40+ I Love You Quotes

There are times when you want to say your feelings to your special someone, but you cannot find the words to tell them. It is as if the words coming out from you are just not enough to express exactly how you feel. When this time comes, having some quotes in hand would be very handy.
Here are some of the quotes that might help you deal with your emotions and help you relay your authentic message to that person.

Some days, I want to tell you that I love you, just like how the moon never stops shining.

I love you like the rainbow after the rain, like how I still care after all the pain you gave me.

You are my ray of sunshine, the one that gives me hope when I am down, and that is why I love you.

I guess the red strings of fate connect us; I still love you even after all this time.


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I love you; I want you to know how I feel for you because that is the truth.

I wouldn’t say I like hiding anything from you, so I’ll say it out now: I love you.

I love you now and always will until the sun sets in the east and rises in the west.

It seems to me that I will keep on loving you even when the sun grows cold and weary.

It looks to me that I have loved you all this time without me knowing.

The first time I saw you, I never thought that you would be the one I would live forever.

I love you can mean many things, and mine means that I am forever grateful for your presence in this life of mine.

Cute I Love You Quotes

I cannot thank you enough for all the happiness you have brought to me in this life of mine.

If I tell you that you mean the world to me, would you be able to understand that?

I love you, baby

You are such a delight, a person who has brought sweetness to my life, and I love you for that.

Sometimes, I wonder where I could have been if you had not brought me happiness.

Do you know that I think you are the ultimate form of happiness that anyone can have?

I feel so lucky to love you as I do, to be able to hold you as I do.

Someday, I will show you what I am made of, what I can prove to you to offer you my worth.

If words were diamonds, then we would already be rich by now, but if love was the answer, then I have no questions left to ask.

You are indeed the answer to all of my prayers; you are the angel sent by God to love me.

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Do you know how much I love you? I love you, like the way the river never stops flowing.

I know that I will love you from today until tomorrow and the next tomorrow to come.

Sometimes, I wish you would listen to me and not just hear me when I say that I love you.

You are that somebody that I feel so strongly for; is this indeed what they all call love?

Cute Crush Quotes

I have become stronger ever since I started loving you, and I want to thank you.

Maybe tomorrow, things will get better, but for now, I want to tell you I’ll love you forever and ever.

I want to go around the world with you because loving someone is like traveling.

Of all the things I am unsure of, my love for you is the only thing I am very sure of.

Did you know that the moment I laid my eyes on you, my heart started pumping like crazy?


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I want to give you all the things you want in the world if I could but for now, just my heart.

I love you so much that most of the time, I cannot contain it and blurt it out of nowhere.

If there is a chance to get to see your face every day, I’ll take it because you are worth it.

After everything we have is done, I will choose you and keep choosing you ‘til the end.

You were never just an option to me because I decided to let myself fall in love.

Sometimes, no explanation is needed, just for the words, I love you to be heard.

When things get tough, now that I will be here because that is how much I truly love you so.

Tomorrow, I will tell you again and again until you tell it back to me: I love you so much.

Just know that I will never get tired of you and loving you and telling you that I genuinely do.

Would things be better if I just told you the truth? Here it is, listen up: I love you so much.

There are times when it feels crazy like I want to shout to the world all of my feelings.

No words can explain the love that I feel for you here in this heart of mine; I love you.

If I get a dollar for every time I mean the words: I love you, I’d be a billionaire right now.

You are the person I want to give all my I love you’s too, the one I want to care about.

Sometimes, it feels like life is not great, but things become better once again when I see you.

To see you is to set my spirits free; I love you so much if you know it.

I want you to know that my love for you has no end; it will never fade.

Even when I fade into existence, I hope you remember that the love I feel for you is accurate.

I may not say it as often as I could, but I mean it; I genuinely do love you from the bottom of this heart of mine.

When things get rough, know that I will always be here for you to lean on and to be with.

I love you; I do love you like the bees get attracted to the flowers’ pollen, so much.

I want to be with you every second of my life, to love you as much as I possibly could if you let me do so.

There are no words for this feeling in my heart; I can only show you how much I feel for you.

There are times when it feels sad not to hold you in my arms; I miss you then.

When you miss someone, it means that you love them; it means that you care for them so much.

I feel sad not to be with you during the times, which makes me realize how much I love you.

You are the reason I wake up feeling happy each morning, the one that puts a smile on my lips.

You are my fairy; you are the one that gives me fairy dust that makes me fly up to cloud nine.

I told the universe I love you in the hopes that someday, even when I am gone, it might reach you.

Who would have known that you would be the person I would eventually fall in love with.

Sometimes I wonder what could have happened if I told you that I loved you that day.

When it rains, I remember that day I told you I love you, and you told me you did too.

The pit pattering of the raindrops tells me that my thoughts are reaching you, somehow.

I love you, three simple words that mean so much when you hear it from a person you love.

During the saddest times of my life, I think of you, and my love for you makes it easier to bear all the pain I am feeling.

Can you be my happily ever after? Could you possibly love me like no other?

If I told you I love you, would you believe me? Would you tell me that you love me too?

I now believe that the best things in life are free, and for me, that is when I tell you I love you.

I just wish that you understand that I am agenuinelyly in love with you, that I hope you would feel the same way that I do.

Sometimes, I sit by and wonder what could have happened if I had not met you that time I did. Would life be this happy?

You are the person I honestlyly cannot live without: I love you so much, I hope you know that.

There are three words that I am holding back because I am afraid of being rejected: I love you.

Do not say I love you so carelessly because it loses its essence when you say it too often.

The world may be against us, this love, but I will keep on fighting for it, for this, for us.

There will never come a time that I will tell you I do not love you anymore because when I said it, I meant it.

During times like this, when the sky is clear, I want to tell you how dear you are to me.

The best way for you to know that I love you is by showing you that I do.

Maybe someday, you will understand why I had to leave you even if I genuinelyly love you.

I love you, so please do not go, please do not leave me, just let me love you today and tomorrow.

If I could give you anything in the world to make you stay, I would give up all of it.

Stay with me, stay for tonight, stay forever by my side because I love you.