The 35 Never Give Up on Love Quotes


Love is never going to be easy; the journey to being with someone for the rest of your life or a short amount of your life is arduous.
It is composed of working hard to attain something that you know is worth it.
There will be challenges along the way, and there will be times that you will feel as if things are not just working out, and you will feel like you should stop loving the person and walk away.
On most days, you will feel like that, but one should never give up on love.
The thought of giving up should never come to mind when it comes to love.
Here are some never give up on love quotes that might help you out.

One should never give up on love no matter how hard things get, and you should never even try to.

Don’t leave her when she is only trying her best to stay with you, and please notice her feelings.

She is also human like you, and sometimes, she makes mistakes; learn how to forgive her.


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You will not be productive if you keep giving up on the people that matter the most.

Please do not go away when she tries to push you away. She does not mean to do that, dear.

You are the epitome of everything great, so be careful in handling her heart.

Today will be a wonderful day so start your day by reminding her that you care.

Show that you care and notice the little things she does for you; I beg you.

Let her know just how much you love her, treasure her and how much you adore her, boy.

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You have got all the power to break or make the relationship, do not wield it too much, girl.

Do not let him leave; spare him the drama, let him know that you still feel the same for him.

Do not waste the years you spent together by a simple thing that got bigger with pride.

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If you love the other person, tell them instead of missing the chance and regretting it.

You must try your best to be the best you can become, which is the only way to do things.

Learn to let some things go, to allow some problems to pass you by; you can’t hold everything.

Never give up on love. Don’t do so, even if it might be the only thing you are holding on to.

Stop trying to find a reason to fight and instead show the other person some appreciation.

You may not know something they are going through, so try to understand the other person.

She is your other half, and if you realize that, you must know how to keep her happy by now.

It may be her fault or your fault, but does it matter? Just try to make up and be okay.

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Stop thinking of letting go and breaking up and instead think about how to stay together, boy.

May you not let a simple thing like this ruin all the love you have for each other.

There will be times when you want to stop it all, but I hope you never give up on love, my dear.

Things are not always going to work out the way you want to, and that’s okay; just keep loving.

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You’re not meant to have an emotionless relationship but one that can knock you off your feet.

When things seem to simmer between the two of you, just calm down and be alright, girl.

Just keep in mind why you started this relationship in the first place before anything stupid.

You must realize by now why you love this person and why you will give it your best.

Give it your all, show her that you are meant to become the person who matters even more.


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Do not compare her with other people; show her that she is crucial to you, boy.

You must never give up on love no matter how tough life gets because love is the answer, girl.

When the time comes that you do not know what you are going to do, hold her tighter, dear.

Make her feel special, make her realize just how wonderful she is because that is the truth.

And you will still think she is the best even after all the years has passed you by, right?

If you want him to stay with you, then learn to appreciate the effort he makes just for you.

Let him know that you care enough to keep things going between the both of you, little girl.

You must realize that to become the best person. You need the best partner.

Boy, I know just how difficult it is, but I wish you never give up on love; it matters most.

Is he the one you have been dreaming about, want in that alter, and then fight for him?

If you think that he is the person for you, you should do your best to keep him.

Claw your way to his heart if you have to; the best things in life are worth fighting for, girl.

I will tell you now; you must never give up on love because through all the pain is happiness.

Never give up on love and the person you love because that is how things work out.

The secret to happiness is knowing when to let go and fighting for the right thing.

Things are never going to be easy, but you have got this, so keep fighting the fight of your life.

You are never going to regret things if you do them; you regret not doing something.

Your life will be more exciting if you fight for what you want instead of letting go.

Never give up on love and never forget what it is like to be in love, every happy memory there.

Your feelings matter, and because they do, you must do your best to protect them just like his.

He gave you his heart, so treasure it, whisper sweet nothings and keep the fire of love burning.

You matter to him because if you don’t, he would have easily let go of you after all this time.

He cares enough about you that he sacrifices time to spend it together with you; that’s real.

Never say that you will stop loving; never give up on love; you deserve to be happy.

If he doesn’t feel the same about you, it does not mean you should stop feeling the way you do.

Don’t feel bad if he leaves because if you wanted him to stay, you would fight for him, girl.

Go ahead and tell the world just how much you genuinely care about him because that is the truth.

You either do, or you don’t, and so when he is leaving, you should make your choices soon.

Just because one boy hurt you does not mean every other man will hurt you as well.

How can you be happy if you forget what it is, what love feels like? Never give up on love, baby?

You are stronger than you think you may be, so go and chase him if you have to; love will win.

If you think you have not gotten what you want, then it is undoubtedly not the end just yet, for sure.

Let things go and realize that there is so much more to loving than to let go, keep pursuing.

If you show some courage, maybe things will be better after a while; trust yourself.

Maybe this is a kind of test whether you will stay or not; if you genuinely love her, then you would.

I can only wish you would never give up on love, for it matters the most in this life, right?

It is not a matter of setting it all aside but instead of accepting every flaw that she has, man.

You have within you the power to make or break what you have, so you decide.

Sometimes, you make decisions because you have to, make sure not to regret anything at all.

There are so many things to do, but you should never give up on love, for it is vital.

Never give up on love and how powerful it is just because it encompasses everything.

It would be best to keep in mind that the best things in life are those you have worked hard for.

May you be guided and blessed by the god of happiness; you are going to be both just fine.

Time will come, and you will realize just what he truly means to you; let him know what he is.

And even when things are going to go wrong, you have to be the one who tries to make it okay.

How do I convince you to never give up on love though you may have experienced heartache?

If he calls, will you answer and tell him just how much you genuinely feel for him still, my dear?

It would help if you let him know; I know he will listen to you and tell you the truth about things.

Will you listen to me when I say that you must never give up on love even when it hurts a lot?

Would you please tell me that you will never give up on love because it matters most in this world, baby?

Somewhere along the way, you may want to quit, but darling, you should never give up on love.

I wish you would tell me now that I should never give up on love because I am on the brink.

Who cares what will happen? I will never give up on love though it feels worse than I expect.

Never give up on love. Never say that it is too much because it is worth it at the end of it all.