70+ Missing Quotes


Life, as we know it, maybe harsh sometimes.
There might be some circumstances where you will need to be away from a person special to you. It may be for good or just for a while; you cannot shield yourself from that feeling of longing to be with that person again. We have written these quotes you can relate to; you may send them to that person and let them know you are missing them so much.


We thought we had forever, but maybe our forever is just this short. There might be forevers bigger than ours, but I will always treasure our memories in my heart.


It is not every day you will meet someone who will make you weak inside but in a good way, and those people don’t always stay. Some of them will need to go someday.


Please let me cry now because it pains me that you are no longer mine, but tomorrow I will shed no tear, for I know this happens for a reason. I’ll miss you, but I have to let you go.

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I see you everywhere, and it pains me to feel you no longer beside me anymore. You may be far away, in the arms of another man; I’ll be here waiting for you to come home.


I thought we had it all, but it seems like God has His plans. I miss you more and more each day; I hope we will get through this someday.


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I still compare you to everyone I meet. For me, you’re still the best person I have ever encountered in my life. I hope someday you’ll miss me this way, too.


Living life knowing you are in the arms of another man is the hardest part of living but knowing you’re happy gives me the strength to carry on. I miss you, I do.


I asked for a break knowing that you would be right there, waiting. But when I finally found myself and ready to commit, you’ve moved on and broke my heart. I have missed you since that day.


If I had only known letting you go would be the dumbest mistake I’d ever make, I wouldn’t do it. But that’s life, and if we’re not meant to be, we’re not meant to be. But I miss you, I do.


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It’s undeniably wrong to still look at you the way I did when I had you, but you’re still the one for me; I hope you’ll find your way back because I miss you terribly, and it hurts.


You still have that special place in my heart and my mind, you know.


You will always be the best person I’ve let go of, but I have no regrets because you’re happy with your life now. I miss you, and I will miss you every day.


Every time I breathe, I miss you even more. I wish you never left.


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The rain is as heavy as how I miss you every day. If I could turn back time, I would.


Would you mind sending me instructions on how to forget you because I suck at that and I miss you?



I want to let you know that I miss you, but I can’t, and you’ll never know.


Since the day you left, it’s as if the sun forgot to shine. I envy the sun because it knows how to forget while I sit here, missing every part of you.


Mornings and evenings are just the same, lonely and cold. Afternoons are my favourite, though; it’s for my beer and my time to miss you.


While I sit here lonely, you’re having the time of your life. I wish my feelings had a switch so I could turn off this missing you part of me.


You said you wouldn’t leave, but you did not even turn around before you left. I don’t understand why I’m still missing you after all.


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If my heart has a direct line to your heart, it would call it 24/7 non-stop. That’s how much I am missing you.


I know we have to get through this phase, but I still miss you, I do.


Destiny may not be on our side for now but hold on; I will be back. I miss you, missing you every day.


It seems like I lost my sense of time and date since the day I accompanied you to the airport and watched you disappear into the door. I miss you, and I can’t wait to see you!


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Missing you might sound clingy because we have been apart for just a couple of days now, but I can’t help it; I miss you. I hope you come home soon!


Hey you, I hope you come home soon because I’m missing you so much it hurts.


You’re the only person I miss this much. I hope you’re feeling the same way for me.


It would give me peace of mind if you came home and sat with me right now. But you’re miles away, and all I can do is miss you.

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I think my body believes that normal is when you are here beside me every day. Now everything feels weird because you’re not here to share it with me.


If you ask me to go to wherever you are, I will be there in a heartbeat! But I know we should let each other do our own thing. Just letting you know that I miss you, though.


Hey, do you know that I’m keeping my body in shape just in case you come home anytime? That’s me teasing you to come home. I miss you!


Do you miss me as I miss you? It feels crazy not knowing how you are and where you are. I hope you come home soon.


If I plant a flower for every time I miss you, I will now have a beautiful garden and name it after you.


The silence wasn’t so bad until I realized you were not home with me. This deafening silence is killing me; please come home soon.


I wish I could sleep until the day I’ll be with you again, but that would be stupid, and that sounds clingy. Just come home as soon as you can because I’ll go crazy without you.


I don’t know if my watch always goes slower when we are not together, or is it just the universe playing games on me. Time’s slower when you’re away; it makes me miss you more.


Texting you I miss you isn’t enough to describe how I feel when you’re far away from me.


It’s not that I’m ignoring you. I miss you; I just don’t know if I can trust you again.


It doesn’t matter if we had just seen each other a few moments ago. I miss you when I do not see you, that’s weird, but that’s true.


I feel sad when you tell me you miss me; I’ll do anything to be with you, you know that.


Maybe tomorrow, you’ll find your way home back to me. I miss you; I hope you miss me too. I hope you miss me enough to travel back to me.


Time isn’t healing this wound caused by your absence. Only you can mend this broken heart of mine. Go home to me; I miss you.


The best present the universe could ever give to me is you. I hope the universe let us spend some time together this holiday season. I miss you, and I need you.


Is it too late to ask for your forgiveness? You’re now miles away, I’m missing you, I need you, and everything’s falling apart. Come back to me when you’re ready, love.


I’m glad you left me a few of your pictures to stare at and hold onto when I’m missing you. It’s the only way I’m able to get through this phase. Come home soon, please!


Your life may have ended, but your memories will stay with us. We might not be able to kiss and hug you anymore, but you know we will always miss everything about you.


You often told me that there’s a reason for everything. I may not understand now, but I know you’re in a better place, and I will miss you forever.


Missing a person who’s miles away from you isn’t easy; it’s a challenge you have to endure. I can’t imagine how I’ll be able to survive a lifetime of missing you.


Living without you would be the most formidable challenge I will have to endure, but I’ll try to survive it because I know you’re in a better place. Missing you already, missing you every day.


Life on Earth isn’t forever; we know that. Your life may be short, but it was great, and you will always be missed.


I was filled with regret since the day I heard you were gone, but you’re in a better place now. We could not spend much time lately, but I’ll see you again on the other side until we meet again.


Our goodbyes aren’t the end because I know someday, at someplace, we will meet again and catch up just like we always do.


I would give up anything to be with you for another minute. I miss seeing you when I get home, but knowing that you’re now in the home of our Creator comforts me. ‘Til we meet again, my dear.


I try to relive every happy moment that we’re together, but it still can’t replace this longing I have in my heart. I hope you’re delighted from where you are now. I miss you.


I will not see you every day now, but your memories are in my heart and will never fade. It was an incredible journey with you, and you will always be missed.


A phone call is no longer an option to keep you within reach, but always remember that my heart is where you are, and you will always be missed.