Top 55 Old Friends Quotes


When we look back to the past, we will see some old things that no longer exist in the present.
But there is one thing that will never be gone; they are your old friends.
Do you want to reminisce about the times when you are with your friends? Here are some quotes that could surely help you to do exactly that.


Friendship is not about whom you will spend most of your time with, but it is about whom you have the best times with.


You may forget and replace me, but I will be your always the same old friend.


Do you even remember what we had shared, my old friend?


I used to love the company of silence and loneliness; then, I realized that I had you all along.

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One true friend is enough; lucky you have more than that.


You are a crazy ball of happiness, and that is why I want to keep you even if you are old.


You may be one of my old friends, but the joy you bring to me is new every single time.


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Laughter and craziness will never be forgotten because the people behind these are unforgettable.


Making friends means putting them into your heart and making them part of your journey.


Old friends are of the same importance as the new ones.


Cherish every moment, every second, when you’re with your friends because you will never know if it will happen again.


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New friends know the present version of you but old friends know everything about you.


I will always take our memories wherever I go and use them as an inspiration to myself.


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In a friendship, great starts will always end well.


Let the whole world go to dust and let the metals go to rust, but our friendship will survive.


I will never forget your voice, even when your face turns into something unrecognizable.



It sucks to be apart, but I believe this is just a test of time for the two of us, old friends.


Appreciate what you have now before it turns to what you had.


If we recall every lie we told our parents about our whereabouts, we will be great storytellers.


I wish I could take back the time to spend all my days with you, my friend.


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Don’t lose communication with your old friends. A short greeting will do.


Sometimes, you have to keep your patience if you want to keep your friendship.


The hard part with old friends is that they mostly expect you to be the same person.


The worst part is losing communication, and then your old friends will forget you.


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I know we are just old friends, but why do I have to be your least priority of all your friends?


Do you know what sucks? Being friends with someone whom I know does not care for me.


Keep your old friends because they are ones you can turn to when new ones walk out in your life.


Never say goodbye to a friend because you will surely meet them again.


When the time comes, we need to go in separate ways, do not cry, because if we don’t, we will be able to remember the good and bad times we shared.


It is nice to have an old friend by your side, especially when reminiscing about your past.


Old friends never left you, they could be absent physically, but their memories will always be in our hearts.


Whenever I asked how my old friends were, tears kept on falling, not because of sadness but because of the overflowing joy I felt.


What you are now responsible for is your old friends since they were the ones who were with you from the beginning.


Never let go of the persons who make efforts for you because these kinds of persons are the best friends you could have.


An old friend is like a photo that might fade as time goes by, but the stories and memories behind it will still be obvious.


There are a million reasons I should be thankful for; I have a friend who is always with me and shares many unforgettable moments with me.


Expect more dramas when you and your old friend finally meet after a long time.


Don’t be afraid of goodbyes because sometimes it is part of your life to accept that friends come and go.


What am I looking forward to any celebrations in my life? Is that I could be able to see my old friends again.


When everything falls out in the wrong place for a friend, don’t hesitate to offer help because helping a friend is very fulfilling.


Seeing your old friend feels like seeing your celebrity crush in person; you can’t prevent yourself from screaming and hugging him tightly.


Don’t forget the battles you fight with your old friends; remember that these are the ones that made you become a solid and mature person now.


Listen to what real old friends say because they are the ones who are sincere and genuinely care about you.


What do I like most about my old friends? They never failed to surprise me and make me smile.


I don’t understand why there were people who did not honestly know the value of old friends and loyalty to them.


Long-distance is not an issue if you want to see an old friend.


In the future, you will meet new friends and the same goes for me but friends always remember nothing or no one can stop us from being friends. We will always be.


Even you move to another place, meet new people, meet new friends. Still, you always come back to your old friends.


It is good to hear something about your friend, whether good or evil because you will know when they need you most.


Old friends do not only exist in the past; they also live in the present and future in someone else’s heart.


Looking at the faces of old friends in a photograph can’t stop you from laughing because you never expect that puberty hits them hard.


When we make new friends, it doesn’t mean losing the old ones.


Only real friends can interpret what you want to say even though you never said any word about it because your gestures are already enough for them.


Old friends are the best friends I have because I believe they were the teachers of my past.


It is not easy to describe my old friends because hundreds of words came to my mind just thinking of them.


Conversation with an old friend makes you realize how both your lives change as time goes by.


Always remember that the old ones are most treasured and valued higher compared to others, just like your old friends.


No one can ever replace or be comparable to your old friends; even you meet several people along the way.


Never miss a chance to get along with your old friend. Always treasure every single moment with them.


The greatest foundation for your successful friendship in the future is your friendship with your old friends.


What is the most effective way to distress yourself? Grabbed your phone and dialled your old friend’s number.


I missed the old times when I was with my friends dreaming and setting goals together.


Even your old friend did not like the old one, don’t give up on him. Remember that people change, but memories do not.


I love doing different things with my old friends since they will support you whatever you want to do.


If I will compare my old friend to a precious material, Gold is a good choice.


Millions of people around the world, you are lucky to find a faithful old friend.


Old friends are your mirror; what you are now reflecting what kind of old friends you have.


Without realizing it, you kept smiling just looking at your old friends.


I saw my old friend in the mall, and the first thing he did was curse me.


What would be the first phrase you think you will say to an old friend after meeting him again? Shall I tell you what’s mine? I miss you.


I could see my old friends again; I know they were the ones I wanted to at the end of the day.


My old friends are not as wealthy as my new ones, but this doesn’t change that they are still the best among my friends.


Whatever changes happen to our lives, our friendship will never change.


Forever in friendship also doesn’t exist for me, but lifetime friends will do.


Though we are like those types of friends that do not usually get in touch with each other, always remember that I will always be with you, especially when you feel your world is falling apart.


Friends that make us happy are like flowers; it makes our mood lively.


I always dream that someday I would gather all my friends and talk and eat all night with them just like we usually do before.


Forget and forgive are the bravest things you could do to survive a losing friendship.


Others are ashamed of you whenever you’ve done terrible things in life, but a true friend is not.


Your old friends can be a bridge to meeting new friends, but they should not be forgotten.


I witnessed how you grew and bloomed. I wonder how dull my life is if I haven’t met you. For me, you are the greatest thing that happened to me, my friend.


Whenever I listened to the songs in the past, I remember our times together listening to them.


I will keep holding on to your promise that you will come back and together make new memories; I’ve been waiting since the first day you left.


If I have been given a chance to be with you, my friend, I will never waste a single minute to express my love for you and how grateful I am that you are one of my old friends.