80+ Annoying people quotes


Sometimes there are just too many annoying people that it makes you feel crazy to be in the same place with them or even within the same vicinity.
When the time comes, it would be great not to see these annoying people or at least let these annoying people know precisely how you feel about them.
If that is not possible, relax and let yourself be comforted by the fact that you are not the only one.
Here are some annoying people quotes you can relate to.


May you not invite those annoying people into your life, make the rules like a great person.


The truth is that I care a lot about the first impression. If I get annoyed with you, you’ll know.

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I am pretty much a tolerating person, so if I get mad at you, it means you are just too much.


Some people think I am snobbish; I think it’s more that I get easily irritated with people.


I am certainly not irritable, so you should know what it is if we do not make sense together.


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I do not like people who think that simple feats in life are impossible; it does not exist for me.


We can build many things together if you remove your habit of interrupting me when I talk.


Let us go back to the beginning; I believe you weren’t quite irritating back then, my friend.


Do not listen if you do not believe what I say; I do not need your puny opinions anyway.


Stop being worried about the things that are not even here just yet because it just sucks, bro.



The truth is, I think your mind is made up of galaxies that I think you do not belong here, sis.


Sometimes I wonder if those annoying people have inherited that trait from their ancestors.


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If you try to put yourself in my shoes, I bet you would understand how I feel about your traits.


May you find a way to improve your character somehow? Oh, I truly wish that you would.


You know you are out of line when I stare at you hard, and I stare at you with eyes so mad.


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And by all means, go for the things you are afraid to do, and I bet you will realize how I feel.


I want to take a moment of silence to pray for you and everything you have done for me.


Maybe we cat take this the professional way and try to tolerate each other, right?

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You cannot even help yourself, so I do not know how I will help you out, dear.


I wonder if it is the lack of intelligence or if you have some serious problem for this day.


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Honestly, I think of how happy I would be once you disappear from my sight at this moment.


To those annoying people in my life, I wish that you would get out of this life of mine.


T hate a person like you who thinks they are better than everyone else; that’s the truth.


There may be people who do not like me, but I do not want you just as well for what it is worth.


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Some people spend money they did not work hard for, so what is the point in that?


I guess I get annoyed easily, but honestly, how do you even tell this from that? Could you answer me?


The fact that you are trying to impress people you do not even know annoys me the hell out of me.


You never argue due with anyone regarding religion; it is a battle you won’t win.


I want to apologize right now, but I will never get to like you; that is what I honestly think this time.


Maybe I can learn to like you if you stop trying to jump to conclusions; that is the truth of it.


I hate those who gossip and tell things about someone else behind their backs. May you learn.


Stop overreacting to things because I honestly find it very irritating and also irresponsible.


I wish I could tell those naturally irritating people to get away from me; I can’t, though.


Dear annoying people, stop acting like you seem to know everything when you don’t, please.


The truth is that I do not hate you; I find you annoying, and that is the end of it.


Stop being so full of yourself and stop being so obnoxious as well; it is very displeasing.


It is those that got you mad that you will then start to talk about.


If I could block some people in real life, maybe it would be easier to live my life.


Some people like the feeling of being irritated, and I honestly am amazed.


How do you cope when someone keeps reminding you of the reason you are not really okay.


I like walking for a long time, especially when I get hot-headed and mad at people I care for.


I wanted to fight with you, to tell you I find you stupid, but I then remember we are siblings.


I do want to respect you, but how can I when you do not do anything pleasing.


You do not have an ounce of humility in you, which makes you annoying people.


Can you dress up better? Can you try to fit in for once? You stand out way too much.


This is my dark side, and it honestly isn’t happy with you one bit; at least it is sincere.


Annoying people sometimes seem like they are not aware of how annoyed you are of them.


I’d rather be by myself, all alone, than be with some annoying people t cannot stand.


I will give everything I have if it means I can get rid of that person who is not that great.


When you chat with me and do not reply for a long time, I hope you get what that means.


Let us not even start on talking about the reasons why I do not like you; we’d never finish.


Maybe I am the problem; it would be better to think of it that way for you, I guess it would.


So let me tell you how disappointed I was when I learned I would see you again.


Can you get out of my way and try to do the same for you? Please listen to this.


I wonder what God’s reason is for creating a too talkative person, just like you, dear.


You talk about things that you should not talk about, which is why I am annoyed.


There are two kinds of people in the world: annoying people and people who are not at all.


The truth is not a lot of people understand what you are talking about, so maybe stop?


Tomorrow is another day; I know that, but maybe you can honestly try not to talk too much?


That stupid kid that says there was homework when you forgot your reading at your house.


It is the moment that I realize what a big dummy you are that I feel so sorry for here now.


You are but a big bloke who does nothing of importance; I do not recognize your existence.


Do I know you? Excuse me, but I have a lot of better things to do as of this very moment.


I just wasted all my time talking to someone who is certainly not worth talking to anyway.


I wanted to be the one who would understand you, but you are that stupid even to try to.


All my efforts were wasted because of a person who did not think twice and let his tongue out.


Let me cut you into pieces and feed you to the dogs; I bet they will like every single bite.


When you encounter annoying people, I hope that you can handle them properly.


The truth is not a lot of people are going to like you because even I who is tolerating do not.


I am way too busy in my business so forget it because I am not wasting time listening to you.


Let me do this, let me tell you that it will be alright, I will be just fine.


I wish I could tell myself that all things will be alright, but you there do not.


I do not give a damn about you, so forget that I was even here right now; I hope you can.


You keep blaming people who had nothing to do with you; I am so done with you.


How do you tell annoying people just how annoyed you are at them already? I wonder still.


I do not need you in my life, and I am so much better with you than the truth.


The time I spent trying to understand you have gone to waste, so forget it at this very moment.


I want to ask one of those annoying people how they came to be the way they are now.


Some of the annoying people in my life seem to be my friends; how did that happen to me?


Most of the annoying people I know are those that do things for no apparent reason at all.


I wish that some of the annoying people in this world would try their best not to be that.


In the end, there are but annoying people in the world that I would rather be all by myself.


Interactions with annoying people can get quite depressing; that is the truth.


I wish there were not as many annoying people in the world as in these areas.


When annoying people come into action, I want to have nothing to do with them at all.