Growing Up Quotes


We all go through a phase in our lives; after all, we are growing up a little each second that passes by.
Instead, we are growing older; growing up is more complex than most people expect.
There is too much involved in growing up.
As a person, you can’t help but do so if you want to move on to the next chapter of your life.
No matter what you plan on doing, here are some quotes about growing up that will make you realize and get to understand what it is about better.


Growing up can be tricky at times, for you’re anxious to step out into the new world.


You lose some of your illusions. Eventually, that is the trick of time, and that is why we are sad.


It is never easy to grow up and still get to hold on to our childhood, but we can do it, believe it.

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You wonder what you had done and the things that are coming, but the truth is that we grew.


And you were but a child yesterday, and now you are all grown up & that is the sad part of it.


You need not be like me in growing up. You have to be yourself and get to know yourself better.



Other days I still see you as the child I used to babysit, but I guess things are different now too.


I wanted to let go of the things in my past and grow up, but now all I want is to be back there.


There are brighter days to come, so forget what you do not like; you will be just fine.


At night I lie awake, and I think of all the things I have done and hope there is no regret.


Though you are now growing up, I hope you never forget to stop having a lot of fun as well.


At that time, I knew what to look forward to, but I never thought to look back to the past.


And all I wanted was for us to reconcile, but I guess we hold grudges longer when we’re older.


Sometimes you forgive yourself for being such a grownup for far too early in your life as well.


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There are moments when all I want to think about is being you and changing yourself, right?


The truth is that growing up may be the most challenging portion we all go through in this life, kid.


How do you figure out what is wrong and right when you are all grown up, how to?



There are certain parts of you that you wanted to change; I knew that; I wish I were there.


I was afraid of growing up; I thought I might never get to play as I did before, I was wrong.


The hardest part is that I was not there to watch as you grew up from a kid to a young adult.


It is hard to watch your face be filled with pimples, but you adjust to it eventually even then.


I am convinced that the truth is that we are not grownups but children all but playing house.


It seems to me I did become all that I used to be afraid of becoming when I was growing up.


Our authentic selves are still deep inside of our hiding and waiting around to show themselves too.


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I wish I could go back to when everything was innocent and accessible; I am not.


The truth is that we are all happy, and things change regardless, which is truly sad.


The sad thing is that we are careless as we are growing up, and we let go of important things.


I spent so much time trying to be mature with time, but I did not; I wasted it all up on makeup.

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I was a young person back then, irresponsible to the core, but now I learned from all that.


I began to dream, and I began to hope for a better future, and I suddenly just stopped being me.


I had a lot of nightmares as I was growing up, but I have long surpassed them by this time.


I often wondered about being a grownup as a child, but I guess I outgrew myself in that.


Without being able to explain why I grew up entirely, all the hesitations within me cleared up.


As a person grows up, they lose part of themself unexpectedly too.


Growing up makes you outgrow some of your ideas, which can be kind of sad now.


And when you grow up to be the person you have always wanted to become, do come back.


You went away to grow up and find yourself only to come back and be found from the lost.


I think these emotions within me are far too deep for anything else; that is the hard truth.


I hope that you make do as you are growing up, keep being the person you have been to.


I do not even know where I should begin, and I feel older, not even a bit mature as well too.


And in the end, I guess we all just wanted to make our mark, to make ourselves have a sense.


As you grow older, feelings grow, making you feel all sorts of things in the process.


What I wish is that as you are growing up, you never lose your ideals, never outgrow yourself.


And your child grows up so much faster than you expected, and you wish they would slow it.


The process of creating new dreams about this life is the beginning of maturity, and I tell you that.


If being a grownup means I have to bow down to someone, I wish never to grow up ever too.


Your inner child will still be inside you as you grow up, so never lose that person now.


Go and screw things up when you are young; you are allowed to grow up properly.


When you look back at your happy days, you will laugh about it and be more mature.


Turning 18 does not guarantee maturity. It is within you that decides if you are mature enough.


It happens to anyone; one day, you just grow up, and you never noticed it even day today.


Growing up is a bit challenging, but then so is being yourself, so deal with it now.


The child inside of us realizes that one day he will grow up to be a better person.


We all have that inner child inside of us, but often we forget about them as well; that’s sad.


The sad thing is that most children learn to grow up when the rest of their life is falling apart.


My only wish is that you grow up to be the best person you could have become in your life.


Growing up is optional when you think about it, though growing older is not.


It is hard to bounce back to the routine when you are an adult, so do crazy for now.


Being a child may seem like a big suck up thing, but it makes us have great fun.


It would help if you enjoyed life as you are still a child, later on, everything you do will matter too much.


You have got to start doing what you need to do and stop trying to be someone else as well.


And suddenly you were growing up, and the next moment you are fully grown, it sucks like that.


You know that you are growing up when you see the past and see it full of regrets and truths.


The moment you stop being a child is the moment you stop mimicking what other people do.


I still look at an adult and try to find the child hiding beneath that façade; I am right.


The problem in the world is that many people act like they are adults when they are not.


Child, do not grow up too fast; enjoy your life for now, for this is the only time that you can.


Later on, you forget all about your childhood, which is the sad part about being a grownup.


Too many grownups forgot about their happiness when they were 10, do not do it.


There is a time when you are growing up when you have to choose and do so wisely.


The good thing is that you grow up with each person you meet, with every experience you get.


You learn a lesson, you move on, and from that, you will grow to be the person you can become.


Do not take to heart the things that are said to you. It is part of the process to become an adult.


You wanted to be an adult, and instead, you become someone you barely know that is truly sad.


I hope you still find the time to laugh at yourself for all the foolishness that you have done.


We are all so concerned about giving children what they want that we forget what they need.


Support your child with what he does, and he will grow up to be a fine young adult.


I hope that you open your eyes to the world, for that is what being an adult is; you should try.


Never give up, that is one lesson you will learn the hard way, but I am telling you now instead.


There is a high price for maturity that I hope you never have to pay though you have to really.


You may not know where you are going, but you will know yourself a Lil better in the journey.


I wish I could stop growing up and stay in the bubble of childhood a bit longer.