Bored Quotes

You are sitting here with your book, but you feel you have no idea what to do with your life.
You start to close your book and try to do other things: cleaning your room, washing the dishes, watching some chick flick show on the television, listening to some genre of music to be yet discovered, finding the old diary from your boxes in the attic.
You already know that you have a lot to do, but you feel lying on your bed and staring at the ceiling all day.
You handled the feeling of being bored like a hidden rock in the cave.
If you don’t know what to do with your life, you maybe wait for that feeling and come back to your original self.
You may need some time.

You may feel like a rock for a long time, but wait, and you will never experience it again.

Your body would feel like a floating space in a college party with red cups and blaring music.

You can admit that you somehow drift away with your soul and find nothing to do with life.


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It would help if you were friends with your curiosity because you can meet your bored, creative self.

We are living in a world where parties and emptiness co-exist beneath our curious minds.

Being bored can strike you like a baseball from a home run when you think of nothing else.

I want to lay down on my back and think how emptiness can consume my mind at this moment.

My mind can eat my ideas and turn them into more colourful than the crayons in a box.

We can never be bored if we don’t let it take our time, do something worthless and imprudent.

It is a perfect day to go out and see the beautiful sunrise, but my body does not want to move.

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We can experience those days when your body is so heavy and your mind is too much empty.

We can encounter these kinds of dull moments when we want to pass the time for no reason.

If you feel like your mind and soul are getting empty, let it be until something can fill you in.

Everything feels different if you get a low battery in any motivation or inspiration for yourself.

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When you get bored, you can be friends with time and never separate until your demise.

Books can take my mind from anything, but they take my soul from reality when I get bored.

I would stare at my ceiling and imagine the birds flying to the centre of my mind and my soul.

My body feels so weak and empty, but my mind races like a Ferrari in the middle of the desert.

I want to feel the muscles in my body, but I get the feeling like I got plaster of Paris in me.

The feeling of getting bored can kill time in various ways, so we should retain inspiration.

This kind of feeling is like a taste of death in the middle of the loud thunderstorm at midnight.

You may want to get up and fix your life now, but you can’t do it with your weak muscles.

This moment is the opportunity to take your dreams on track, but everything would feel empty.

Even a ringtone can sound like getting bored in the ears of a person with an empty mind.

These are the moments when you want something, but you won’t like to do anything today.

My mind feels empty, like a vast space in the middle of a valley on a dark afternoon.

Getting bored is like making pals whom you can turn to while waking up with an empty mind.

You may feel like holding an empty cup in your arms, but you can fill it with your secret ideas.


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This floating space makes me want to crawl around the world and find something to get packed.

This is the world that holds my empty mind that stretches with its dull imagination and curiosity.

Getting bored makes you feel like standing inside the great castle and feeling the emptiness.

Words can fall apart inside my blank thoughts, and they can bounce back and forth all the time.

Your hands feel like a greasy towel, and you don’t want to do anything to get smudges in life.

I don’t want to touch the world and make it dirtier than it can be with my bare hands.

Getting bored can strike you like a mad parent and make you helpless with your mind.

I want to get up and see the world, but I can’t do it with an empty heart and a blank mindset.

I want to do anything, but my body and hands feel heavier for something I don’t know.

The morning looks bored without its bright sunshine and a daily dose of my struggle to get up.

I don’t want to confuse it with laziness, but I know I am already part of it in this everyday life.

You can do anything, so sit straight and make every possibility become a reality in you.

Motivation and determination are the nemeses of getting bored and lazy in every part of life.

You may lay your head in your bed now, full of uncertainty about the weight of your heart.

This empty feeling holds my body all over the place and gets me like a messenger in the bottle.

I can feel movements around me, but my body is still like an asteroid across the moon orbit.

Getting bored can strike you like a charging bird to any nemesis who tries to eat her nestlings.

You can pick up anything but yourself when an uneasy feeling swiftly strikes out of the blue.

I want to hold my hand, but even my eyes go blank with every sudden movement right now.

Getting bored can make these things go blank with every chance in these frantic moments.

You can talk with a single utter, and you may turn out with a hollower mind than the usual.

This moment seems unusual with the prospect of speaking your mind through your empty eyes.

Getting bored can talk you like a chihuahua or a lamb who can eat profligately in the fields.

You may think like an empty can as you hold your contents with the greasy hands of future jiffies.

Just start lying on the bed with the bottom corner of your teardrops and uncertain tomorrow.

Your body may become heavier than your feelings, but you can get up with smiling sunshine.

Getting bored is different from grief because it can take away your feelings to the empty box.

Everything feels nothing when you get to the moment of truth and prevail the phoney emotions.

Everything feels darker with the bottom of the chain and the brim of the forthcoming sunshine.

You can hear every teardrop and every bit of sunshine when you possess an emptier mind.

Getting bored can strike you like a pitcher in a championship game for his dad’s honour.

I want to get lost in this journey and make memories like a lost keychain on the seaside.

This feeling can take you to an unknown world that you may never get out of without motivation.

Getting bored is a friend who can make you feel safe with an idea of a vast, empty universe.

This heavy feeling can make motivation and inspiration that goes away to another dimension.

This universe can make you feel the heavy feeling underneath the docks and the empty minds.

Getting bored is a pal who can make you feel safe with the floating ideas on outer space.

You may want to lay on your bed now and feel this magnificent world swimming in your ears.

Let the world consume your feelings and let it fly to space where the thoughts gather.

Getting bored is a buddy who can make you feel like floating in the universe of the unknown.

This tediousness can take us away to the world where we can soar with our hopeless dreams.

The world can take us where the edge can show us our incapability in our souls.

Getting bored is a lovely friend who can make you feel like flying across the space of mystery.

This tediousness can take us away to the place where we can fly with all our wildest dreams.

Let me fly like a bird and face the world with emptiness like the vast of the Milky Way galaxy.

Getting bored is your pal who can make you feel like flying across a mysterious place.

This tediousness can take us to the place where we can soar with our empty, hopeful dreams.

This tediousness can take us to the universe where we can take a flight with our empty souls.

Getting bored is your nemesis who can make you wonder about flying with an empty mind.

This tediousness can take us away to the universe where we can put our feelings to nowhere.

Getting bored is an archenemy that can make you think about travelling with inspiration.

Getting bored can strike you like a pitcher would do in a baseball game for his leading team.

This tediousness can take us away to the universe where we can forget to become motivated.

Getting bored is your buddy who can make you feel like you are flying with an empty soul.

Getting bored can be a pal you can count on the times with an exhausted, empty soul.

Getting bored can strike you like a pitcher in his final baseball game in his entire career.

Everything feels nothing else when you try to let out the truth and expose these empty dreams.

An emptier mind makes you hear the screaming of fears and lost whereabouts all the time.

I want to get lost in this tiring journey and make it memorable for our beautiful empty dreams.

Everything can become darker with an empty mind and an empty heart for someone like you.

This odd feeling can take you to the lost world where you know that you may never get out.