The 45 Dating Quotes


One of the best moments in life is when you are dating someone, when you are finally together with the person you adore, the person you love, or finally dating someone you have long wanted to get to know more about.
Dating is the process of getting to know someone better, understanding what makes them laugh, what their pet peeves are, what they are like outside of their usual self.
Dating brings two people even closer to each other, and it is through dating that you can decide if you want to be together with someone for the rest of your life.
Here are some relatable quotes about dating that you might want to see for yourself.

Dating you has been one of my college life’s best moments, and I am just so happy about it.

To be with you is fun; I have so much to think about, and you make me feel things I never did.

I want to be with you all the time, and I guess this is one effect you have on me, my dear.


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I would never give up so easily on you; I promise to give all my efforts to stay with you.

May we never have a moment of misunderstanding? You and I want to get to know you.

Let this not be our last date ever, for I would love to spend more time with you, my dear love.

Thank you for the years we have spent dating each other only to find out we won’t work out.

If he does not call you anymore, maybe you should think twice if he is still interested in you.

Find someone who can make you laugh instead of finding a perfect handsome young lad, girl.

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You need someone you can lean on when things do not seem to be as great as it is.

I wish that you would see a man who can make you smile and laugh, who will be proud of you.

Find yourself someone who will stay with you even when you try to push them away.

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It has been fun dating you, but I wish I never see you again for the rest of this journey of life.

Every time we say our goodbyes to each other, it feels like we will not see one another.

Your kiss melts me like no one else ever has, and I want you to know how much I feel, love.

It was the look in your eyes that has me going all gooey and sweet on you, that is for sure.

Stop expecting things to happen and do your part as well in maintaining what you have, girl.

Do not pretend to be someone you are not, and just be loved for who you are, girl.

I wish the time comes when I can gladly say that dating you was something I have enjoyed.

If he is not contacting you, the truth is that maybe he is with someone else as of that moment.

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What is being with someone but making yourself see if you have a future with them?

My arms are always open for you because that Is what it means to have a man on your side.

We did not have the best experience when we were still dating, but now we are married, baby.

Every relationship should go like this, giving and taking and nothing else but that, boy.

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You were so sweet on her when you asked to date her, so be sweet on her still today.

It is hard to be with a best friend from the opposite gender, but that’s bad.

The best thing about when you have to decide is to play jack en poy and have fun.

You gave me such a hard time when we were still dating, but now you are so devoted to me.


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Stop searching for a person to be with, and one day you will be super surprised to see him.

What is yours will always be yours no matter how much life tries to challenge you with?

My dear, the truth is that people hurt each other all the time when they least expect to.

I wish you would understand that I am looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with.

This is the stage when we get to know each other’s flaws and see if we can survive them.

Our dating days were one of the best memories that I have of our relationship, my darling.

The truth is the more I get to know you. It seems the more I fall in love with you, my favourite.

There is something about you that has me going crazy on you. That is the truth of this love.

May you keep being the same person you are because I have fallen in love with this.

No matter how much you change, I would gladly accept you as is, my dear.

When I thought I had you all figured out, you found a new way to surprise me, my love.

I just remembered how much I enjoyed dating you back then, and look where that led us to.

You make me fall for you over and over again, and you are not even aware of how you do it.

How come I keep on loving you the more I get to know you? That is still a wonder to me too.

It must be how I feel and how you make me see things more transparent and better, dear.

What I have for you is accurate. There is no one else in my mind but you for every second, girl.

You make me smile and laugh, and for me, that is enough to know you are the right one, boy.

Dating was but a prequel to our happily ever after, and now we are happier and more in love.

I can still feel your love from here, and you are so far away, miles of miles away from me.

I see great love in your eyes, and I know that we will be okay, you and I.

It is still a wonder how I did the things I did back then to make everything fall into this.

There are times when I think to myself that I am way better off now that you are here today.

There was a time when I thought dating was the bomber in a relationship, but it was not.

You changed my life when you came into it, even though you may not know what you did.

Something about your smile has me so captivated; that is the truth of it, love.

My dear, how come you never taught me how to do your Math shortcuts? What do I do now?

Will you be with me every time I have a problem, stay with me, and face them?

If decisions make or break a person, I am glad that I am still standing strong now.

Dating made my life a whole lot more exciting, and it filled me up with a certain sense of joy.

There are mistakes you will make in this life; find someone to forgive you for every mistake.

Find yourself a person who will choose to stay with you no matter how difficult things are.

And in the end, it is the one who stayed with you during the most challenging times, marry that one.

It seems so far away now, but I keep going back to going on dates with you.

If I could, I would gladly take everything of you and love every single part, for sure, love.

And in the end, it was a matter of being with you or trying to be the best person, right?

There was something about dating you that just filled me with butterflies in my stomach.

Maybe it was the way you looked at me, so filled with love, that has me falling right back.

If I can, I want you to hold tight to me and do not let go, and we will be just fine, my dear.

There are no words to describe this feeling, a little giddy and a lot of happy love.

Darling, I want to be with you every second of every day because I love you a lot.

And the truth is that dating you was something I can never forget, even years later, honey.

The person I got to know when I was dating you that I fell in love with, wifey.

Who would have thought that we would end up together, you and I, and yet here we are?

You may not understand, but when I mean it, I do what I have sensed all along, my dear.

Of all the people I was dating in the past, you were the favourite of my heart, hubby.

Every time I remember that we were once dating, I smile and wonder what happened to us.

We are now married after ten years of dating each other, of being with each other every day.

You are the one person I would gladly be in the dating stage with for the rest of forever.

The day we started dating was when I realized that I do have feelings for you.

I never imagined that we could be together until the moment that we started dating, my dear.

Who would have thought that we would begin dating right away when I didn’t even know you?

And it was dating you that made me realize that I can fall for a person with all I have.

Dating you was the most fun experience I had in my life. You were just a brilliant light.

I shone the brightest when I was dating you. Now we shine together as we are now married.