Step Parent Quotes

Every child in this world has parents who guide them from birth until they can walk on their path.
Parents are unique gifts of God, so we can’t choose them nor replace them.
But every family has imperfections and flaws.
When a family story is not successful, stepfamily or stepparents come in.
Unlike step parents usually depicted in movies, they could be loving and supportive as our biological parents.
The following Step parent quotes could help us appreciate them and love them more.

We may not be related by blood, but your love makes us related and family.

You treated me like your own, your Blood and your treasure. For you, I am your life.

He might be my stepparent, but his love is never half nor fake, for the love he gave is accurate.


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A stepparent is someone who bravely took the position of the hardest job in the world.

Names do not always define family. Sometimes it is defined by love and sincerity.

Stepparents are the saviour of every child’s lonely and longing heart.

You offer Blood, tears and sweat. I offer nothing. You complete my home, my family.

You are the greatest gift that any child could ever receive.

I could not wish for more, for God has given me so much, and He gave me a mother again.

If I could rewrite my book, I wouldn’t change the part you came to our lives.

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I am not from your womb, your Blood is not my Blood, but you make me feel that I’m your own.

My home once became dark, but when you came, you lit every room in our hearts.

I was soaring high when I suddenly fell. But I saw you there on the ground, ready to catch me.

When my other wing fell off, you gave me yours to let me fly again.

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I was not ready when you came, but you opened your arms for me and hugged my lonely heart.

The best stepparent is someone who could love you more than your real ones.

I did not come from your womb; I was not held first at your arms. But I feel love first at you.

The only difference between natural parent and stepparent is the word STEP. Love is the same.

Some of the pages of my book are missing. But because of you, new pages are made.

All my life, I have been searching for a parent’s love. And I found it on a stranger’s heart.

A stepparent is like a glue that sticks the family again that is once broken.

We came from different roots and different trees, but our hearts are bound as one.

They exist in a child’s life not to replace his biological parents but to complete his life.

Stepparent comes into our life when we least expect them; they sometimes arrive at our point.

Love is magical, incredible and powerful, for it could rebuild a broken home.

You never treated me as an extra. For you, I am a bonus, I am unique, and I am your own.

He came like lightning- he struck our lives with all his might-but unlike lightning, he stayed.

Unlike my natural parent, he stayed on my side and supported all my endeavours.


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The love of a step parent is not different from the love of a real one- it is pure and true.

We are not stepping nor half, for we are a real family joined by absolute love.

My heart is longing for my father’s love and care, longing for my father’s embrace and kisses.

The greatest gift I have received is his name, his support and his love.

Never belittle a stepparent’s love, for sometimes it is better than anyone else.

You are with me in every step I take, in every path I went and in every journey I make.

Before, my life was incomplete and dull- when you came, you made me complete and my family.

My stepparent fills up every piece of my puzzle, colour my book and brings meaning to my life.

He is not my Blood nor my root, but he gave me a life that my Blood couldn’t.

She carried me in her arms and dressed me nicely- she let me live and loved me as her own.

I closed my eyes in this cruel world and lived in the darkness for a long time until you came.

In every corner of my home, I saw my dark past-it was replaced by good ones when you came.

I can’t choose my family or parents, but if I could select a stepparent, it would be you.

God gave me a stepparent that is precious as a gem, shining like a star and loving like Him.

I thought my father was the best I could have, and no one could ever replace him until you came.

A stepparent is amazing for they love other’s children as their own, as their life.

The stepparent is exceptional, for she took responsibility for others’ burdens.

A stepparent is more than just a parent, for they choose to love when they are not required.

I came from another woman’s womb, another man’s tree, but you treat me like your own.

Loving another’s child is a noble profession that only a good stepparent could do.

Sometimes being a parent is not defined by DNA; it is determined by heart and soul.

Imagine how brave stepparents are for they love other’s children and take others’ responsibility.

Loving else’s child is not stupidity. Instead, it is bravery, for not everybody could do that.

We may have different Blood running on our veins, but my love is always true and pure.

I don’t have a stepparent; I have a parent who is happened to come after my first parent.

A family requires love, not DNA; it requires respect, not money, and faith, not wealth.

It takes a strong woman to step up for others’ responsibility, other’s fruit, and other’s child.

Parenthood is not measured by genes and Blood but by support, care and love.

We are family, not half nor step. We are just unique and special among others.

They are not my stepchildren; they are my children from somebody else womb.

Parenthood is not about being a parent to your children but about being a parent to everyone.

I don’t have a stepson; I have a son who happened to be born before I met her mother.

The job of a stepparent is not as easy as a natural parent, for they took care of someone else’s child.

What does it take to become a stepparent? A strong, determined and loving heart.

I don’t need a hundred reasons to love my stepparent, for she loves me when she doesn’t have to.

She saved my father’s lonely heart, she held my soul, and she kept our home.

As my mother walks away, you step up and bravely light up every path she takes.

Appreciation is not enough for the braveness of stepparents. Pure love is what they deserve.

Her love to us is pure and accurate; it is not half nor conditional. She treats us as her life.

What have I done well in the past to deserve such a loving stepmother like you?

The light of our home once becomes dim, but it shines again when you come into our lives.

A family is not only for biological parents and their children but also for those loved.

Parenting is not an easy job, especially when you have to raise somebody’s child.

Once again, I feel alive, inspired, and motivated once again, for God gave me a stepparent like you.

A stepparent is the one who could complete the missing pieces of our family portrait.

You deserve a medal of valour for you step up for someone else’s responsibility and work hard for it.

There is no significant difference between a stepparent and our biological ones.

A child is most likely to succeed with the guidance and love of parents.

The role of stepparents is not to replace the biological parent but to guide a child’s growth.

A mother’s love is something you could not change, but it could be felt to a motherly heart.

No one could ever replace biological parents, but stepparents could do what they could do.

No such step parents in this world. For parents are not defined only by relation but by love.

You open your arms to embrace me; you open your heart for me and cherish it as your own.

I wish there were a step parent’s day for step parents deserve to be honoured.

They are not my stepchildren; they are my children from somebody else womb.

I was once alone and miserable until the first time you stepped into our home- at last, I felt alive.

You touched my heart with your caring hands, and you touched my life with your love.

Stepparents are not stupid nor martyrs- instead, they are superheroes of a child’s lonely heart.

An only a strong man could love another man’s child- for loving not yoownn is not easy.

The best thing that could happen to a child’s life has parents more than once.

Loving someone else’s child is not easy. But it is the noblest thing that a parent could do.

People come and go for nothing is constant in this world. But there is always who will stay.

You can’t replace my mother in my heart, but you have always placed her there.

Stepparents cover every hole created by the sad past, and they fill our thirsty hearts with love.

Blood does not define our relationship; Blood does not represent a family. Love defines them all.

What makes stepparents unique? It is their unconditional love and brave soul.

Stepparents do not only love their spouses, but they also love people attached to them.

Stepparents have to find themselves in the hearts of their stepchildren. To establish a home.