60+ Safety quotes

Quotes are an excellent way to make sure that your employees are going to focus on their safety.
So use them wisely, display them in places where it is straightforward to see them, the common area, the bulletin board, the memos or any other employee letter.
You can also hold conferences and meetings where safety would be the main topic of the day.
Find meaningful quotes that your employees will surely get quickly and remember just as easily as well.
Please encourage them to protect themselves from harm and be mindful of the consequences of their actions.

Safety is what happens when you see things strictly for what they are; you do not hold them inside.

It is essential to be eager to put to your mind that accidents happen everywhere, wherever.


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My favourite day of the week is when I know that I can get home all in one piece.

Be careful as you are out in the world, for it is indeed the craziest place full of accidents and faults.

Blame no one for any accident, especially on the road, because no one wants that to happen.

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Tomorrow might be too late to start the precautions told to you; it is better to start right now.

The truth is safety is not found in a gadget, in anything but your state of mind, dear.

Never depend on anyone else for your protection, instead learn how to do it by yourself, boy.

Learn how to protect other people so that when the day comes, you can do something good.

Something must have been wrong if an accident happens. Figure it out, and do not repeat it.

Your body is as important as your mind, so try not to get into any mishap as much as you can.

Always try to be careful wherever you may be because there are some unpredictable things.

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When the day ends, the truth is that safety is the primary goal. You are okay as long as you’re safe.

Do not let the fault lie to you if what happened was just another misfortune, my friend.

One of the worst causes of an accident is negligence, so try always to be mindful of things.

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Be cautious of everything you do, and you would be just as fine as it can get, dear.

It is your duty not just as an employee but as a person to try your best to be safe all the time.

Once you have a family of your worrying about you being safe, you will understand it.


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Safety is always to be prioritised, always to be the one accustomed to it all time.

When you think of safety, always you must remain calm and be ready to face the consequences.

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Be obedient to what the rules say so that you can always ensure your safety that you should.

The best thing about trying to keep track of your protection is that it will cost you nothing.

If you learn how to comply with the precautions, you need not worry about anything.

Perform your duties with care, and you can be assured that you will grow up to be okay.

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There will be no crime in the world if everyone knows how to take care of protecting oneself.

It is okay to be overly careful because it’s far better than being a dead person than you should.


It is tough when the safety of other people is in your hands, so try not to, my dear friend.

No matter what happens, you should make sure that you are okay before anything else, dear.

When a thief comes your way, think of being safe first and foremost before your things, girl.

May you not learn how to be safe because you have been in a life-threatening situation now.

It is the best timing in the world to start right now on how to learn to protect yourself, honey.

Safety will never be an accident; it is a specific action that needs a lot of time to prepare for.

Cars are equipped with things to protect you, such as bumpers, airbags, and so much more.

Always remember that being cautious is far better than finding a cure for what you have, dear.

When you see a mistake, and you don’t do anything to cover it up, accidents are caused by you.

Stop searching for someone to blame for an accident and learn to take responsibility for it.

When calamities happen, we always put the safety of the people involved before infrastructure.

Prevent yourself from becoming mad because otherwise, you might cause an accident, my dear.

Stop taking chances when it involves your life because that is the worst risk you can try.

Remember to keep your seat belt on and keep your eyes on the road when you are in the car.

Do things the right way, and you would not have to worry about still being alive the next day.

Safety in the workplace is essential because it affects the life of the families of workers.

You may run out of luck, but never would you luck out of the good life if you protect yourself.

Never let anyone you do not know in your house, not just for yourself but also for your family.

Not talking to strangers is a good lesson in life because it assures you, too, are safe.

It will take leadership to improve the safety of society. That is the truth of it.

If you want to see your kids grow up full-fledged adults, you must learn to protect yourself.

Know what to do in case an accident happens so you can immediately take action, less worry.

It is okay to be scared of what might happen because it pushes you to do something.

Accidents such as car and road rages are caused by a man, so it is okay to solve it.

Stop being careless because it will slowly shatter you piece by piece, bit by bit, that it would.

Each of us has a role in the safety of the city so let us all join hands in this matter, people.

There is no holiday when it comes to protecting yourself from the harm in this world, dear.

No vacation is allowed when you have got someone’s care in your hand; believe me on that.

Stop treating accidents as a joke because the punchline would be your death, be careful, girl.

It is better to lose a minute or hour of your life preparing than to lose your life in that hour.

Practice safety habits, and your employees will eventually follow through with what you do.

There are a lot of gears that can help you protect yourself if you learn to follow instructions.

Tools can always be replaced but let me tell you that they can never find someone to take you.

Your place in this world matters to the people who love you, so be careful with what you do.

In every step you take, in every action you make, may you always think ahead of it.

Always look at the aspects of your business so you can assure the safety of your workers dear.

What you do will eventually catch up to you, so be careful about the actions that you try to take.

If you consider getting home to your house safe today, you are assured you will see tomorrow.

Stitches are what you will get once you neglect the rules, once you do not follow them at all.

Have some sense in yourself and always think of being okay, protecting what you love, girl.

Safety is constantly improved by the opportunities to learn more about disasters and accidents.

Love yourself so that you will be mandated to protect your body at all costs from any harm.

When the time comes, I hope you will know that it is essential to care for yourself.

Put up more signs about safety in the office so that accidents are less likely to happen.

If you are quick to move, you can easily ensure safety for the people around you, boy.

The thing about being careful is that you get all the benefits of being alive once you try it out.

Be sure that you have locked the doors, check it out and see if you get to be safe all the time.

Let me tell you that safety will always be my top priority when I go to work, my dear.

If you feel that it is not safe at all, then it must not be, so you might as well take time to make sure it.

If you want to be protected, do not take a single risk in this life and live a boring one.

There are limits to taking risks, and you should know by now that being harmless comes first.

Safety will save all of us from suffering, so let us all try our best to put our own first always.

Being safe should be made to be a way of life, something you do to assure you will be okay.

I am thankful to you for always trying to be safe wherever you go so I can see you alive.

The key to being okay is that you have enough sanity, enough order in your life that is real.

You have to realize that you want to live so much that you see the quirks in everything, boy.

Give up a bit of freedom to be safer or give up being safe for the taste of freedom, choose.

Learn to make the right decisions, and the right path will show itself to you, piece by piece.

Your safety is as important as anyone else’s, so if you can try and save lives, do so in goodness.