50+ I Want to Kiss You Quotes

When that time comes when you have to show that special someone just how important they are to you, you might as well be able to tell them how you feel.
There are those moments when instead of saying it, you can show it.
For example, you can kiss them and instantly transfer those feelings right to the person you love.
However, it would also be great to tell them the feeling you get, that you want to kiss them so that there will be no offence taken, or you are sure that the other person wants to kiss you as well.
Here are some ‘I want to kiss you quotes to try out.

I want to kiss you, and I want to hold you tight and never let you go; that is the truth.

How do I even begin to express these feelings that I have in my heart for you? Tell me how.


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There are times when I do not even know how to tell you that I love you a lot.

When the time comes, I hope I can do the right thing, be with you forever and ever, love.

To feel my lips against yours is the best feeling I can ever have in the world, indeed.

If there is such a thing as destiny, then that might be what is between you and me, my favourite.

We must have been meant to be together, and I couldn’t take my lips away from you, babe.

Then, believe me when I tell you that what I feel for you is true; I have never felt this way I do.

And at the end of the day, it is you that I love, that I want to go home to; I want to kiss you.

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Let me love you in the way that only I can because that is the only way I can escape.

Maybe you do not feel the same way that I do, which scares me the most in this life.

Things will not get any better, and that is just pretty much the way it seems right now.

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Deep inside me, I am hoping that somehow, things will get better between you and me.

I want to taste your lips, but I am afraid I am reading the signs all wrong now.

Maybe, in the end, I was not meant to be in your life as you were meant to be in mine, love.

I was so scared to lose you, so afraid that you would walk out on me, and for that, I forgot you.

I want to remove these feelings inside my heart that make me panic whenever I see you, dear.

I want to kiss you every morning, every night, every second that I can just because I could.

If I can erase every single memory that we have, every what-if, then I should be just fine.

Let me destroy you with a single second so that you can feel a bit of how I feel now.

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There was only you in the sea of people, and it was you I can only think about, that is for sure.

There are a million reasons I want to kiss you, but mostly because I love you so.

I wonder how I tell you now that I want to kiss you if it is possible that you feel the same I do.

You did not feel pretty, which you told me, but you were the most beautiful person then.

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At that moment, I saw who you were, something unique and unforgettable, and for it, I loved it.

I loved you once so bad that the only thing I could think of was being close to you, kissing you.

If I am given another chance, I will choose to meet you over again, even if that would hurt.

In the end, I felt hurt in a way no one else could have because you made a mark here in me.

This heart, I will give it away because it hurt so much not to be able to go kissing you.


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How do I survive the days that I have not been with you when the feeling of your lips lingers?

Baby, you are the one for me, the one that will be with me forever, and I want to kiss you now.

Let me show you what heaven feels like, and you can show me how you imagine it to be, baby.

There could not have been that many choices, but I am glad that you chose this path.

Imagine if there is no moment when we can see each other like this, and I love it.

I will write you a thousand poems, and believe me when I say that I would be with you.

If there is such a thing as loving someone because of their taste, then I might be in love today.

I cannot even understand how that will happen; how do I even begin to love you so?

I can’t explain the feeling I get when our lips touch, and sometimes I find it energizing.

Something about being up close with you makes me nervous as hell; that’s true.

I wish I could turn back time and do things a lot better with you, but we will live with it.

You are my first one, the first one to touch my soul, the only one who I want to be with forever.

Is it okay to tell you that I want to kiss you, that I want to be with you for as long as I can?

And here I thought that forever may exist, and then I am proven wrong one more time.

Where do I start trying to forget the past, trying to tell myself that everything lasts?

At that moment, you try to see things for the way they are that you will succeed.

In the end, what matters the most in this life is to defeat the boss or try for other positions.

Maybe it was too much, may we should tell her who wanted a date with her, right?

How do I even begin to tell you that I want to kiss you so bad, that I want to hold you so long?

I want to kiss you, that is what I want, and if you let me, I will show you the best kiss you ever.

I want to kiss you in the millions of people in this world, and I do not want anyone else, girl.

Darling, we can take it as slow as you want, but please give me this; I want to kiss you now.

Is it so wrong to try to imagine how I would become with you always there by my side, right?

You are the one person I plan to spend every waking second of my day my entire life.

Let me show you just how much you truly mean to me, by a single act, a single deed, my dear.

I will be with you until the very end, and in my dying breath, I would cover your lips in mine.

I may not be your very first kiss, but I sure hope that I would be the very last one, my darling.

Let us keep things to ourselves. Let us keep secrets from each other as you will always be mine.

You are the person I want to keep forever here in my heart, and no one else surpasses you in me.

I want to kiss you, and I want to hold you, I want to feel your warmth, I want to keep loving you.

My heart is yours to break now, and ever since I fell for you, it was yours to fail, be careful, love.

Girl, you are the one that I seek; you are the one I want to be with forever and ever.

If all things fail, at least I can be comforted by the fact that you will be with me in the future.

Let no one in this world stop us from being in love, from being with each other throughout.

All things may come and go, but my love for you will remain because I meant it when I said it.

I will find you when you are lost, and I will be with you when you go home, so let me be, darling.

From morning until night, let me be the one to hold you and love you tightly, my dear love.

You are the one I want to be with for the rest of my life, and I would do anything for you.

Let me love you in the way only I can, in the only way I know how to; now, I want to kiss you.

I want to kiss you because I want you to feel this love that I feel inside of me; let me do that.

There are times when I want to kiss you, but I am afraid you do not want me to, so I try not to.

Every time I look at you, I feel like I want to kiss you, and it often bothers me a lot.

I want to kiss you because I think it would make my day if I could if you would just let me to.

If loving you is a sin, is it also a sin if I want to kiss you and hold you tightly forever and ever?

Dear, I want to kiss you, I want to taste your lips, I want to feel your soft skin against mine.

I want to kiss you and fall in love with you over and over again until forever comes, my baby.

If I told you that I want to kiss you, I wonder if you would let me do that, will you, honey?