The 60 Integrity Quotes

In this world filled with deceit, temptation and cruelty, maintaining one’s integrity is close to impossible.
The society we live in will be a better place if people can adhere to what is moral and what is right.
Here are quotes which will inspire the virtue of integrity into your heart and mind:

A lie which slipped from your tongue requires your valiant effort of remembering it for the rest of your life.

The quality of a man is directly proportionate to his ability to adhere to what is ethical.

An honour lost is a bound for a life of doom.

Integrity and knowledge is a couple of inseparable virtues. Integrity without knowledge is futile. Knowledge without integrity is volatile.


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Denying a person of the truth is the same as being lied to about the truth of himself.

A person that wears integrity as his armor will go a long way against the tides of life.

Wisdom takes you to the right direction. Integrity is the courage to tread on it.

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Integrity is the book from which the society paints its history. Deceit is the hand that seeks to tear it.

No leadership can be effective without integrity. It is the ultimate virtue from which a leader should hold deeply in his heart. If he has no recognition for morals – may it be an army, a baseball team, a corporation – victory will forever be out of reach.

Never do anything that is against your conscience. In the end, you will be haunted by guilt and eventually be devoured by the restless voice inside your head.

Even at gun point, a true hero will never let anyone shatter his morals to pieces.

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The government will only taste the unwavering support of its people only if it shows integrity, openness and fidelity to them first.

Without the public’s trust, a government has already failed on its duty.

Never be ashamed to stick with what is right. Would you rather barter your character over your reputation?

As a man with integrity, you are responsible for safeguarding your morals against the pitiless jaws of the society.

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The survival of a company relies on the integrity of its executives.

Courage without integrity is foolishness.

As the person trusted to lead, you must be embedded with a strong personal integrity. Being a role model for your people will set a wide ripple effect throughout your company. As an effect, it instills the value into the hearts of your people, creating an unshakable bond between them set to last the test of time.

Not every people you meet will be as honest and moral as you.

As residents of this world, it is our duty to keep the wrong from running free and from wreaking havoc upon our lands.

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The ultimate test of a man’s integrity is when he has power in his hands.

The three qualities you should look for in an outstanding employee are intellect, passion and integrity.

You cannot call a man honorable if he cannot do what is just.

A man with integrity is not necessarily someone who wears an expensive suit. A man with honor is someone who has the right morals and adheres to those principles at all cost.

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A disaster is a test of your integrity’s strength.

Integrity is the characteristic from which someone will never do what is wrong. He will never cheat to climb the ladder of his dreams. He will never fail to give everyone a fair deal.

You cannot persuade someone if you don’t have credibility. You cannot be credible if you are as mysterious as a shadow. You must be truthful. You must be honest. You must have integrity.

Other virtues would be utterly useless if we can be kind, just, and honest.

If want to make a man trustworthy, be brave enough to give him your trust. If want to make a man untrustworthy, and then distrust him and show your distrust clearly.

A great man does not mind being small.


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Honesty does not need any explanation at all, does not require any foolish effort at all. It takes a thousand more effort to explain why and what led you to lie.

A true wise man is not only clever with his words but he shows more of it through hid deeds.

Conviction, dedication, integrity. These are hard to keep, even harder to prove. It takes years to build but a single moment to abandon and crash to pieces when the circumstances are desperate.

You have all the right to speak not a single worth but never ever tarnish the truth.

Look back on everything you’ve been told. Believe only with what resounded with your heart.

A person who is honest automatically possesses the virtue of integrity. He who cannot lie will always adhere to what is right and true.

A cultured man, one with a great character, sees the truth, what is ethical and what is just.

Hiding what’s wrong is the same as burying the good and the truth in the ground.

Be brave. Stick to what you think is right. Never be ashamed of it. Only hide, only cower in fear when you did wrong.

As long as my conscience is clean, as long as my integrity is strong and clear, I can go to sleep, safe and sound.

Your integrity, your character, they are everything. Reputation is always dependent upon the eyes of the world. Credibility, on the other hand, can be built over time with hard work. Integrity and your character – they are the ones to take you where you need to be.

Always choose to do what is right. Some people may hate you for it, while others will give you their respect.

A person who is hooked up with only the privileges will soon lose all what really is important.

I admire people who are brave enough to remain honest in the midst of a world filled lies and deceit.

Principle and integrity is worth looking up to and living for.

Lead a life where you will never be ashamed of your actions, where your conscience only resounds of peace and contentment, one in which your family will be filled with pride because you bravely persevered with the truth.

Real service is something no money can buy – that is integrity and honesty.

For me, a life well lived is one where there is integrity, sincerity and passion all throughout the journey.

Why do you watch or read about the news every day? Is it because you trust the credibility of the information you are given? Is it because want to know how if integrity still lives among us? Is it because you want to reflect on your actions and the power you have to make a change?

Even if people will doubt you, hold up to your integrity. That is the real essence of what it is like to stick to what is right.

In the end, the truth will shine. It is your devoted duty, then, to bring it forth to light to chase away the shadows of the untrue.

The two essential ingredients for a successful life are integrity and sincerity. These two rhyming virtues are which will lead you to the right path towards victory.

If you want to know his real character, observe how he treats his inferiors, not his superiors or those who he his equal with.

What makes a man perfect does not lie on his possessions or his status, but with what his character and virtues are.

Integrity lies on the edge of falling apart when success is achieved. People who are standing on the pedestal of triumph often are blinded with the brightness of their accomplishments.

I say, a true winner is one who reminds himself on the grounds of what is righteous as he makes his way towards his goals.

Honesty is telling those around me the truth – raw and real. Integrity is telling myself to follow what is true, what is just and what is right.

A person who is sloppy with the little truths cannot be trusted with the bigger and more important tasks.

Knowing what Is right and choosing not to do anything about it makes you the biggest coward among the little cowards.

Possessing the gift of integrity opens for countless of struggles along the way. There will be times when choosing the path away from what is true is easier. There will be times when you will be tempted to go to where it is less painful. There will be times when you will be mocked upon and ridiculed for the truth. After all, the path to greatness and justice is not an easy one.

Integrity cannot be measured by numbers. It falls on whether you have it or not. Simple.

A person is not born with integrity intact. It is a virtue by which you decide to pursue and follow as you walk the roads of your life.

A man with integrity, although he may be slow, will soon catch up to those who are ahead of him in the race of life.

Without integrity, you possess nothing.

Integrity is success within your heart and soul.

With integrity, you are already triumphant in every little thing you do.

A life with integrity is one which leaves a trail of blazing brightness from which others may follow.

Integrity is the first chapter towards real awesomeness.

Integrity only follows one rule – that is to cast light towards the truth, no matter the circumstances.

Integrity does not require you to think twice. There is only one path for you to follow – that is which your heart tells what is right.

To test a man’s character, watch how he behaves when he is told that he is wrong.

Happiness will forever elude you if what you believe is right does not reflect upon the actions you take.

What separates a right from a wrong action? The wrong action requires you to explain yourself, while the right one does not need any words at all.

Do not withhold what is just for the sake of peace and quiet. Eventually, the embers of truth will burn down the veil of lies on which you’ve decided to hide behind from.