotes

I don’t need to look elsewhere when my heart belongs to you all along.

Even if I am dead tired, I will never run out of energy to smile whenever I think about you.

Even if it is not with me, all I want for you is to be happy.

My greatest joy in life is to see you happy…even if I am not the reason for that happiness.

Deep Love Quotes

I have fallen for you, and I don’t think anything in this world can stop me from falling deeper.

Time slows down like the slow trickle of dew atop a leaf after the rain whenever we are far apart.

Love is the path towards happiness, the key to the gates of hope and the map leading to the true treasures of life.

Once a man marries, it is not the end of the journey but a beginning of a new and beautiful one with his wife.

Love has its hazards. It is so powerful that it can overshadow any other emotions you have swirling inside your heart.


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Being with you is like watching my dreams unfold and bloom into reality.

My dream is to fall asleep next to you in my arms and wake up with you still in it the next day.

I am known to be temperamental and edgy, but when it comes to you, I can muster all my patience and tolerance just as long as I can spend forever with you.

One of my fantastic little pleasures in life is seeing you first thing in the morning.

Someone has run away with my heart. According to my investigation, you are the prime suspect.

The first thing that came into my mind when I saw you was the word ‘forever.

Seeing you is like jumping into the cliffs of love over and over again.

You are the best thing and the reason why I feel so blessed and lucky every day.

It may be glorious to be someone’s sweet first love, but it is nothing compared to being the last and forever love.

You are my love, my life, my everything and beyond.

There are no blank spaces in our love. Our love story is enchanted, fearless, and safe and sound.

The formula for a successful relationship is falling in love with the other person multiplied by infinity.

Every love is unique, exciting, and colourful, but nothing beats ours – it will forever be my favourite.

Being loved by you makes me feel like I can overcome anything. Loving you makes me brave, as nothing fazes me except the thought of hurting and losing you.

Love is two different people looking in the same direction.

Love does not spare anyone, not even your wallet.

People say that for a marriage to work, ‘you are required to fall in love with the same person over and over again.’ I don’t see anything daunting about that. Loving you is as easy as breathing.

I religiously pray to all the stars in the sky and the angels watching over me that someday, my dream of being with you will finally come true.

Your eyes are my hope. Your arms are my shelter. Your heart is my soul.

The world is cruel, they say. As long as you are with me, I don’t think that’s the case. You make even the cowardly me as brave as a soldier on the battlefield.

You are the white to my black, the cream to my frappuccino and my yin to my yang.

A year with only cold winters is like a year without love.

Please don’t wait until it’s over. Don’t wait until all hope is lost. Say it even if there’s a risk of hurting.

Girls are too dazed with finding their Spiderman when all along they pass Peter Parker every day.

The madness of love is that which adds colours to your once monochromatic world.

Don’t let the song inside fade away unheard.

Stop searching for love. Do what you love, and love will eventually find you in the most unexpected places.

Love will never find you if you remain in the safety of your comfort zone.

Love is what keeps the mind and the heart at war.

Distance, difference or anything else in this world is merely just minor hindrances in love.

You cannot pay love with money, but you need to give and lose something in return anyway.

Please do not look at me that way, or else I will think that you are in love with me too.

I’m intoxicated with the promises of love.

People who do not speak too much holds the fieriest of love in their hearts.

Your smile is all I need to believe in love again.

Once upon a time, you came into my life, and I saw how beautiful my life could be with love.

The most significant and sweetest relationship is being in love with your best friend, who you can love like a lover.

The happiest couple in the world is two imperfect people who know how to work around each other’s differences and accept each other’s flaws.

When I am without you, I am nothing. When I am with you, I can be anything.

Could life get any better when I have you all to myself?

I am not trying to stroke my ego here, but no one else in this world can love you as much as I do.

Be sure to spend yours forever with someone who you can’t live without.

My heart beats a thousand miles per hour whenever I see you enter the room.

Some can love three or two people at the same time. Not me though, I only have my eyes set on you.

Can there be anything more beautiful than looking at someone you love who is already looking at you?

You wouldn’t know when it comes. When it comes, it will sweep you off your feet and change your entire world.

When I am down and lonely, please wrap me in your arms and kiss me.

When you are in love, it will give you the power to do anything for the sake of the one you love.

I love you for your devils, your flaws, all your imperfections and for everything that you are.

I love you. It is one fact I’m very sure of.

The best moment in my life was when I learned that you love me too.

In the middle of all the chaos and hastiness of life, love comes and makes sense of everything.

No matter which angle, no matter if you didn’t comb your hair, for me, you look perfect all the time.

Before I go to sleep, I think of you so hard, so I get to see you in my dreams.

I will love you longer than forever.

Saying ‘I love you is easy. Proving it takes a lifetime.

You are the reason why I have a goofy smile on my face all the time.

My daydreams are all about you and me – the possibility of spending forever with you.

The angels know very well that you are the reason why I love living.

Dear Crush, please be gentle with my heart.

You are the person I love as much as I love my puppy.

Other girls may be more intelligent than me, prettier than me or sexier than me. Let me tell you, though; they cannot love you better than me.

You are the combination of beauty and personality. Is it just me, or am I so lucky?

I love you because you make my beautiful world even more wonderful.

With your love and the way you make me feel so loved all the time, I don’t think there is anything in this world that can ever shake me.