60+ Girl Quotes

They are the one we think are the weakest, but the truth is they are one of the strongest creature in the world.
Never underestimate the girl’s power. They may be silent, but most of them can explode like a real bomb.
Funny, isn’t it? Learn more about girl quotes with this compilation we made for our readers.
Enjoy reading. 🙂

She is just a small girl with a big heart to the poor.  Everyone should be like her.

The world needs a woman who talk like a lady and act like a real MVP. Someone who is responsible and know how to silent a man.

Her beauty is like a rose, always glamorous. Her smile can take you to other world. What a blessing from above to give a man her dream woman.

No one should think of a girl only as a house helper because she can be as good as any other respectable man.


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Respect your girl and she will treat you like a real king all her life.

You can never win over a girl who knows your secret. That kind of girl knows how to play the game better.

You can easily make a girl smile with a chocolate and a pair of shoes.

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I can’t stop thinking of the girl I met at the coffee shop. With one glance I already know that she is smart with a beautiful heart.

Not all girls are blessed with such beauty. Beauty that comes both from inside and out. Use it right, and make a difference.

Be mindful of a woman with looks that can deceive you, smile that can poison you, and with words that can take you away from this world.

How lucky I am to have a girl whose smile puts me in a very happy place. A place every man dreamt of.

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Choose a girl who speaks her feeling than a girl who hides everything and then blames you for something  you didn’t even know.

Tell your girl that she is beautiful and it will make her confident all day.

Every girl’s wish is to be successful in every career path she’ll go, and be with his loving man at the end of the day.

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The true happiness of a woman never comes from expensive jewelries, branded bags and shoes, or any other material things in this world. Her happiness comes from the truth that she is God’s princess and she is precious no matter what.

We believe that every woman are a woman of power. Aside from being caring and loving, women are strong by nature.

Protect and respect our women, and see how they will change the world.

Girls nowadays use their beauty to make a difference and use their brain to choose what is right.

What a girl wants and what a girl needs is always base on what she sees on other girls.

It’s funny how good girls end up with idiot guys.

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Think of many ways to make a woman laugh, and she will think of many ways how to treat you right.

Two words you should not tell a girl: fat and choosy.

If being beautiful is a crime, then I spend my whole life in a jail.

Every good girl deserve a responsible man who will make her feel secure and beautiful all the time.

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Not because she is only a woman means she cannot do what any other men can do. New generation shows that women nowadays are competent and the smartest of all.

How can you resist a woman with such beauty and most of all with a beautiful heart? I bet no man never notice you.

Girls don’t often ask questions like. Do you like me? or How can you not love someone like me? They, most of the time, shows that they are worth waiting for.

Her beauty is like a garden full of roses. Her voice is like an angel singing in heaven. Oh, how can I know you better?

Girls need to be in touch with other girls to feel the friendship. Guys just know how to handle things without having to meet a lot.


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If girls are the victim, the authority acts faster and better. Guys, you are born unlucky.

I need you to say to me that I am the girl of your dreams, the one you want to spend your whole life. I was like, You are all of it, even if I didn’t say that.

My mother knows exactly how to quiet my father. I wonder if she can also quiet my wife.

No man has the right to hurt a woman. She is made precious, with so much love and affection.

To look pretty is not enough for a girl. She must be someone who can leave an inspiration to the next generation.

You know she is the real queen if you see her without fancy clothes on, but a simple dress that let her beauty stand out. She is well respected, well disciplined, and most of all she has a good heart.

You cannot tell a girl what to do, or what she should be in the future. She knows exactly what she wants, and that is what she is going to pursue.

Part of me says that I am a only a girl and I only have a specific role in this society. But my mind says, I can be what I want to be. Like any other man, I can make a difference.

Being a fat girl doesn’t mean we do not care about ourselves. In fact, we ate a lot because we want to give ourselves everything it wants.

Make a woman cry, and you will regret it. Make her laugh, and you will be the happiest on earth.

A well educated woman knows how to handle things well. She doesn’t get mad easily, but calms down and think of the best way to patch things up. That’s the kind of woman the world needs.

My kind of girl is the one who knows how to make me smile, knows when not to talk, and gives the best encouragement I need to hear.

She is lonely. She is different. But for me, she is the best girl to be.

A girl who knows the difference between what she wants and what she needs, is a girl every guy should find.

Give your girl a chance to find herself, to know what she wants to be and be that someone. Help her find what will complete her, and she will thank you every single day of her life.

A girl without a dream is contented of being just in a place without anywhere to go, but a girl with full of dreams will go even on the unreachable star.

Two things every girl needs to have: her lipstick and her smile.

Why do men find women that is only beautiful if she can find someone who is a total package? Beautiful and smart, kind, loving, and all. I believe there are still lot of them in this world. If none, then we have a big problem here.

You don’t have to prove that you are a girl every man wants. You just have to be yourself, because if there is someone that needs you the most, it is yourself.

Behind every girl’s success is her mother who is even better.

How to make a girl smile? Sang her a song, give her flowers, and most especially make her feel that wanted.

Girls are sensitive by nature. They easily get hurt and easily get mad. Never judge them, just understand and be the best to treat them right.

When a girl says I am okay, believe me she’s not. Girls doesn’t need to say a word to show what she is going through. In her eyes you can see everything that is unseen.

Girls are only strong to a certain point. No matter how brave she face things, at the end of the day she is just a girl.

A real strong woman aren’t the one who does not cry but the one who are not afraid to show her feelings.

She is fierce, she is classy, she is everything. How can I not love that kind of girl?

It is normal to a girl to be jealous. What is not normal is when she do awful things out of jealousy.

A real princess act like a lady, think like a king, and look like a beauty queen.

When a girl suddenly become silent, believe me, something you don’t want is going to happen.

Only good girls understand true love. Other doesn’t believe on it.

Girls with a resting bitch face are the one who is usually the kindest and the best.

Do not miss any girl’s hangout if you do not want to be their topic the whole night.

Pretty face will fade but good heart will last a lifetime.

It’s funny how I find my girl counterpart. She is exactly who I am. We have the same taste with music, favorite food and hangout place, even with our dreams. Isn’t it creepy, or is it really a destiny?

Nothing can change the fact that in the world we live in woman are place second to man.

You can see everything a girl need by just looking in her eyes. Sometimes, a simple hug is all she needs.

Wear your makeup, your best dress, and most especially your confidence, and rock this world.

Complaining is just a girl’s way to say that she needs you to listen, nothing more.

A real girl friend is the one who stays connected even if she is miles away. The one who never forget to communicate.

I am just a little girl with a big dream to change the world and make a difference.

Take care of your little girl and when she grow up she will know how to treat you right.

A simple girl is usually the best people in the world. No need for much, time for them is the most precious thing you could ever give.