60 Ego Quotes and Sayings


Ego is just a three-letter word, but it can destroy anything on its path, including relationships of all kinds.
All people have it, but only a few have the courage and strength to put it aside to save what is more important and meaningful.
We have collected tons of various ego quotes on this site, which will give you an overview and idea about ego itself.
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When you know how to apologize about something, whether you are correct or incorrect, you only value the relationship you have with that person. That is why you can set your ego aside.


Do not ever let your ego destroy your relationship with your friends, family, or anyone. Apologizing might be challenging, especially when you know you are reasonable, but it is worth the shot if it can save the relationship.


When someone says sorry to you for their mistakes, do not look down on them because it only means that they value their relationship with you and set their ego aside.


Friends, family, and other kinds of relationships should always be greater than your ego because the ego will not help you in times of need.

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Ego is the number one cause of failed and broken relationships.


The simplest definition of ego is that it destroys everything on its path.


All relationships keep GOING as long as ING is not removed and E is not added as the first letter. Once GOING becomes EGO, everything will forego.


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Ego can’t only kill relationships; it can also kill talents and gifts.


Quit talking and bragging about yourself, for those tasks will be done by the people whom you will leave behind once you depart in this world.


If you feel offended whenever someone corrects you for your mistakes, you only have an ego problem.


You will only be able to find yourself when you quit talking about yourself.


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Let go of your ego no matter how high you go.


Ego does not always mean that you are proud of yourself. Once you start acting arrogantly and shouting at others, you already have it.


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You can only find the true happiness you are looking for once you learn to let go of your ego.


Ego has the word GO to remind us that it is the right thing to do with it.


Lose your ego, and you will never lose hope and faith ever again.



Let us not hold tight to our egos if we want our relationships to keep going.


Ego has this ability to blind you, so you will not be able to see your very own mistakes.


The ego is like a thick piece of the veil. First, it will confine us from seeing all the things that we have; then, it will remove itself when there is nothing left for us to see.


If you think you have learned humility, then do not talk about it.


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There are two types of egotistic people—first, the ones who admit it. Second, the ones who do not know that they have it.


The ego has three supreme needs—first, the need to be in command of. Second, the market to the critic. Third, the need to be applauded. Without these three needs, the ego will not flourish.


A selfish person can only see his self-portrait in an exhibit of beautiful and more creative art pieces.


When you lose the ego, that is the time when you find enlightenment.


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People love to hear the sound of their voice that is why they do not learn anything.


If you think that ego has already stained your personality, wash it right away.


Do not allow your ego to become the God of your life because the ego is not meant to be above you.


If you let go of your useless ego, your hands will be complete with things far more valuable and meaningful.


Sometimes, ego can be a good thing, for it allows you to see what others may not see in you.

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Separate your ego away from your position so that when the time comes that your work falls, your ego will not go down with it.


One of the few good things about narcissistic people is that they do not talk or gossip about other people.


At times, ego can be beneficial in making oneself efficient.


I am trapped in the dark and miserable prison cell called my ego.


Great people might all have great egos as well. But people who have great egos are not all great.


Ego, in some cases, appears out of defensiveness when one feels to be vulnerable and weak.


One’s ego cannot defend one’s honor. It will only render him honorless.


Sand that sees itself as a rock is full of ego, but the wind will still blow him away. A stone that sees itself is full of humility, and it can’t be blown away no matter how strong the wind blows.


If you want to love someone, be prepared to imprison your ego beforehand if you want that love to last.


The ego is sometimes afraid of losing two things that it decides to settle down. First, losing love. Second, losing a life.


An egotistic person is comparable to a rusty and broken trophy stored in the basement, waiting to be admired by everyone.


Set your goals because of specific reasons, not because of your ambitious ego.


An egotist is a person who has low standards, which results in admiring his self.


A man who thinks that he is not egocentric is very selfish at a high level.


Ego repulses real wisdom and changes.


If you want to be closer to God, throw your ego in a place where you can’t retrieve it anymore.


All women are difficult to handle for an egotist man.


One can’t be able to completely love someone if he is not willing to lose his ego.


You can’t call it to love if there is even the slightest hint of an ego.


A vast or high amount of ego is too dangerous to those who bear it.


Ego is present to all of us; everyone has it. Children and babies are concrete examples of it. Why? Because once they need something, they will do everything that they can to satisfy themselves.


We all have egos, for we are humans; we only differ on how we handle it in every given situation.


An apology only means that you care less for your ego.


When a person has everything, he also has this high ego, but his ego goes three levels higher when he loses everything.


The ego is something that cannot be left unseen by many.


Some people are so egotistic that they hate it when someone else knows more than what they know.


Egotistic people are less happy because they do not have the unique ability to laugh at themselves.


Women know how to handle their egos at crucial times, but men tend to have more difficulty controlling them even during the simplest times.


I guess God has a huge ego problem because he needs and wants us to worship him all the time.


The ego has this extreme necessity to be something.


Some folks, no matter how smart they are, can’t handle their egos well.


People who think and act like almost everything is as annoying as the flies during summer, and the need to smash them with something is intense.


It is hard when you have a conflict with other people, but it is way harder when you have a dispute with yourself.


Refrain from chatting and bragging about yourself for those tasks will be done by the people you will leave after and once you disappear in this world.


If you would like to be closer to God, toss your ego in a place where you can’t recover it anymore.


The higher the ego of a person, the more the pain he gets when a turning point comes.


Do not allow and let your self-ego be the reason that you have ended a relationship that can be saved in the first place.


Not everyone who humbles himself has humility; in most cases, they have the highest of all the egos.


An egotistic person gets offended when he knows that others pity him.


All arrogant people have egos, but not all people who have high egos are arrogant.


A high amount of ego is helpful in some artists.


Dresses and clothes can reflect the ego of a person who wears them.


Ego distracts a person from things and problems that need most of the attention.


An ego is synonymous with disease, for it can disable some of the person’s abilities.


You will go places if you choose to go beyond your ego; ego prevents you from going anywhere.


The ego has three utmost needs: the need to control and the need to judge. Third, the market is to be commended. Without these three needs, the ego will not thrive.


All of us have this so-called authentic self. It is stronger than ego, but it is hard to awaken it. It will take a miracle or a solid will to revive it.


They said that love conquers all. I think it is wrong because sometimes ego can overpower love itself.


Compassion is one of the many things that you can’t achieve if you have a high ego. The ego is the first-on-list enemy of the heart. That is why in Buddha’s teaching, compassion is necessary to wipe out all the traces of ego.


Ego is just a mere idea of who you are, which you also convince yourself to believe in.


Selfish people are the flies of society. They are like pests, annoying, and they think they are just like the mighty eagle, which can fly over people whenever they want to.


The ego thinks that it is the master of the house, but it is more like the house’s parasite.


The ego works like rust. It corrupts everything. It touches its inner core, and once corrupted, the thing will never be the same again.


Talents will be dead and useless if ego overshadows them. Yes, ego can do it.


Some people can easily forego a heavy and sumptuous meal. Some can sacrifice a dress or any property. But if you ask them to let go of their egos, almost everyone will hold on to it.


Ego does not intend to see something. Its main intention is to be something.


People are disconnected from each other because of their egos.


If you would like to connect to people, then you must disconnect your ego.


A person’s whole personality can be downgraded by ego.


If you want to be appreciated once in a while by people around you, it is just average and part of being human. But if you’re going to be enjoyed now and then, you must have an ego problem.


There is this one thing that sucks out all the joy in everything; it is called ego.


Good things happen to those people who learned how to wipe their egos completely—ego out-happiness in.


Learn how to accept the real you and other people. Eventually, by doing so, the ego will perish.


Self-acceptance can transform or eliminate your sky-high ego. Could you do it for you to know it?


The ego will automatically find its way out when you learn to let love and compassion shine through brightly.


Do not allow your ego to hold you back in learning new things.


The ego thought that by putting another person down, it would make itself more superior. In reality, the opposite happens.


Free your mind from clutter. Free your mind from ego.


You will not be your entire creative self if ego is occupying the whole space of your being.


We all have the power to discover our inner self; all we have to do is put our egos out of the way.


The ego can sharpen your tongue and blunt your brain.


Inhale lots of confidence but also see to it that you will exhale tons of egos.


A little tiny bit of ego can be good, but too much ego can be very treacherous.


Ego will make you think that you are clever, but it also hinders you from becoming one.


Each time I climbed a step higher, a dog kept following me. It is called ego.


If you want to identify things by using your soul, not your ego, then try to do some spiritual practices.


A person with a high level of ego will never become an effective and efficient leader.


People will have a hard time willingly obeying the orders of an egoist.


Once you can remove your ego from your inner self, you will not have a hard time eliminating your bad qualities because it is the ego that serves as the root for all the alarming traits in you.


The ego has this eagerness to possess lots of things, whether socially, physically, or mentally.


Nothing good will be achieved if ego and desire work as a team in controlling you.


Ego focuses on the failures and failures of others alone, but it will not do anything to correct the causes of the losses.


A man who is full of ego is too proud of himself to blame other people instead of admitting his own mistakes in life.


Insecurities in one’s life can be considered as a root of the ego because if you feel secure about yourself in the first place, your ego will not care to bother you.


Ego is more like a disease. Why? It attacks you from the inside to make you shoot the outside world.


A man with contentment in his life has little to no ego to corrupt him make him envious.


The human ego has only one sole purpose. To be superior among other people who surround him.


Greed, envy, hate, insecurity, anger, bitterness, fear, and jealousy are only a few of the human ego’s many toxic and poisonous products.


The human ego knows and is aware of its mistakes, but it is too proud to let other people know about them.


It can point and highlight other people’s mistakes and wrongdoings. But it cannot see its mess. Its name is EGO.


Ego is good at doing one thing. It is good in being pretentious.


A self-centered individual can only see his self-portrait in a display of gorgeous and more artistic pieces of art.


If you feel insulted whenever someone corrects you for your inaccuracies, it only means that you have the so-called ego problem.


Whenever you know how to ask for forgiveness about something, whether you are right or erroneous, you only give more significance to the relationship you have with that person. That is the reason why you can set your ego aside.


Almost everyone has this infamous ego problem, but no one is open and prepared to discuss it.


Once in a while, ego can be advantageous and helpful in making oneself competent.


Egotistic people pretend to be morally correct to justify their erroneous actions.


Ego is like a disease, it is highly contagious, and you will not feel its symptoms.


Combining insecurity and ego within yourself is like combining two kinds of bombs within you.


For some people, nothing is more important than their sky-high egos.


Few people are too wealthy at heart that they can’t afford to buy themselves some ego.


Poor people are more happy and content in life because they have little to no ego.


Ego and dust can be compared to one another. Why? You say because both of them can make you blind for a moment and make you miss the happening.


Many people have lots of riches to be shown off, but they are still so poor that all they have in their selves are egos.


Ego can be compared to chilies. Why? No one is willing to swallow it in the first thought.


The stone by the creek is more valuable than your ego at times.


The most detailed description of ego is that it destroys everything on its course.


Many human populations are more willing to kiss other people’s bum than to swallow their useless egos.


If only I could see my ego, I would shoot it down right away.


Ego is one of the main reasons why people are single or have a broken relationship.


If you would like to bond with different and various people, then you must detach your ego.


It is tough when you argue with other people, but it is way tougher when discussing yourself.


Do not consent to your ego from shutting you down in learning innovative ideas.


I guess you must have a spring within you. Why? Because you are overflowing with ego.


All of us humans were created with a self-destruct button. We may not be aware of it, but it is called ego folks.


We are hurting because we keep stabbing ourselves with this weapon called ego.


The ego is too afraid that it will not let its guard down no matter what the heart feels.


The ego does not choose people. Ego infects people from all walks of life and all ages of life.


We are signing ourselves up to slavery where the master who holds the whip is our egos.


Up and up it will go until you can’t let go because it will forbid you from doing so. It is ego chaps.


Your ego makes you believe that it is your subconscious that is responsible for your uncontrollable reactions.


The ego is like a country’s dictator. You are the country. Ego is the dictator. Your heart is the prisoner.


Consideration is one of the many things that you can’t achieve if you have an elevated ego. Ego is the first-on-list foe of consideration. That is why in Buddha’s teaching, consideration is essential to wipe out all the traces of ego.


The ego is the pressing dictate of an individual’s consciousness.


Ego is like a useless manager in a business firm who passes out all the blames for all its mistakes to others then credits himself with all the achievements of others.


Like a sponge, ego sucks the fun out of anything and everything.


All humans were born with this virus called ego, but only the courageous ones could get the cure for it.


The ego is the greatest and seldom defeated enemy of the human race.


Like a mold on the bread, it will only thrive if left unattended and unnoticed.


Ego is like a sickness, it is vastly contagious, and you will not sense its symptoms.


Love is like ego sometimes. It can be selfish and greedy once in a while.


If a man says that he has no ego, most definitely, he has tons of it.


Old age is nature’s natural process for humans to let go of their egos.


Wise people have more tendencies to have lesser egos.


It can be excellent if only we could throw ego into the trash bin just like how we throw garbage into it. Social life will be easier to handle, I guess.


I have this powerful urge to punch people in the face who think like they know every single thing about this whole damn world. In short, I want to hit people with egos as high as the skyscraper in the cities of my beloved country.