Top 50 Loving Statuses

Wouldn’t it be lovely to post encouraging words about your status on your social media and inspire those around you who are also taking the journey of love? Choose among the selection below and find your perfect loving status quotes:

The kind of love that lifts the soul and touches the heart is the best kind of love there is.

Loving is the act of planting the seed of love into another and nurturing it with care, fidelity and affection.

Every night, I pray to God that He will let me see you in my dreams.

The greatest reward of love is to be loved and be accepted for everything we are.


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Despite my flaws, my imperfections, and faults, you still chose to be with me anyway.

Loving you has taught me the most valuable lessons of my life.

To love another is a holy act that brings your heart closer to God.

60 Love Quotes

I am at my truest whenever I am with you.

An hour apart from you feels like a year long.

Before, I laughed at people saying that they could not live without their lover. Now that I met you, I finally understood.

The most precious thing in this world cannot be seen by the naked eyes or felt at the end of your fingertips, but one that only the heart can handle.

Best Love Status

To be loved and be loved by the most crucial person in your life is incomparable.

Your imperfections made me love you even more.

The greatest pleasures of life are to love and, most of all, to be the reason for your special someone’s happiness.

Cute Love Status

There is neither logic nor reason to a heart that has fallen.

When I thought I couldn’t love you more than this, you came along and proved that I was wrong.

You know it is true love when you can love him even after smelling his morning breath.

You know it is real love when you can love her even after seeing her cranky due to her period.

You are the other half of my heart and the twin of my soul.

I am just a peasant begging for the love she knew she wouldn’t receive from her prince.

Love Yourself Quotes

I will take all chances if it means being with you.

No matter which lifetime, it will still be you over and over again. There can be no other way.

When you realize he is finally in front of you, you’ll want to start the journey with him right away.

Victims of love turn this world into their canvas.

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You never left my thoughts. Not ever since I met you.

The mere thought of you gives me the courage to fight through the battles of my journey.

Love is a sweeping wind that will change the course of your life once it blows the sails of your life.

What is love without a touch of insanity?

How can a simple look from you change my life forever?


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The magic within your eyes has captivated me, both body and soul.

There is no understanding in love. It will remain a mystery. Let’s leave it at that.

The aftermath of love is the longest ride.

If the stars could grant me one wish, I wish that I could have met you sooner.

I love you can be said in many ways like ‘good night’, ‘good morning’, my nagging and my little love notes.

I will die for love than to never have the chance to experience its magic at all.

I love you more than the challenges ahead of us, the tears and the fights that will try to separate us.

Yes, love is all you need in this world but a dose of chocolate now and then wouldn’t hurt.

I want all of you – your broken pieces, your faults and your weakness. I love you for you.

The fact that makes love so illogical is what makes it magical.

Even the busiest person will make time for love.

There is always room for love, even for the coldest and hardest of hearts.

Love is a torch that lights your way out of the darkness.

Love is the fire that melts even the iciest of hearts.

Love is what fills the heart with endless rows of flowers and bright sunny skies.

My heart has a sole owner – you!

If you give my heart legs, I am sure it will run its way towards you.

Fidelity is not difficult if you truly love someone.

Thinking of you is not a chore but my daily habit.

Time zooms by when you are with someone you love. Time slows down when you are apart.

Love can even put a smile on an exhausted face.

I don’t think there will be any force in this world that can make me stop loving you.

Can I take you on this journey called love?

Even the wisest becomes a fool if bitten by the love bug.

My heart runs like a galloping deer whenever your name pops up on my screen.

A special boy came with hundreds of glances, thousands of words, millions of feelings.

I won’t mind staying asleep forever if it means I can be with you in my dreams.

My life has never experienced even single darkness ever since you walked into my life.

When it comes to you, I’m selfish. I would never share you with anybody.

A love higher than the skies and more profound than the oceans is what I have for you.

I don’t need twenty or ten lovers. All I need is one and only you.

Your voice is my favourite song. Your heartbeat is my famous rhythm. Your eyes are my evening star.

I want to be with you until the sun stops rising in the skies.

True loves resonate in your entire body, reverberate throughout the soul and cover the whole heart.

Loving brings out the very best in me.

When I’m near you, my insides go into overdrive.

The way I feel whenever you are around is like a waking dream.

The reasons why I love you outnumber the stars in the night sky.

No matter who you are or what you’ve been through, my love for you will never change.

I love the way you look at me, but you make me feel what I love the best.

Genuine and authentic love comes once in a lifetime like a shooting star. If you are lucky enough to find it, never let it slip away.

A relationship built for a lifetime stands on the foundation of friendship.

True love never erodes and never dies, even with the touch of time.

What a priceless moment it is to catch the eye of the person who owns your heart gazing with loving affection at you.

You cannot escape the grasp of love. Once it comes into your life, it never let’s go.

The path of love is never a smooth ride.

The possibility of even a single without a thought of you is zero to none.

I can never leave you. Not even a single millisecond without you by my side.

The greatest love story in history could be ours.

Loving someone is a crime. You steal someone’s heart, and you take their breath away.

If you let the love of your life out of your sight, someone else might steal her heart.

Love does not require a contract. It is not written on paper or stone. Love is the ground of any relationship.

When you love someone, you are giving them the ability to hurt you badly. That’s the risk of love.

Love has its dents and flaws along the way but what makes it beautiful is how it makes two imperfect people see each other perfectly.

Love should be passionate, ablaze, bright and burning.

Love heals all wounds and strengthens the soul.

Nothing will prepare you for the onslaught of love. When it comes, it will sweep you away forever.

Loving requires you to pay the price of hurting and losing sleep every night.

You don’t need hundreds. You only need that one person to love, and everything will fall into place.

Love is never peaceful. It is a war that lasts for a very long time.

True love has its many inconveniences. If you love someone, though, would you let that stop you?

Loving has so many elements – the couple, the relationship and the love to keep.

When you love someone, seeing them happy give you explicit joy too.

Loving means a thousand times of forgiving, million times of listening and endless times of caring.

When you love, you are not only honest with your partner; you are also loyal to your relationship.

You gave my life so much definition more than Merriam Webster taught me the meaning of words I see daily.

I’ll love you until the Earth stops spinning.

Real romance is not the dramatic soaps or movies you see on TV. It’s your grandparents holding each other’s hands.

Love requires a lot of work. It would be best if you were patient, be kind and be loyal.

True love is like a snowflake in a desert or sand in a snowy mountain. It may sound rare, but when you find that extraordinary magic, you know it’s true.

Forever is the only time I want to be with you.

I could and would never imagine spending the rest of my life with anybody else than you.

You are at the top of my list, that’s for sure.

I genuinely love chocolates. I am willing to give all of it to you if it means I can captivate your heart.

I will spend my life loving you like you’ve never been loved before and protecting you from any harm that might come your way.

You are the only reason I need to keep on hoping, dreaming and fighting my way through this treacherous journey.

It’s not so rough or so bad as long as I have you to comfort me and keep me warm.

With you, everything is colourful, beautiful and meaningful.

It never crossed my mind that someone so exquisite as you could love someone so full of faults like me.