Top 60 Positive Quotes


Life isn’t always what you expect it to be.
Tragedy, heartaches, and mistakes will come to your life, daring to snuff out the light inside your heart.
Through inspirations brought by others, the wonders of this life, or even believing in the light that nestles inside your heart can help you get back on your feet.
Take a look at some of these quotes for a great dose of positive inspiration:


There are no shortcuts to success. There is no happiness without pain. It may be a hard journey but always remember, endure – the gifts of a great voyage amounts to a life well-lived.


If you start believing in the beauty of life, it will eventually be.


When I stand before the gates of heaven, I hope to go there without anything inside my pocket, all empty of the talents I have shared with everyone.


Every day, I am haunted by the monster of needless spending. If I managed to emerge strong against this monster, I feel I have won a double victory.

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Even if you think you are on the right track, it’s useless if you don’t follow its tracks.


Whenever you are confronted with the thought of giving up, ask yourself this ‘how do I fight to get to my better days?


Fill your mind with inspiration. A positive mind attracts beautiful opportunities.


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Foster your mind with the beauty around you. Beautiful minds create beautiful people.


Real success lies within a person, not the job title.


Excitement, courage, and adventure lie in living without a road map.


Luck is directly proportional to the people whose lives you have touched and the hard work you’ve put in every step you took.


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When you let go of fear or judgment, you will become who you are meant to be.


It’s not your mother, your sister, or your closest friend. It is always yourself – your best and worst enemy.


A person driven with love accomplishes plenty, touches many’s hearts, and does work with elegance.


Courage is the seed from which other virtues blossoms.


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It does not matter much where you stand but where you are going.


Live your life each day as you vent into a new chapter or dive into a new quest.



The truth passes through three filters before it is believed. Scorned at first and then contradicted next. Lastly, it is considered to be as plain as a pikestaff.


It’s either you conquer the day, or the day conquers you.


It’s not the lock of wisdom or strength but a strong steel wall that separates a successful person from others.


Let me love you


If you want it done, best do it yourself.


Hope is a seed waiting to blossom into a dream. You have to nurture the tree with the gentle light of passion, water it generously with hard work, and fertilize it with patience before it comes to full bloom.


Don’t let your mistakes or your failures tarnish your heart. Keep it open for the chances of forging you into a better person.


You cannot travel back in time to eradicate your mistakes or save yourself from your failures. However, you can start afresh chapter and write yourself a beautiful tale of your journey.


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The rule of survival: Rule number 1 – Never forget Number 2. Rule number 2, Never quit.


Many are afraid to explore the capacity of their imagination, while I dwell on it all day and tell myself, ‘why not?’


To go beyond the possible is to discover the impossible.


Do not utter words beyond what you know. Do not lay all your cards down the table all at once.


Tread the path with no rail tracks or concrete roads. Carve your own way and leave a trail of your own story.


Sadly, many give up, not knowing that they are a step closer to the finish line.

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Education is expensive. So is ignorance.


All amazing stories start with a step, no matter how small it is.


Great work starts with daring to climb the top of the mountain of the impossible.


Never let what you cannot do hinder you from what you came to do.


Defeat is only a defeat if you allow it to.


A person who walks around without a plan usually ends up being what they did not plan to be. That is lazy, broke, fat, or whatnot.


The most valuable principle you need to keep in mind is to pursue what makes you happy.


Do you know what the best revenge is against your ill-wishers? A colossal and hard-earned success!


No matter how many times you miss, don’t ever stop trying to hit the bull’s eye.


The greatest of archers shot and missed a thousand times before they learned how to gain seamless accuracy.


What makes you beautiful are neither your strengths nor your good points but embracing and learning how to wrestle and deal with your weaknesses.


Think of difficulties as seasonings that spice up your cooking. Without them, you won’t be able to create a masterful dish.


Today will only become wonderful if you do something about it.


Look at today as an opportunity to write a better story than yesterday.


There is no other day than today that which is the best day of your life.


Every day, you are given to choose whether happiness or misery to put on for the day. Choose wisely, for you can never rewrite yesterday.


Lucky are those who are born with fortune on their laps. Happy are those who are born without fortune but choose to make a fortune with what life has to offer.


There is no life without pain. Not even the smallest of creatures or the most innocent go through life unscathed. It is an essential part of life, the wounds, and battle scars. It is up to us to rise from the fall or stay down on the ground forever. Remember, life is what you make it.


See the problem as an opportunity to challenge yourself. The greatest of victories came from using the problem as a ladder to climb the walls of success.


You can change the course of your entire life by simply tinkering your attitude to the positive or the negative.


Optimism is a successful person’s secret weapon. With positivity, you will be able to see the light in every dark situation, opportunity in every crisTheis and a shining hope even in the bleakest of plights.


The mere choice of being happy alone opens your spirit to the beauty of the world.


Sure, there will be problems that will plague your daily bits and pieces. Here’s my advice: Learn how to look closely to the goodness and marvel of what is around you, and then you will be surprised with how easy it is to choose the path of happiness.


Your will is stronger than the weakness in your body or the sickness that plagues it. If you will for it to happen, it will happen.


We have our own tragedies, each one of us. The only difference is the path we create – whether to wither from it or bloom even in the darkest of hours.


The people who have my utmost admiration are not flawless and perfect, but those who are, despite being lavished with scars, still chose to keep on smiling.


As soon as the shine rises to wake me, I am given the choice of whether to be happy or unhappy. I choose the former for lounging in misery will get me nowhere.


There is no going back to yesterday, only to move forward and create a beautiful today.


If you believe that you can do something, you certainly can do it!


The circumstances may be difficult, but it will be a great day nonetheless.


Aside from devouring a King’s breakfast or taking a morning walk, try including this exercise in your morning routine: Think of the day as another chance for success. You will be surprised by how great opportunities will come knocking at your doorsteps.


Choosing to be happy and optimistic will have a huge ripple in your life, consequently affecting those around you positively.


Why not share the gift of happiness instead of the burden of anger, hate, and resentment?


Your decisions and your choices will ultimately shape your life. So choose wisely.


Good thoughts are inner starlight and moonbeams that others will ultimately see in you, and you will need nothing else to look lovely.


Good thoughts often lead to a life full of wonderful surprises.


Blessed are those who share the light of their hearts to lead others out of the darkness.


Positive and negative are crossroads which lead to different paths. One is the path to happiness, and the other, the path to misery.


Those who are truly rich possess not the most expensive of luxuries in the world. He owns an abundance of kindness, bottomless optimism, and a heart filled with the treasures of love.


Optimism is the root of strength, courage, and hope.


To wrestle negative thoughts out of your mind is a great feat alone no ordinary man can do every day.

It is never ever too late to steer the wheel towards a life of happiness. All you need to do is to shift the gear towards optimism.


Placing ‘I can’t’ in front of your doors is barring the entry of good fortune, victory, happiness, and success.


Courageous are you who chose the path of optimism in spite of this world swimming with chaos and avarice.


Positive thinking is an act done with a great deal of courage, resolution, and decision.


Optimism often leads a man to an adventure like no other – one that is filled with bright success and brimming opportunities.


Happiness is directly proportional to the amount of positive thinking.


When you are happy, you create a path of happiness that will lead happy people into your life.


By thinking positive thoughts, you are already changing the tide of your life towards something better.