The 55 Trust No One Quotes


Relationships should have a foundation that no one else could shatter.
A long-lasting relationship relies not only on love for each other but it should also be armed with the strongest base a human could ever build: trust.
Trust is the main ingredient for the recipe of love, and every person must be able to feel this valuable sensation.


Treat love like a sticker, and once you remove it, you will have a hard time sticking it back again.


When you betray the one you love, it would be hard to trust that person again.


There would be nothing wrong with you if your trust were broken by the one you love. It is just that that person is not worthy of your faith.


A person who cannot be trusted with trivial things could not also be charged with a bigger secret.

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Trusting the people you love is not always a given; however, you have always to love the person you authorize.


Meeting people who only lie to take advantage is not always considered a misfortune. Treat this as a lesson where you learn who not to trust.


Your enemies cause not all harmful things. Please take a look at your friends’ closer, and they might cause you the worst harm.


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People might not always mean what they say, but always trust that they tell what they do.


The most fragile thing one can earn is trust, and once it is lost, it would be impossible to recover it again.


You never know that even your closest friend could be allied with your greatest enemy.


Betrayal could happen even between family and friends, so it would be best not to trust someone, be suspicious of everyone.


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People who do not want to let you prove them wrong are not worthy of your trust. They never let you do so because they know they are already bad.


Some people are only with you because they can benefit from you, so don’t blindly trust everyone you know.


Do not rely on anybody’s words too tightly; never subject yourself too much to any authority. You never know if their words mean anything.


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The moment your trust is broken, you would be scared to get attached to anyone ever again.


Once you are betrayed by someone you loved, you would always fear that everyone you love would only break and trust your heart.



When someone readily tells you another person’s secret, make sure that you won’t tell them yours because they might do the same to you.


Someone who betrays acts like the jack of all trades; never readily give your trust to them.


Disappointments are not always meant to hurt. Sometimes they are best treated as lessons.


Putting back your trust in someone who already broke it is like placing your hand in the lion’s mouth and expecting it not to bite you.


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Trusting others again is especially difficult for persons who have had experienced bad heartbreaks and betrayals.


People who show that they do not trust you should not also earn your trust.


It is better to trust people based on their deeds than with their words.


I may forgive because I am a good person, but I am not stupid to trust you again.


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I have my reasons why I don’t trust people. First, I do not know them personally. Second, I know them too well.


People who want what you also wish to should not be trusted. Envy is a lot heavier than friendship.


If you want to succeed, trust yourself first.


You have to start mistrusting others if you believe in lies.


There is no one to trust, not even myself.

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Discover yourself, what you want, and trust it.


Human beings are born to be selfish, so trust others with a good motive as you do not trust yourself.


Trust nobody, even yourself, when large amounts of money are of concern.


If you do not trust yourself, then I believe you trust in luck.


Anyone over 30 should not be trusted.


Getting everything you want and losing them all would teach you what absolute freedom is like.


The moment anyone hinders you from the light of goodness, do not trust him. He may be the noblest saint of all but ignore him.


Organized groups do not require faith or trust anymore. Maybe just a little confidence, but to verify whatever is better for him.


If you do not have time for music, then I will not give you my trust.


Doctors can be trusted to work for the sake of equality, either in religion or politics. However, I do not believe our professors could still do the same.


Trust no one you do not know when you are in the bush.


Ridiculous facts riddle our lives, like trusting no one who uses the word trope.


Trust nobody and nothing from the press. They are set up to tell lies whenever it benefits them.


The government has already lost the trust of its people because they now believe that they only work for their particular interests.


Survival is impossible for people who do not trust anyone.


You will end up trusting the wrong person if you do not trust anyone.


Unless you want someone to bury a knife on your back, then trust no one.


No one ever taught me to mistrust anyone, but life has taught me only to trust dogs.


People who trust others are fools, and people who do not trust others are also fools. Everyone is fooled when they live long enough.


Even the president has lost Congress’ trust. Now, everyone would have to work out what the truth is themselves.


Trust no one while liking everybody.


There is no way that the Bee Gees are always happy, so I do not trust them.


If I have trust issues, you could not blame me for it.


Trust no one because life is full of fake people.


Whenever I trust somebody, they eventually show why I should not have.


You would do well if you love all, do no wrong, and trust no one.


In life, you will have to learn that you would not know who to trust and who not to lean over and over again.


Heighten your guard against everything and believe nothing.


Trusting too much, loving too much, and hoping for too much can just hurt you so much.


Every day is just like April Fool’s day. You should not believe and trust in anyone.


You would fail equally on both sides if you trust everybody and if you do not trust anybody.


When I trust someone new, they only end up reminding me why I should not trust anybody.


I do not give out my trust.


Anyone who says ‘I am not supposed to tell anyone but should not be trusted.


Unless you have eaten salt with someone, then do not trust him.


I may have accepted your apologies, but I do not trust you anymore.


Do not trust others to do the job that should have been yours.


You may laugh with a lot of people but do not trust any of them.


People who want you to do what you do not wish to should not be trusted.


Whatever you hear, please do not believe it. Whatever you see, only consider it halfway.


Before you trust entirely, verify first.


Nothing and no one could persuade you to trust somebody who has broken your heart. It would be like picking up a stone and knocking it on your head.


Trust takes years to be strengthened, yet it takes seconds to break it.


Treat trust like a mirror. If you broke it, it would never be the same again.


People who change their feelings overtime should not deserve your trust.


If I make an effort in giving you my time, do not make me regret it. I am giving you a part of my life that could not be returned to me.


Forget your enemies and focus on your friends. They might harm you more than your enemies could ever do.


We would not always know who to trust. Better be safe than relying on someone who does not deserve it.


Never feel stupid for trusting a person who just broke it. It is not your fault, and they are too untrustworthy.


When a person does not want to be proved wrong, they already know that they are most of the time.


Blind trust is something we should avoid if we want to keep our confidence in ourselves.


Trusting too much could ultimately lead you to a broken heart.


Remember the persons who are fond of telling you other’s secrets. They will readily spread yours if you give them a chance.


Give yourself a break by minimizing the trust you give out. It would be healthier that way.


Not everyone deserves your trust. Please do not give it out like a bunch of street flyers.


Sometimes, the person who loves you the most is the most capable person who can break your trust.


The devil knows how to disguise himself, so be careful of who you trust.


The more you trust anyone, the easier you would get hurt in the end.


I never trust anyone who says one thing in front of me yet does another when he turns his back.


Friends and family are more capable of hurting you than anyone else because you trust them the most.


Learn to let go of the people of broke your trust. If they did it once, they are capable of doing it again.