50+ One Liner Love Quotes

You don’t need hundreds of words to tell you’re significant someone how much you love them. All you need are true and heartfelt one-liners to get the message across.
Here are selections of sweet and cute one-liner love quotes:

Nothing can compare to the joy of being loved by the one who owns your heart and loves you exactly the way you do.

A sweet ‘yes’ from you is enough to send my heart flying to outer space.

A glance and a smile are enough to turn my day perfect.

My love for you is a journey that knows no end.


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My day starts and ends with the thoughts of you.

A single second apart from you is equal to a thousand times of pain from missing you.

I can’t find why and I spent most of my nights finding out why – all I know is that I love you.

60 Love Quotes

All I ask is for you to love me without limits, love me for all faults and love me without expecting anything in return.

The only rule applicable in love is to love with all your heart.

You can blame timing or the wrong person, but true love will always have its perfect moment with the right person.

It’s sweet to hear the words ‘take care’ from someone close to your heart, but wouldn’t it be lovely to hear ‘I’ll take care of you’ instead?

60 Cute Love Quotes for Her

Love with all your heart even if it hurts – there’s nothing wrong with you; sometimes it is the bad person at the wrong time.

There will be this one person who can make you feel that everything is okay, even if the world is far from perfect.

Every man has a woman he cannot stop thinking about, and every woman has a man she cannot stop loving no matter what.

The 60 Funny Love Quotes

All I need is a chance to say ‘hello’ and catch your eye, and I’ll be the happiest chap on earth.

When I’m without you, all I think about is you, but I go numb, stupid and speechless when you are in front of me.

If I give my heart a pen and paper, I am sure it will draw me a map leading to you.

The only one person to who my heart belongs is YOU!

I stayed up all night crafting words to tell you how I feel, and as soon as I met your eyes, all words fell apart.

Your kisses make me strong, but your tears drive me to my knees.

Possessiveness Quotes

You are my cup of coffee, the one I look forward to each morning.

One of my dreams is to spend each morning sipping my sweet cup of coffee with you.

Your voice awakens my heart; your touch sends electricity to my every nerve, and your love brings fire to my soul.

A perfect day for me is one that I get to spend with you.

Birthday Love Quotes

I love you because you are bold enough to show the world that we belong to each other.

There can never be a reason why I love you; I know I do.

Can I spend the whole day talking to you, laughing with you and loving you?

I hope to be the last one you will love.

People are the ones who make the straight and straightforward logic of love all tangled and complicated.


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Can I run with you, just the two of us, you and me forever?

Electricity, storm, blizzard and wildfire course through my veins all at the same time whenever I see you smile.

You are the most adorable, special, captivating, and awesome person in my life, who I can proudly call mine.

A heart that loves will never grow old, even with the touch of time.

The moment you walk into my life, I find myself falling for you over and over again.

Whenever I’m with you, everything around me is just background noise.

It’s a moment of built-in magic, riding the rhythm of each other’s heartbeat and fire surging in my veins whenever I’m with you.

Every time is the right time as long as it is spent with you.

Your laughter is enough to send thousands of butterflies into my belly, to my head and my heart.

My greatest joy will be to see you smiling because of me.

I don’t think I can go on living without you in my life.

All along, I wonder how I managed to go through my past without you in my life.

Now that I have found you, I will go nowhere but beside you.

The moment I met you, my brain has stopped functioning correctly.

Don’t say the word ‘goodbye’, or I will never know how to survive after that.

If you think I can love you only that much, stay with me, and I will give you all the love you haven’t felt before.

Stay with me – Let’s make the most colourful masterpiece together.

I can do anything with you, I can be anything I want to be, and I can love until all the stars fall out of the sky.

To see you hurt and crying is my greatest misery.

I knew that life is worth living for when you showed me how wonderful it could be with you in it0.

My life’s mission is to put a sweet smile on your face every single day.

My precious treasure was not found buried underneath the ground, but you who walks right beside me.

Fill my garden with your love, and you will the most beautiful of flowers bloom under the deep azure sky.

Someday, I hope to find someone who can dance with my angels and tame my demons.

Even though it is so hard to stay with me, you still chose to stay anyway – I love you!

If I am to lose myself into the whirlpool of your eyes, I don’t mind getting lost forever.

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, the next day, the day after that and until we grow old together.

If loving you too much is a crime, I will gladly turn myself in if I could do It perpetually.

All it took was a smile from you, and my life took a different turn.

The spaces between my fingers are meant to be filled with your hands.

If I were an investor, I would create a device that would teleport me by your side with a snap of a finger.

I am now looking forward to the things that await me in the future, for it means I get to create more memories with you.

Love is friendship that took flight and soared into the clear blue sky.

You only made me feel that it is okay to ignore my heart and listen to my heart.

Despite every little imperfect thing that you hate about yourself, someone will find you beautiful in every single way.

If he says he is busy and still finds time just to be you, keep him – he’s the one.

I will cross the ocean for you, and I will pick all the stars above just for you – I thought it was crazy until you made me feel that I could do all these crazy things just for you.

I don’t need the perfect prince charming – all I need is someone who loves me for the way I am, my silliness, my weirdness and everything else in between.

You didn’t stumble upon me by chance – we met because we are to change each other’s lives most beautifully.

I love you because you saw me in ways that no one else could ever do.

No matter how hard it is to be with you, I will cross every path to be with you.

I didn’t expect to be with you – and that’s what made it even more beautiful in every way.

I will risk being dubbed crazy and cheesy if it means seeing you light up with joy like the stars in the night.

Whenever I think about you, every cell in my system goes into overdrive.

During my spare time, I think of the times we spent together and will spend happily in the future.

My heart knows what it wants all along – You!

I will find as many excuses as I can to spend as much time with you.

I am at my truest, my silliest and my happiest whenever I’m with you.

You are the oasis in my desert, my shelter from the storm and my hope against the darkest dark.

Logic is no longer needed when you find the one that gives your life every definition it needs.

I love the things you love, your favourites became mine too, and what is yours I call mine too.

I love every crease in your body, curve, scar, and imperfection you see that I only see as more than perfect.

I never knew that I could love someone for everything they are, every flaw, every inch and every way.

You are the rainbow after the storm – all I need is to see the curve in your lips, and I will never cease believing in the beauty of the world.

There’s a gallery of you in my mind.

My mind is a museum of the times we shared and every frame of you captured by time.

I always look forward to the day that I will be with you again.

I love you because you love me despite how odd, childish, weird and silly I am.

If thoughts of her keep sneaking into your mind in the middle of everything you are doing – you are in love.

Sometimes, I become so desperate that I will go out of my way to ignore you to see if I have any effect on you.

I will never get tired of showing you how much I love you every single second of my life.