50+ Walking away quotes


Sometimes, there comes a moment when you can no longer be patient when you can no longer be kind, when the love that you thought was there suddenly change, or the person you thought you adore is just not the same anymore. There are moments when you wish that you can somehow forget how it felt when you were together, how his fingers fit yours like they were meant for each other. Those moments when you both cried so hard then laughed just as hard, when he used to show you so openly how much he loved you. But now, you are left with no choice but to walk away, go far away, and stop what is between you because everything has changed. Here are some quotes for walking out when you feel that you can no longer do it anymore. Maybe you can relate to some of them when walking away feels right.


You do not think I can live without you, so right now, I am showing you that I can.


You’ve got this; start walking away from the things that are just hurting you, my dear girl.


Sometimes you have to face your problems instead of running from them, that you should.


It is hard to know when to say goodbye to the one you love, but soon you will learn.


If you feel the need to go away from someone, you need not go back to that person, dear.

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You walked out of my life, and that was the moment I wished my feelings would do the same.


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If you dare to love, I hope you also have the same courage to go away from it.


You either trust me or have to go far away from me; I would not change myself.


Stop having him break your heart every single day and have the courage to go far away.


It is a measure of how brave you are if you have it to go away if it is already unhealthy.


When a relationship keeps you from spreading your wings, it might be the right time to go.


For once, you can go on walking away instead of fighting for it; maybe it is not worth it.


You need not argue with people, sometimes walking away is just the right thing to do, my girl.


Do not be afraid of walking away because it is your right to do so, to leave when you need to.



When something no longer has anything to make you grow, I hope you learn to go away, girl.


I am just so tired of all these things, so I am going far away; I no longer want to be part of you.


Yes, I am smiling right now, and you do not know how happy I am that you are not the reason.


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If something is giving you bad vibes, go away from it, you need not get permission at all, boy.


It is one of the things in life that is so hard to decide from: to either stay or walk away.


I wonder at times if you would have come after me if I was the one who just disappeared.


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Let those people who do not want to stay in your life go; you do not need them anyway.


I would not be the person to stop you if you suddenly decide that you want to be out of my life.


When things are starting to crumble, maybe it is better to choose to walk away than stay.


There will come a time when walking away is the right thing to do, the wise thing to do even.


I do not want to fight any longer, and I want to be the person being fought for, for once.

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If there ever comes a time when you feel like coming back, remember that you left me.


I wonder how you did it so quickly; leave me like I meant nothing to you, that you did.


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I guess the problem was I trusted the wrong person too much and the right one too little, boy.


If you start wondering if you deserve better, then you might want to move on, boy.


Stop blaming yourself because he decided to leave you, and it is not your fault; the fault is his, girl.


The truth is that I do not hate you, and I do not think I ever will, even though you left me.


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I want to show the world just how okay I am even though you are no longer part of my life.


A hundred years may pass me by, but I swear I will no longer chase after you; I moved on.


Walking away takes courage, and I am so proud of those who know just when to do it right.



You walked away from me like I was nothing, like it was the easiest thing to do, that you did.


I am so tired of keeping people in my life; if they want to go away, I shall let them do so.


You need not be absent in someone’s life for them to understand just how much you are worth.


Never let yourself think that you are only a choice an option because you should be a priority.


The only mistake I have made in this life was that I did not leave earlier than you did for me.


I want someone who shows that they do care instead of those who keep saying it.


Walking away should be done with your head held up high because you need to have dignity.


When your heart is telling you to go, leave everything; maybe you should follow it.


Having enough will make you feel so tired, and I suggest you do not keep it that way, girl.


You either give it another chance or just let that person go and find a person to give a chance.


When a person has already cheated on you once, he will do so again; just leave him.


Maybe the best decision you can make is to leave, to let your life lead you where it wants to.


The truth is he does not deserve you, and you need to have a better chance at this life, girl.


When someone walks away from you, let them know it is their choice, and you have no say in it.


The day we stop fighting maybe the day I stopped caring for you; thus, you will not see me.


Those who are walking away so quickly from you may not have wanted to stay anyways, girl.


Watch me live my life as happy as can be without you in any single scene in it, my dear boy.


I have trusted everything in you because I thought I could, but it turns out I should have left.


I no longer want to be that person who keeps crying at night, so I am more careful this time.


I realized today that I need you no longer, so I have decided that I would walk away now.


I deserve better than this, so I will go far away, somewhere you are not there anymore.


Believing that you cared for me ever was the worst thing I have ever done; that is the truth.


I will be strong this time and learn just how to leave the moment I see the sign.


The moment I realized that I deserved something better was the day I decided that I would leave.


Walking away can sometimes be a measure of how much you are worth, to realize just that.


The worst feeling in the world is when you no longer know the person you once loved so.


I want to be the one who stays, but I am so tired of being that person, so instead, I will leave.


The truth is she left you because she has already made the mistake of forgiving you so much.


You do not deserve her. How can you let her go away from you without even chasing her?


Being honest is the least you can do, and still, you could not do that for me. I am done with you.


Sometimes walking away is the only solution you can try out in order not to get hurt anymore.


The saddest part of me leaving you is you did not even take one step after me as I ran away.


I wanted to cry when I realized just how much I was worth to you: next to nothing.


It hurts me to realize that I meant so little to you when you meant so much to my poor heart.


I am with you wherever you go, and yet the moment I leave you, you never chose to follow me.


I sent all my prayers, asked for a sign whether I should leave or not but did not get anything.


This time, I will be the one who decides where I should go, and I chose to leave you today.


I want to be where you are, but you left me, so I guess I did not mean enough to you.


I am just learning, but walking away may sometimes be a source of peace for me.


The truth is there is an art in walking away; some people find it so beautiful to imagine, boy.


I don’t think you should blame me for walking away from you because you did not do anything to keep me.


The truth is I had so many rejections that I learned how to be good at walking away, girl.


I hope you don’t second guess yourself because walking away might be the best thing for you.


Walking away may be your key to happiness, and if it is, I am more than happy about it.


It might be hard walking away from someone you love, but there may be no choices left.


Walking away to see who will chase after you can be a good measure to check.