46+ Stop Bullying Quotes


Bullying is one of the significant issues that are rapidly spreading around the globe. It is getting worse every day when a person dies because of being bullied too much.
Some groups have seen that bullying would be stopped, and I hope, as you read these quotes, you would be one of them too.


Always love yourself before you love other people.


Do not listen to people who tell you to be yourself and then judge you. They do not know your story.


Other people are bullying you because they see through you and your mistakes and insecurities.


You can build something that people throw at you from the stones that their judgments would never destroy.

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Whenever someone is being bullied, and you turn a blind eye towards them, you are also one of the bullies themselves.


Every person has something more to them than meets the eye.


The ability to hurt somebody so much to the point that they want to take away their lives is more cowardly than committing suicide.


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Only you could define yourself. Never be pushed into silence by others; stand up for yourself.


Karma would always get the better of bullies because they are weak. Believe in yourself and be vital if you are the victim.


No one would be able to tease you once they see that you love what you are doing.


Rein your tongue from judging other people. They might end up in a casket because of you.


Bullying Quotes


I could not understand the point of bullying others.


Act as the hero, not just a mere bystander.


God made each of us unique, so you do not have the right to bully others because of how they look, act, and talk.


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Bullying others would never improve the way you look, talk and act. There is never an advantage to bullying, so it must be stopped.


Wherever there is weak authority, which is where most bullies thrive.



Almost all people are fighting a hard battle, so be kind to them and also to yourself.


No matter how many people are doing it, it still does not change that it is wrong. Even if you are the only one doing it, if it is correct, then pursue it.


Being somebody who is wicked is worse than being an unpopular nobody.


Let your heart do a little exercise each day by uplifting others’ spirits up and reaching for those who are dragged down.


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The most vital thing that strong people could do is not stand for themselves but stand up for others.


Our abilities may show what we are, but our choices are the ones that show what we can become.


Learn to be more knowledgeable of the things around you than in the past and lift others from their sufferings. It could take you a long way if you have these two.


You would be better off being yourself in a first-rate version than becoming somebody’s second rate.




You would only feel small if you let others make you feel that way.


Nobody should be bullied because we should have our definition of what freedom and happiness genuinely are.


You may know what is right, but it would only count if you act upon it.


The sun would always shine at the start of the day, no matter how dark the night became.


When you are in a small group, your courage will be tested. When you are in a large group, your tolerance should endure.

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Experiencing injustice in just a few places could lead to injustice in all areas.


Do not let others around you tell you how and what exactly you are.


If one person could try to make a difference, then all people must try it too.


Being calm and collected is the epitome of real courage. Those who show their bravery through their brutal acts are nothing compared to a serene man in the middle of danger.


Your heart may be in sorrow now, but if you keep on believing, it will someday come true.


That tiny voice that urges you to try again every time you fail is more courageous than the voice that roars out loud.


You might mistake the beginning of one thing to be the start of what you are looking for.


Pushing others down would never hoist you up on top.


We are weak when we do not unite, but if we do, then nothing could defeat us.


Strength could be found not in the external factors surrounding you but in the power that your mind exercises.


Whenever you are hurt by a person over and over again, think that they are like sandpaper; they may scratch you hard, but you will end up polished in the end, and they will end up useless.


God would never give you the trials you have right now if He knew that you could not endure them.


Bullies will be extinct if all of us know how to fight.


Use your mind in fighting bullies. In the end, you would win the strongest battle without using your might.


Bullies often target friendly people because they think they are weak. They don’t know that being a good person takes all the strength a person has.


Going through bad experiences in life and still handling whatever life throws at you is more courageous than imposing your strength on others.


Taking out your insecurities against others would never take it out of yourself.


If you are being bullied, do not let it shrink you. Instead, learn from it, and you can grow from the process.


Improve yourself not for the sake of others. You have to do this for yourself so that you can accept yourself even more.


No matter how good you are at what you do, if you do it to undermine others, then your abilities could never take you as far as your choices could.


Every fact becomes solid when you firmly believe in it.


You have to create yourself, not just find it.


Having enemies does not mean you have a bad attitude. You just stood up for something they cannot understand.


Good and bad days are normal for every person. The only thing is, never let the bad days overshadow the good ones.


Being tough and being a bully are two different things. You have to speak out and say the truth to be tough, while bullies handle their insecurities by projecting violence to others.


Never let others get the best of you. The story is all about the one who could survive until the end, not those who possess the best abilities.


Showing everyone that you are defenceless makes you a target for bullies. Stand up and stand out.


If you have more ignorance than education, that would be when you would develop your fear.


Keeping yourself from the world does not let you escape bullying. Face them and show them that they could not put you down.


Bullies from your school don’t know that there would come a time that the kid they bullied would turn out to be the one who could save their life years after.


Sometimes, the most beautiful things could rise from the ugliest experiences in life.


Do not think that the complex paths are the ones you have to avoid. They are the ones who could make you grow and learn.


Bullying others might result in someone else taking action upon it, and the bully should be responsible for that.


If no hero could be seen anywhere near you, you could take their place.


Accept yourself and free yourself from all things you hide. Courage takes place when there is acceptance, and then no one would be able to penetrate your skin.


Bullying is just a cloud of smoke to the fire of courage.


If you are being bullied, you could change everyone’s perspective by making it the way to become famous.


Knowing others may be wise, but knowing yourself is the most significant enlightenment you can find.


If you believe in something, then consider yourself strong. Those who doubt themselves are weak and would never grow to become better persons.


Being an individual is not only a right; it is an obligation.


The only thing that you can dominate above all others is yourself.


Those who say that they do not care what people think are the most desperate ones who want others to feel that they do not care.


Sometimes, our physical endowment gives us the might to become bullies. This is the sad cycle of the human race.


Bullies who never impact their targets often get frustrated and end up hating themselves all over again.


All of us have our worth, so it is never acceptable to let someone else feel worthless.


Ignore the people who are trying to drag you down. Only you could lift yourself, do not give them the consent to ruin your life for you.


Making others feel small would never make you think big about yourself.


There is nothing more painful than hearing words that could tear your spirit. What you can do is never permit them to say this to you.


Saying the truth out loud would scare the bullies away. They would know that you stand up for what you want, and they can’t take that from you.


Some people would be happy to see you down. Please do not give them that satisfaction.


Having a backbone is what toughness means. Bullies never had one.