80+ Thursday quotes

The day before Friday, right before people goes all jolly and whoops.
There are so many ways to celebrate a Thursday, to hang out somewhere nice with your friends or with your family.
You can also hang around your room and have some night in with your comfort foods such as ice cream, chips, or more, watching a movie, or having a movie marathon.
How you spend your Thursday is up to you, but you need to realize how lucky you are to spend another Thursday again, especially if you are going through it with a breeze.
Here are some quotes regarding Thursday that you might relate with, have fun and enjoy browsing through all of them.

Thursday is one of the most OK days of the week where you can relax and yet not relax too much.

I want to find some time to just lazy around every Thursday and make it my official rest day.


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It would help if you grabbed as much as possible, but every Thursday is a picnic day in our room.

Today is a Thursday meaning there is no need to rush yourself to get to that bloody skill.

Things are always like patches in the grass, but Thursdays make it all the more worthwhile.

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Make the most of every day of your life and make this one stand out like the rest of those days.

It does not matter what day it is. What matters is that you keep on trying your best in all of it.

Stop trying to reason why things happen; instead, be the reason why they do, dear.

Seize the day because today is yours, be the change that the world wants to see from you, hon.

No one will ever notice that you are mad, so why bother? Instead, make this a day to remember.

Let no one tell you what you can do because only you are capable of defining what you can.

Everyone has limits, but great people know that the only limit is what they put on them.

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Another day has come, and I hope you try to make the best out of it because it matters.

Be thankful for everything that has been given to you, and make a point in a day to thank Him.

Happy Thursday to you and may this day be something significant to you just the same, dear.

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All the things you have now are from Him, so be grateful every day of your life.

Thursday should be spent together with family, the ones who make you even happier all day.

No Thursday should ever be boring as long as we are together, you and I, my dearest love.


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There is so much to do on a Thursday, things to finish up before tomorrow, and a lot more.

Rest assured that all your hard work will soon pay off if you keep going every single day.

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Today, I feel just a bit happy and a whole lot better than yesterday; I love every second.

May today be the day you stop taking things for granted because they might just be gone, tom.

Today would be an excellent day to slap them, idiots, for what they are so dumb for, you know that?

When it comes to critical thinking, you either do or you do not, for such is the way life is.

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Well, come to think of it, it was a busy day that we never predicted for it to become.

A smile will always make people look a lot younger, so I suggest you do it more often, friend.


Today is another day closer to Friday, and we all know that is what we are looking forward to.

If you have not yet found your reason for existing until then, it would be good to start today.

How do you justify the amount of work you have to do on a Thursday night to rest ahead?

Today is Thursday, meaning you are off work and can sleep around your house today.

I wanted to help you today, but I got so busy doing my work I did not, but hey, stay happy.

Good morning to you because you are doing great this day. Keep up the excellent work.

Do not be afraid of trying something new today because you deserve to do something new.

Take yourself home a bit early and splurge on the day between the weekend, my dear.

Call your friends now and do something stupid because it is the night to go crazy, friend.

There is nothing better in the world than to lie down for a bit and have some rest, dear.

This day is another day that reminds you that the weekdays are not yet over, the sad truth.

When you think that things will never happen, think again, this might be the day.

I think about you every day, even on days like this when it seems everything is just stagnant.

It is Thursday today, and you are still alive and doing fine; this is but another miracle, right?

When things seem to be crashing down on me, I think of you, and everything becomes okay.

Never let anyone steal your freedom, and just have the best time of your life on this very day.

Today is a fine day to go out and keep exploring the world one place at a time, my dear.

May today be the start of you stopping to judge people and keep on spreading some love.

God is good, and he gave us Thursday to have a buffer between the joy of the weekend.

When all the good things in life seem gone for you, have some jolly good fun up ahead.

Today is the day you will start something new; I bet you can feel it in your bones right now.

You are someone the world needs for it to be but a better place, and we both know that girl.

Just love every single moment of this life that you have and have the day that you love.

May you have a blessed Thursday ahead, and may you get a blast today and have fun, hon.

It has been one long week indeed, but now it is almost over, so just have this day as a signal.

Today is one day closer to that rest you have been longing for since Monday has come out.

Everyone dreads Monday and wants Friday and all other days of the week to get neglected, girl.

Any lousy attitude will bring you bad luck so have all the positivity just today, my girl.

Though some might find Thursday a dull day, I find it extraordinary to be able to celebrate.

One of the best feelings in this world is to spend the day with someone doing nothing at all.

I am nothing but a hopeless romantic who thinks days like this should be done with romance.

I deserve the day because of all the hard work I put on for the last three days, and I will enjoy this.

I am sick of pretending today is Friday, so I might as well just cosy in even for today.

There are so many days a week, but my favourite is still Thursday because it is fabulous.

No matter how slow the week goes, Friday is something to look forward to, so here I am now.

Every day is but a gift from God, and I can’t help but be thankful for him every single day.

Life is all about waiting for the right moment in this life, and I want to be there for you.

The truth is that life isn’t always okay, so that I will take it one day at a time just for now.

I feel alright, and I want to thank God that I am still alive this Thursday; I honestly am.

Those who believe that better things will happen will eventually be okay. That is the truth, girl.

Just keep your calm and believe that there are brighter things tomorrow, so relax for this day.

May the Lord always be with us even when things do not seem that good; enjoy your day, dear.

Better days are coming, so for now, just have all the fun you can get for this very day.

Though your Thursday may be full of problems, rest assured that He will be there to guide you.

Remember that every day of the week ain’t easy, but this one is close to that sheer finish.

Many things are waiting for you to be explored, so just wait for the brand new day, boy.

Your present is the day that you need to focus on, so just be happy for this very day.

I never could get why this day is not enjoyed by many when it is the same as others.

I hope you can tolerate this buffer day to Friday, it is very close, and I can assure you.

You need only to wait some moments, and you will be alright for the rest of the week, my dear.

Every Thursday, find the time for God to thank Him for all the blessings He has given you.

The Lord will come to your rescue every single time, may it be Thursday or any other day, hon.

Hang in there; it may be Thursday just yet but remind yourself that tomorrow is indeed Friday.

There is no better day than today to make your life a whole life better have a happy Thursday.

Thursday is the day where you need to get your positive thoughts on your head you should.

Learn to live Thursday in a fun way, laugh, read, love, play, learn and dream a happy life, sis.

Thursday will be challenging at times, but you need to get over it and move on with life.

Sometimes Thursdays feel like just messing around with the rest of the weekdays.