Cute Status For Whatsapp

People nowadays are fond in socializing and communicating through the social media. Countless social media programs are developed for the consumers, and because of the convenience and easy accessibility, it is fast becoming an essential part of our lives.
Here are some cute quotes that you can use for Whatsapp:

There are people who have loved one person or two persons, but I only love you.

If you ask me the reason why I fell in love with you, I would answer you that the reason is everything about you.

All I ever wanted is not to be cute or hot or beautiful, but to be yours.

Don’t forget that smiling is innate in you, and you always have that below your nose.


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The heart sometimes gives most of its room to tiny things that you think do not matter.

Whenever I am with you, I become a whole new individual.

The sea may contain all kinds of fishes but for me there is only one Nemo and that is you.

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Unlikely places breed wild flowers, just like our love that breeds in improbable places.

If you want something to last for all time, you should take it slow.

You are just one of the millions in the world, but to someone you are one in a million.

You always bring out the best out of me; that is why I will do the best that I can for you.

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You could see how good I look, how much more if you take a bite out of me.

The things that have hurt you are also the things that could teach you.

There are just two options when we flip the coins. It’s either you are mine or I am yours.

Cute Love Status

I will not treat you as bad as you are, but I will treat you as good as I am.

All these flowers around are surely sweet, but they pale in comparison to you.

Not all of your problems might be fixed, but I promise that you would not go through it alone.

There are some people who do not talk to you, but maybe that is because they are waiting for you to start the conversation.

Dating the most beautiful girl is not important, but dating the girl who makes your world beautiful matters the most.

As long as U and I are next to each other, A to Z does not really matter.

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You may have the most beautiful face, but it would not matter if you do not have a good personality.

The start of the day always promises something beautiful.

Education is bitter from the roots, but someday its fruit would be sweet.

It has to be you, just like what my heart told me.

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I would rather walk with you in the dark than walk with no one else in the light.

Every day, I wake up with you in my mind and go to sleep with you in my dreams.

Whenever I look into your eyes, I could see everything that I need.

Girls who are wise in love kiss without love, listen to words but does not believe a thing, and leave even before she is left.

We could be perfect crime partners and I will steal your heart if you steal mine.


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I have always wanted you, every day until the rest of time.

I want to grow old with you together, be with you, and walk with you forever.

Even if forever is such a long time, I would be willing to spend it with you.

The mistakes we made could always be fixed. Everyone deserves a chance to do so.

The very thing that I would like to change in you is your last name.

Your presence means a lot to me, just as well as your absence does.

The whole world may have stopped moving, but I assure you that our love would keep us going.

The cutest thing in the world is when couples could act like they are best friends.

Do not dwell on your mistakes in the past, because regret would hinder you from being grateful of what you have today.

If you are really in love with the person, he can easily affect whatever your emotions are.

You may not know it, but someone out there is dreaming of your smile.

People would only lose their respect of you when you allow them to disrespect you.

Consider our relationship as growing in love, because if we fall in love, then everything would only break once they fall.

Do not forget that you are so much more than what you seem to think. You are brave, strong, and smart, believe in that.

Whenever people ask me what I have seen in you that made me love you, I never answer them, because they might love you too.

Oceans may lie between us, but I still want to send you these hugs and kisses to let you know that I always think about you.

Relationships are always braced with fights, but make sure that it is worth fighting for.

Thank you for teaching me how to love, but you never told me how to stop.

I love it whenever I hear your heart beat, because I know that it is beating because of me.

Nothing could ever compare to what you and I feel for each other.

Finding real happiness is being happy even if you are alone, so that having company would only be a matter of decision.

Not all sincere people may pull you up when you are down, but they make sure that they know ways not to let you fall.

The key elements to keep a relationship going are trust and honesty. If you do not have them, then better stay single.

I may not be always there for you, I may make you sad at times, but one thing I can assure you is I am the best that I can be because of you.

Dreams are not only meant to be told, they should be shown.

I wonder who is paying me for every dollar that I get suspicious of something.

I am a limited edition person, but I am not that special.

My mother told me once that if I want to go wild and break my legs, I should never run to her and cry.

Borrow money from someone who does not expect it to be paid, just like the pessimist.

Some marriages are like workshops; the husband works while the wife shops.

The one thing that I am so good at that I can do it with both eyes closed is sleeping.

I got the shock of my life the day that I was born that I was not able to speak for a year and half.

I just complimented my friend about the mustache, and then she stopped being my friend after that.

If Mario is not afraid of stepping on people, then why should you?

If you are always laughing at your wife’s choices, you are also laughing at yourself.

Let me die young, just as long as it is as late as ever.

The best viewpoint to kiss my butt is behind my back, so just keep talking about me behind my back.

I would give the world to you if only it is in my hands.

My hug would tell you what I really feel for you, so I will hug you forever.

Although each love story of every couple is unique, our own love story is the most beautiful.

My dream always comes true whenever I spend every day with you.

All that really matters to me every day is having you in my arms every morning when I wake up.

The stars pale in comparison to the beauty of your smile.

Half of my dream is to be in love with you. The other half is to stay in love with you forever.

The future never bothers me at all because I know that you would be there to hold my hand.

The moment I saw you, I started to believe in magic when once I was a skeptic.

I would have a hard time showing you how much I love you because my love encompasses the whole universe.

I may be tired and down, but your love can always light me up.

Being in love could expose yourself to all the hurt that your loved one could cause.

Hot guys may immediately get the attention of girls, but funny guys always get the love of girls.

You are the best thing that could happen to me.

I forgave every stupid mistake you made because I am blinded by my love for you.

I would rather be pained by the truth than be soothed by a lie.

People in love feel like they are in heaven, but those who have been hurt feel the fires of hell.

You will know that you are indeed in love when you feel hurt because he loves someone else.

The weather is in tune with my heart tonight because it never stopped raining.

The quietest sound you can ever hear is the shattering of a broken heart.

The best mistake you could ever make would be loving someone who is not meant for you.

Our feelings are affected by hurtful words, but cold silence could break one’s heart.

I was once hurt by the one I love and I cried a river. But I built a bridge then got over it.

When you fail, treat it as a temporary thing that could happen in your life, but giving up is the real permanent thing that could occur.