40+ Suicide-Prevention Quotes


According to the World Health Organization, in 2015 about 788, 000 people died by suicide.
An individual who drives herself to suicide believes that there is no choice left but to end his life.
They genuinely believe that eternal oblivion is much better than being here and constantly dealing with the turmoil within them.
They believe that they have exhausted all efforts in trying to live this life, but in the end, they concluded that this life? This thing called living? They aren’t carved out for this.
But just as fear consumes us when we are inside a dark tunnel that seems eternal, there is still, and there will always be an exit where the light pours in.
There are still people out there and even organizations ready to help out when you’re prepared to take that one step you can never take back.
Give them a chance.
For now, here are some quotes to make you feel less alone as well as encourage you to take part in it:


If we want to reduce suicide, then we should start talking about suicide prevention.


If there is a way you could help in suicide prevention, then do your part.

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Live so that your voice could be heard in suicide prevention and do not just stand there.


Together we can strive to do more for preventing suicide and have more fun with this life.


Suicide prevention kit: empathy, love, and ears and shoulder you can lend.


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You are not the only one thinking that suicide prevention should be a priority.


Practice random acts of kindness- these little things play a role in suicide prevention.


Every 40 seconds, a life is ended by suicide. Save a life today, be part of suicide prevention.


Reduce the stigma on suicide and make a stand for programs involving suicide prevention.


We should be more proactive about fighting for a cause instead of causing one…



You are loved, and you are enough regardless of how easy it is to believe the opposite.


Feel the anger, the pain. Feel it all. Let them consume you until there is nothing but calm.


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By building a wall around you, you also prevent love from reaching you, from getting to you.


Contemplate on this-you only have this life; this one life, try to make the most out of it.


It is not you who you wanted to kill but the chaos within you; it is trying to silence it out.


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I believe there is still a spark of fight left in you. Use that and let it ignite you back into life.


This may seem like an unending tunnel, but there is a way out of these problems. Hang in there


Don’t try to figure out everything all at once. Breathe and work out things one at a time.

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If you can’t live your life for yourself, at least live for the ones you love, the one who cares.


If you are brave enough to think of ending your life, then you are more daring to get help; go for it.


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Live because there are still a lot of places to see, books to be read, and music to be heard.


When you realize that whatever you’re telling is just a story, then it’s time to move forward.


Give yourself a chance to roar louder than anyone can, to show them what you can do, girl.


Someday you’ll look back and be thankful you didn’t end your life right here, right now.


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Recognize that you are not okay, then work from that truth; you are here to live it out.


It takes so much energy to maintain those walls around you. Let go and be free.


When this life breaks you yet again, run hard, but please, please come back, to me, to us.


Allow yourself to be weak, for there is something so vulnerable when you do just that.


You can always start over whenever, wherever, whatever you want to start with.


I know there is a fighter within you-fight for the people you love, fight for you.


You deserve to live; you have the right to live, so go out there and live your life.


Suicide prevention is simply finding a reason, a good enough reason for you to stay alive.


Imagine all this pain and abuse, grinding, polishing, and turning you into a smooth rock.


Going through the motions is more accessible, but I know your soul and heart crave for more. Take risks.


Hold on for dear life. In the end, this will all be worth it.


Go and kill yourself. Kill the version of you that constantly feeds you lies. You are enough


Embrace the good memories, pool them together, and allow them to calm you.


What’s a better way to get revenge on everyone who belittled you than choosing to live your life.


The easiest way out is not through death but your relationships.


Make space for the people who genuinely care for you. Give them a chance.


Together, let us bring the walls down and bear our souls to each other.


Know that by killing yourself, you will cause several deaths too.


Stop beating yourself up for the lost opportunities. You can always make a new one.


If you feel like you have exhausted all efforts to make yourself feel alive-try harder.


Let’s all come out to the other side alive. Make suicide prevention a priority.


The worst thing you can do for yourself is to deny your feelings.


End suicide now by raising awareness on suicide prevention.


Be part of suicide prevention efforts focused on making people see hope.


Alone you can do something; together, we can do so much more on suicide prevention.


Transform your experience into something that can help in suicide prevention.


Help lower the number of suicide, take part in suicide prevention.


Spread awareness on suicide prevention and mental health.


Take part in suicide prevention. Accompany someone in his walk towards the light.


Despair makes you appreciate joy even more.


Continue living with the knowledge that someday you will die. For now, live; choose to live.


A considerable part of suicide prevention should be making them feel alive-to make them dream again.


Stop people from having the illusion that they can’t get out of that well.


No matter how small your contribution to suicide prevention, it counts.


Small things-random acts of kindness towards people could be significant when they get noticed.


There are still other ways for you to be free from all this pain. Not just this.


We need to realize the importance of suicide prevention before it’s too late for them.


Shine a light on suicide prevention and stop it from even happening in the first place.


Suicide prevention should stomp on the idea that self-care and self-love are selfish.


Go crazy. Take risks. Travel, read books, listen to music, converse with a stranger. Live.


Sometimes the random acts of kindness of strangers make you appreciate life.


Get up early, have coffee, take a walk and watch the sun as it rises.


Look back but don’t stay there for long-pick up the lessons, then move on.


Empty? Isn’t that good? To have a space in your heart big enough for the beautiful things.


You only need one person, one friend who listens to you intently, someone who cares.


Little by little, unknot the chaos within you and somehow let it all go within you, dear.


Lover of rain-the search is done; what you are searching for is within you, in your soul.


Be stronger than your fears by taking steps towards it, fighting for the freedom that you want.


Write your thoughts. It doesn’t have to be a carefully written paragraph. Just write.


Don’t be afraid to ride the wave of your emotions. Embrace them, then just encourage you.


Despite your instinct to say I’m okay, be honest. Let it all out, let it go, you can do it all.


Listen to your heartbeat. Your body is still fighting. Please don’t give up on it yet; you can do this.


I know life could be dull and tiring but remember, you can change it into a life worthy of living.


You’ve made it through today; you can make it through tomorrow, believe me on that note.


Take photos of beautiful things, make art. Try new things, make new things. That is what life is.


Could you do it? Just do it even when someone says you can’t, so you can prove them all wrong, okay?


Reach out. Let them hold your hands; let them comfort you when you can’t calm yourself.


You are so used to being a friend; try letting them be a friend for you, even just this once.


Make good days so that they would be good enough to live for when the bad days come.


Sing, or scream or cry. It doesn’t matter how. Just let your heart be heard, let it out loudly.


It isn’t wrong to need people as they needed you before. Go ahead ask for help; it is okay.


Rest, but don’t ever give up because life is meant to be lived for a long time, my dear.


It’s okay to be tired. It just means you are still fighting like one brave soldier, my dear girl.


Occupy space because just like them, you deserve to be here, you deserve to be alive, my boy.


I know how tempting it is to curl your body the smallest it could, but you deserve ample space.


Feelings aren’t meant to be buried. They are intended to be freed and exposed, so let them be accessible.


I know you have something to offer for this world. Don’t think you don’t have what it takes.


You don’t have to be like them, be your beautiful and unique self, appreciate yourself.


Mistakes don’t make you fail; instead, they make you smarter than before you commit them.


Feel the wind around you. Adopt a cat or a dog. Go to parks and play with them, all of them.


Don’t give up on your dreams. You’ll get through this, slowly but surely, somehow you will.