The 60 You Make Me Happy Quotes

A special someone can make your life better, make a change in how your life is going, and make your day. When you find someone that makes you smile, that makes you laugh, that makes you happy, you have to go and tell that person just how much you appreciate all the things they do for you. Make them feel a whole lot better by sending them these you make me happy quotes that are sure to make them smile!

You make me happy, and sometimes I don’t’ even know how you do it. You do.

You are my best source of happiness, and I thought that you ought to know that, all in all.

Girl, you have the most radiant smile, and I cannot help but feel happy when you do that.


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The thing is that you make me feel warm on the inside like I swallowed some sunshine, boy.

There is nothing more that I can do but smile at you and know that you are there for me.

Your smile costs nothing, but it gives me everything I have ever wanted, love and warmth.

You make my day worth it, and that is too awesome not to notice; thank you for everything.

Nothing else in my world matters when you are there because you are my walking sun, baby.

My dear, just looking at you is enough because the truth is that you make me happy a lot.

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You make me feel like I am worth something, like I am more than what I am right now thanks.

Thank you for filling my life with joy and making me know that you appreciate me a whole lot.

You are like the gardener, and I am the flowers bloom because you take care of me, girl.

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I also want to make you feel and give you warmth the same way you do for me. That’s it.

There is not anyone else in this world who makes me feel like you do, for you make me happy.

Whenever I think of you, I think of the joy I think of happiness and everything we’ve’ been through.

All I can say is that you are my constant; you are the one who will stay through everything.

I don’t’ care where you come from, but you make me feel alive, which is sincere enough.

When you find the person that makes you happy, I hope that you will never let her go, ever.

You make me happy through and through, and I would not exchange you for the world, dear.

And in this crazy world, I have found you, and you brought me joy; that is truly enough for me.

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I want to stay like this, wrapped up in your arms for as long as I can, because this is happiness.

You thought you were happy until finally you met her and realized she is exactly what you need.

You make my sad days my happy days, my darkness into the bright, my love; you make me happy.

A person comes into your life, and you realize that you can still be happier than you are now.

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You know that you have found your person when seeing her makes your heart beat fast, honey.

I want to stay with you for as long as I possibly can, maybe even for the rest of my life, girl.

You lift my spirits just by holding my hand, and I promise you that I won’t’ ever let you go.

There are not enough words to tell you that you make me happy & I love you because of that.


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I am happy being with you, and no matter how many other people come along, I want you.

Before I have met you, I never even thought there was another reason I could smile once more.

I used to be a sad person until you came into my life and changed everything; I am grateful, babe.

It is hard to live up to the world’s expectations, but being with you is undoubtedly more, girl.

If there is a reason why I am in love with you, it is simply because you make me happy, babe.

Some people can be happy, but I got to be more comfortable with you, love.

I will give you all that I can, all that I am. If it means that you get to be happier, that’s about it.

I am grateful to those who share their lives with me but more grateful to those who listen.

You know which buttons to push to make me laugh, which means you know me a lot.

No one makes me laugh like you make me laugh, but you make me happy, baby.

When my skies turn grey, you make them go away so that I can see the sun shining once more.

It is in a relationship with you that makes me smile, that makes things worth my while.

There is not a day that I am not glad to see you because you make me feel like me, even better.

Without even doing anything, you make me happy, which says a lot about how I love you.

I exist simply because you make me feel that I matter to you and am essential, love.

And when I try my best, I get what I want, and that is you for making me feel this way.

I will never take you for granted, and I can promise you that, no matter what happens now.

And I wish that I can make you as happy as you make me happy because you do, girl.

I want you to know that you are the reason I am smiling right now; you make me smile.

I wish I could be with you all the time to make you feel the way you are making me think now.

One day, I know that I will be the one beside you when you wake up the following day, love.

You make me feel that I am precisely perfect the way I am right now, and that means too much.

Like the tides on the shore, you wash me away, and you make me happy; I thank you for that.

I want every day of my life to be like this, to be beside you all day long, doing nothing at all.

You have that charm that you can use against me any time, the gift of joy, love.

Oh dear, I wish you were here with me right now, kissing me and cuddling with me tonight.

It seems that you can never fail to make me laugh, and I have to thank you for that alone.

You make me happy every day of my life, and I cannot thank you enough for it alone.

Even though you matter to me, it is the act that you try to make me happy that means more.

You tried your best to keep me the way I am, and that is why I am so thankful to you, dear.

I don’t’ care if you are not beautiful because you mean a lot about appearances.

I want to grab you up and box you with my arms and make you feel that you are loved, boy.

I am in your debt ”because you make me happy every day, and I can only hope I make you happy.

It is one of the best feelings in the world when you look at me, and I can feel love from you.

Just the thought that you would be there for me cheers me up already. I miss you now.

I saw a ray of sunshine going my way; I knew you got me hooked.

I think that I am filled with joy simply because you are always there for me no matter what.

You said you love me, which is sincerely one reason I try my best to be good for you.

Your smile is free, or so you always tell me, but you make me happy, and I think that’s amazing.

Even when the problems pour down hard around us, you are still the one I hold on to, lady.

You fill me up with this warmth that only you have, and it just makes me smile all the time.

You have been part of the worst moments and the best, and I will never forget them all.

Just say that you will stay with me, and I will tell you that I gladly would do the same for you.

I believe that you know magic because you make me happy even when you are just there.

And when you kiss me, I feel like I am in heaven, forgetting anything else ever existed, dear.

And girl, you make me see stars in broad daylight, you make me feel ecstatic, and that’s good.

And when it matters, I will be with you for the rest of my life, for as much as I possibly can.

Right now, you are my world, and I will do anything for you, whatever you want me to do, girl.

You make me happy in ways that only you know how and I can only smile and be grateful.

There is nothing in the world that can amount to you because you make me happy. That’s’ true.

You make me happy, and I hope I can somehow make you happy too; that’s my wish come true.

And in the middle of this life, I have found that you make me happy, and that is enough for me.

I need no fairytale story when I have you next to me since you make me very happy.

And if the world tells me that I am enough for you, I’ll’ thank it for you make me happy, girl.