Volunteer Quotes

Volunteers are people who help others and expect nothing in return.
In times of crisis, these people are the real heroes, and they dedicate so much of their time through compassionate acts.
Here is a collection of volunteer thank you quotes, volunteer appreciation quotes and funny volunteer quotes dedicated for volunteers out there.


Thanking volunteers has come a long way. So say those two magical words and let them know you’re happy people like them exist. Here is well-written volunteer thank you quotes.


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Hearing people say thank you warms my heart, and it fills my tired body with so much energy in an instant. And this is why I love helping people,

Serving other people without asking anything in return is the best feeling ever. A simple thank you from people can cheer me up till I fall asleep.

Thank you for putting time and effort into what you do. Continue to serve, and you shall be rewarded without a hundred times more.

the reason why volunteers don’t get paid or won’t accept payment is not that they are worthless. The reason is simple. They are priceless. Appreciation is the only thing they are willing to receive. Thank a volunteer always.

Always bear in mind that those who give more are the ones happier than those who receive more.

Sometimes losing yourself to help others might be the way to finding out your true self. That’s why volunteers do what they do. They find satisfaction in helping others, and they feel great. A big thank you to all the volunteers out there.

To all the volunteers in the world who continue to serve people selflessly, you are indeed heroes. You help and don’t expect anything in return, but still, you have our heartfelt gratitude.


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We will always be thankful for your kindness and determination to help without payment. We don’t have much, but we offer you our sincerest friendship.

The real MVP’s are the volunteers. They have to balance their personal life with helping others, and they don’t complain. The only thing we can do for them is a simple thank you to motivate them to go the extra mile to help more people. Don’t forget to say thank you to them.

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Fame and fortune are not always the measure of wealth. Sometimes those who have nothing but help others are the wealthiest.

Never be ashamed of not having enough money or material things to help others. The thought of you wanting to help others is already a noble gesture, and with the right actions, you will be bountiful with another people’s gratitude.

What you have given is hope. You gave people the chance to believe in someone, so a million thanks are not enough for all the things you have done. As a volunteer, you have touched so many lives and souls. Praying for your health and well being and hope you can help many more.

To attract happiness, one must abandon their selfish desires and aim to help others. Through this, you will learn humility and how to be satisfied with what you have. Watching people happy because of your help is already the most selfless reward you will ever receive.

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The saying more you give, the more you receive saying doesn’t mean giving money or fortune. It means the more you help other people, the richer you become in happiness. No material things can buy true happiness, but happiness through helping others is priceless.

A lot of people unconditionally helped me reach my goal. They have understood my passion, and they commit to helping me without anything in return. For now, I thank them with words, but soon I will thank them in kind for all their efforts.

Volunteering is a noble act because even if you don’t really get something from it, you know that you have touched people’s lives deep in your heart. So to all of you volunteers, cheers! And may God bless your hearts.

Volunteers are indeed heroes that don’t wear capes. They don’t think of themselves, but they think about you. So always take the time to thank them for everything they do because gratitude comes a long way.

Volunteers are everywhere around us. They can be our family, friends and even total strangers. People around us are always willing to help in a way and because of that, let us never forget to say thank you whenever people do good deeds for us.

Show volunteers that their acts are never wasted by saying thank you. It will surely lift their spirit and give them more energy to help others too.

No volunteer should ever feel worthless because the things they do to help people are priceless. So let them know that they’re doing awesome by saying thank you.

We should never take volunteers lightly because they go the extra mile just to help people. Show some love and say thank you as much as you can.

How amazing are volunteers exactly? They do things for people even if they know they won’t get anything in return. Volunteers just want to make a difference. Thank them because, without them, the world would not be this beautiful.

Volunteer appreciation quotes

Volunteers work hard to make a difference. They help a lot of people and don’t mind what they have to go through. Show these people how much you appreciate them with these quotes.

Volunteers don’t have all the time in the world. They have a family to tend to a job to do. Yet, they still find ways to help the community. Time is not what they have. They just have a heart.

It’s easy to make money in life because you only have to work and be wise with handling money. The hard part in life is making a difference by touching other people’s life.

Want to see love in motion? Watch volunteers do their thing. They help others without expecting anything in return.

If you help and think nothing is working, don’t stop because you might not realize it, but the small gestures of your kindness create a ripple effect on everyone around you. So don’t think nothing is working because it is.

Helping others is really hard, especially in the world we live in right now. A million thanks to all those who volunteered to make a difference. Keep doing what you do, and always remember you are loved and appreciated by many.

People who help others are the best kind of people, and they deserve all the good things and all the appreciation they can receive.

All you can ever do to the people that helped you is say thank you, especially for those who volunteered to give their time and effort to help other people.

A helping hand is what everybody wants, but only a helping heart can truly give.

People who think less of themselves make more difference in the world than all the wealthiest men combined. A simple thanks are highly appreciated for all the volunteers out there who makes small actions but contribute to a big difference.

God gave us angels to help us with our struggles. Some of them don’t have wings, and we call them volunteers, and appreciating them is something we could do to motivate them to help others more.

What we do for ourselves only remains within us and dies with us. What we do to other people, the help we offer, will remain and shall never be forgotten.

Helping others will always be rewarded in the long run, so give thanks to those who offer their time and effort to help others. One thank you can go a long way.

Sometimes we think nothing is working out no matter how hard we try. But without you knowing, you are already touching lives. So never give up on what you are doing and never stop.

Always thank people who give the effort to serve others. They also need support mentally. The next time you see a volunteer, don’t forget to say thank you.

Sometimes you the best people in the world are not the wealthy ones, not the famous ones. Sometimes, those people who find time to serve and help others appreciate volunteers because they sacrifice every little thing they have to help others.

You work without salary or free you to take the name volunteer to a whole new level. You have our appreciation and our thanks. We value you and all the people who give time to help others.

People post quotes of kindness on their social media. But you guys do it without expecting anything in return. You have done the things they pretend to do.

Angles like volunteers are hard to find, especially in our generation where people only think of themselves. It would be best if you were called modern-day angels for you want nothing but your help can be everything to some people.

Helping others is what you do and all we can do is give thanks and appreciate everything that you have done. You became the beacon of hope to all of us who is in dire need of someone who can make a difference.

Treasure people who work for a cause and help not to impress. They have a heart of gold and the world needs more of them.

People who voluntarily help you with your projects support you. They are able to understand your visions, and they will help you reach your goal. So respect them, accept their opinions and appreciate them always.

The world would be a better place if people thought less of themselves. And that’s why we should look up to volunteers because they help people unconditionally, and that is a very good example.

Volunteers are happy when they help people, but they’re a lot happier when you show them how grateful you are for their help.

It’s easy to work for money, but it takes a kind heart to work for a cause. Show volunteers how grateful you are for their work by simply appreciating them and saying thank you.

Volunteers might not notice it, but people appreciate them by looking up to them. Some people see them as an inspiration to also help other people. And that a high degree of appreciation.

When people help me, I make sure I show them how grateful I am by returning the favour. They often refuse, so I help other people instead of making a ripple effect out of the volunteers’ hard work.

People who put an effort to help you unconditionally are your heroes. They want to see you succeed. They want to help because they are also proud to see you trying. So always thanks to those people.

Every volunteer has one common purpose: to help. That’s all there is. There’s no such thing as asking for money or any kind of payment in volunteerism. But remember that appreciating them comes a long way.

Thank every drop of rain that comes to earth because the world would experience famine without it. A volunteer’s good deed is like a raindrop. It’s small, and it makes a difference. Gather all those good deeds together, and that makes a huge difference. So appreciate every volunteer.

Volunteerism isn’t based on occasions. It means helping anytime and anywhere. So whenever you see someone regular volunteering to help out, take the time to show that person how much the world appreciates him.

People who share what they have with you is another form of volunteering. They know you don’t have much, but they still choose to lend you what’s theirs. Show them how much you appreciate the things they give by returning the favour and being there for them when they’re the ones in need.

Volunteering isn’t just about helping others, but it’s also all about not expecting anything in return. So to all the people who have received help from these volunteers, show them how much you appreciate them as much as you can.

Helping is always a noble and selfless act, and everyone should see that. Whenever people appreciate other people’s selflessness, it makes the world a lot better.

Volunteers show a lot of love through how they extend their help to people. And we can show volunteers that we’re very grateful by also helping other people, creating a ripple of good deeds and making a big difference.


Even volunteers experience funny moments sometimes while they’re out there trying to help people. Here are some funny volunteer quotes you might relate to.

People may be ungrateful sometimes, but I hope my unselfish warm heart always helps melt their cold hearts—just spreading love through being a volunteer.

There are people in need, and that keeps my lazy ass from being selfish. Volunteering to help makes a difference in little ways, which is enough to motivate me to be lazy.

To all the grumpy snobby people in the world, we hope that a volunteer’s smile can ease your day a bit and make you see the bright side of life.

Do you know what’s funny about being a volunteer? They’re tired from work, they want to marry their bed because they want to sleep more, but when people need them, they just can’t help overworking for them.

It’s not easy being a volunteer sometimes because we also have to deal with people being ungrateful for the help we extended to them. I hope those people get hit with the lightning of appreciation.

I often lose myself while seeing people’s smiles as I help them, then some people scoff when I smile at them, so I give them my biggest smile, hoping they’ll see that I love doing all these things for them.

I don’t want anything in return for my service. I just want a simple ‘thank you. It often surprises me when people look badly at me, even when I’m trying to help. I mean, how can people still be ungrateful when they know they need help. It’s funny sometimes.