50+ Soul Quotes

A man’s soul has always been the core of his being.

Without its core, the body would be lifeless; it would lose its essence if not for the fire that the soul breathes into it.

Let us renew the vigor of our souls as we fill ourselves with these heart-warming quotes.

Anyone who says he has a soul could say that he too has the guts.

You can only truly say that life is interesting the moment you have found your soul.

Let me spread open the windows of my soul to the sun.

You own your body. You don’t really have a soul. You are the soul itself.


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All throughout our youth, the soul would be allowed to sleep while the body dances in happiness.

I just happen to believe that a part of ourselves and our soul does not submit to the commands of space and time.

The life of our souls inside our bodies is unstable. As such, it is very much capable of mysterious transformations.

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No matter how you confess to clear your conscience, you would still bypass the soul.

Whatever is good for the body comes from the work of the body. Whatever is good for the soul is the work of the soul and would also be good for either the work of the other.

You can confuse the eyes in two ways- either by changing from dark to light or from light to dark. A sensible person would recognize that the same thing could happen to the soul.

The soul’s organic motions are something anyone should not play with.

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The flesh is not something that he longs to embrace. He yearns after the gentle spirit, a spark, the supernatural creature that dwells in the flesh.

I care not for the flesh, the bulk, the limbs, and the statue of a man. All I need is the whisper of the spirit.

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When you carry souls across the Earth, consider it as the most dangerous act.

Each soul has its own suffering to carry, and every soul that heals its suffering must die in the end.

Listen hard to your soul; put your ear down close to it.

I still wonder how the soul could be trapped inside a human body. But if mine gets out, a struggle would ensue, for I would ensure that it would not get into any of the others.

We act quickly to remove something that enters our eye, but why do we tend to postpone removing something that hurts the soul for a long time?

Our very own soul offers the quietest, most untroubled haven anywhere else in the world.

The soul can give off the stench of decay once people are stripped naked of their disguises and flesh.

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How strange for merchants to say that the soul is not worth a piece of silver, while priests say that a man’s soul is worth all the gold in the Earth.

You dress however you want, but the soul must be kept modest at all times.

Your beautiful soul has always been hidden under a thick coat of ego.

It would be best if you never forgot the things you have hidden inside your soul.

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Always remember that the soul and the mind are intertwined. The things that the mind does, the soul would always suffer its consequences.

Doing things from your soul could start a river of joy to flow inside of you, but when another river pushes through from another part, the feeling altogether disappears.

Close your eyes and turn your head toward the sun. The colors behind the eye are those of your soul on fire. Pity, it disappears whenever I open my eyes.

Bearing a mind full of science, can you describe how, and when, does the light comes into our soul?

You can never say that you have found the path of the soul, for the soul walks everywhere in every path.


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The soul never walks upon the line; it does not grow like a reed anywhere. The soul unfolds itself like a many-petaled lotus.

An active soul is one of the most valued things in the world.

Everywhere you go, your soul shadows you.

The soul is never just a spot in our heart or mind; it occupies the entire body and is found in every part of it.

The mind does not create the greatest thought. It comes from the heart. But the soul unites all thoughts that have been divided by the mind.

We need our souls, but apparently, it also needs us.

We do not know the soul, but you can liken it to electricity; it is a force that can light up a room.

Souls flower with intense spirituality.

Our soul has tones; the mind has its majors. The soul has semitones; the mind has its minor keys.

The body’s diseases could not compare to the diseases of the soul.

It takes a long time to figure out how to operate a soul.

Anything that the soul feeds on to, it lives by it.

If your soul is healthy, it will continually grow richer until its last day on Earth.

Living has been hard because to borrow ready-made souls would be a little too easy.

A soul’s activity leaves traces, not only with the soul itself but also with the body. So, if old age or diseases destroy the physical body, would the fire of the soul be quenched too?

Never make a mistake with souls on fire; it is the greatest weapon on Earth.

The soul’s blazing fire is roaring, but no one came to sit by it. They only see wisps of smoke from the chimney as they pass by and continue on their way.

The universe has always been open in every direction towards the soul through the Divine Providence.

For Indian women, when they weave blankets, they always leave a flaw on the weaving so the soul can get out.

Life is just stuff to try our souls on.

The soul’s geography has internal landscapes. It outlines our lives. It eases like water over stone straight towards home.

The soul often turns ripe into goodness even if age has spread an ugly veil over it. That is why mere glances could not tell the preciousness of the fruit.

The one that receives all the images in mind acts like glass, and the soul is in conjunction with it.

There is also wealth in the soul, and it is measured by how much it could feel. Its poverty is measured by how little it could feel.

The most that we know about our soul is that God has given each of us an angel to take care of it at the moment of our birth.

A man’s soul is honorable; it can both receive either joy or pain here or anywhere else.

You never know that you are the universe disguised as a human.

One would have a wasted soul if one does not engage in risks.

You have to listen to your own voice, to your own soul. Do not add up to the number of people who listen to the noise of the world instead of themselves.

The soul must always follow its passion. The soul has to be loyal to its desires.

The soul could only be satisfied when you feed it with the truth.

Our soul should be the one adorned, not only the physical appearance. It should be embellished with good works.

The inner garment of the soul is an honor. It is the first thing one would put on and the last thing one would remove.

Our souls would always reach immortality no matter what happens to us—all of it through love.

With the absence of work, life becomes rotten. But remove the soul in your work, then life is suppressed, and it dies.

If the soul does not know courage, it would never feel released from the littlest things.

When you relate the adventures of your soul to masterpieces, then you are a good critic.

How wonderful would it be to see through the mirror that is our soul the image that we cast?

The soul never falls asleep. It wanders wide awake, watches over, and listens intently.

We are souls who are here to enjoy creativity because we are unlimited and eternal souls who could also contribute to man’s evolution.

The soul resides in our bodies; it is our own personal temple. It should be kept pure and clean.

If you want to become the lover of your beloved, sweep before their door with your soul.

You shouldn’t be compared with others; this disease destroys the very soul, for each of us is unique, and comparison is impossible.

The soul is the one that releases the first peace that overcomes relationships, and that is the most important of all.

We almost feel no indifference towards the soul’s immortality, for it is a matter of great consequence, and it touches us so intensely.

Every deed thought, and action must be kept pure, for it is a soul’s birthright.

We only know one soul in the world, and that is the one whose fate is placed into our hands.

Souls have always been the chamber of our dreams.

We are always challenged to keep the mind silent, for the soul could only heal itself.

Our soul is our temple, and our feelings are our God. God has never been present in statues.

If you give your dreams a whole-souled love, you could achieve real success in any deed.