The 45 Journey Quotes


Life is practically the most extended and most extensive journey you will ever go through.
In every journey, it is the path you take that matters the most, and it is up to you on how you live your life thoroughly.
There is a journey that each of us must take as it is what is necessary to live the life we are in.
Here are some quotes about being on a journey that you might as well try to relate to and try to figure out life with.


The real journey in this life is how you are going to survive in the stickiest situations ever.


We are in this life because we need to find who we are and what we’re in for it.


This adventure that we are going through will determine who we are in the toughest of times.

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I think we will always end up where we are meant to be even though we have never chosen to.


We may go the wrong way, but it can also lead us to the right and righteous path.


Life will be difficult, never easy, but that is just how you enjoy the journey.



Maybe we will find that we are lost and that things have gone astray, but you’ll be fine.


You will be okay, and it is going to be alright. Things are going to work out for the best, my dear.


In the middle of this road, we are in that we will figure out what we’ve been missing.


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For now, you just got to tell yourself to enjoy this journey, that you will eventually get there.


And in the end, it was the moments you were indeed yourself that will matter the most in life.


Maybe you are meant to be a great person, and you just haven’t figured out yet what to do.


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I have grand ambitions, but I have a hard time executing them; it is sad.


Do not ever lose sight of your goal, or else everything you did would be for nothing, girl.


There will be a lot of inconveniences in your travels, but you need to deal with the good.


The journey will be long and challenging, but I am telling you it’ll be worth it.


Tomorrow you will be a new person, someone you would not even recognize years from now.


Every day is a chance to change and become a better person, to become a new personality.


You need to overcome many things if you are planning to change, and that is okay.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to change and become a better person, I am telling you.


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There will be times that your journey seems to go where you never thought you would ever be.


So what if I want to go to the other side of the world to know myself better? I can do that.


Other people have no right to judge you as you travel to know yourself better, my dear.


Stop trying to think of all the things that might happen wrong and focus on the good side, love.


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In the middle of this life, called a journey, you will find yourself feeling lost, but it will be okay.


It is not the destination that matters in the end but all the things you went through to get there.


It would help if you found joy in seeking the best in life, and within that, you can find some inner peace.


Maybe you need to get through the most challenging stages of your life to become the best you can be.

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Take things one at a time, and you will do just fine; you will be as okay as you possibly can.


I lost myself in the middle of my journey, but I indeed found my way back; that’s what matters.


Enjoy the steps you go through to reach your dreams, and they are part of your adventure, girl.


My dear, there will be a lot of stories to tell for sure after you get back to this destination.


It would help if you cared about how you will get there over when you are going to get there.


In the end, you need to get your truth, but it is also essential to know how to get that truth.


A journey is not always going to be a happy one, but I can ensure that it’ll be the best one.


You may or may not be facing the right way, but you are here, so you might as well go.


Keep walking even when things are not going the way you want them to play out, my darling.


What you need is a push, someone to persuade you to do the things you usually do not do.


I want you to realize that you can do it if you just let yourself, that you can become the best.


Sometimes you can get lost in your journey but remember to be as calm as possible whenever.


You need to focus on the essential things in this life and find a place to be in, dear.


May you try your best to be the one person you can ever be: yourself, only yourself.


I want to be there for you when you need me; I want to become someone you can be proud of.


A journey is a challenge from Him telling you that you need to work hard for your goals, girl.


You need to understand that life is all about becoming the person you need to become final.


In the end, what matters is not just the choices made but the outcome that they lead to, after all.


Maybe you made some wrong decisions in life but what matters is you were strong enough.


Sometimes, a journey is worth everything you have in this world; you need it to keep you sane.


In the middle of your life, there will be a lot of challenges, and you just have to make do with it all.


Someday you will finally find which destination to go to. You will realize the right road to lead.


Go ahead, do what you can to finally make sense of where you are going; it’ll be alright, bro.


When you are on a journey, I hope you never really lose sight of your dreams and goals, babe.


A journey is an adventure just waiting to be fulfilled, just waiting to happen, I tell you that.


When the right time comes, you will see the path you need to take to find your place here.


Come along, tag along with me as I go from one place to another, searching for who I am.


Maybe you should not be searching for yourself but a purpose, for where you need to be.


It is not fun all the time; there will be challenges too; just have some faith in yourself, always.


You need to consider that you have to take a journey to move forward with your life, my dear.


And right now, all I want is some peace of mind, to finally be able to hear myself at last.


You do not know where you are heading, but if you are sure of yourself, you’ll be fine, girl.


Always remember to have fun in whatever it is you are doing because that is what matters.


In the end, it is the chances that you did not take that will come back on hunting you later on.


If you succeed in this journey, you can only expect to get more, to go on many more.


Always pick the choices that you know you will never regret, the ones that’ll make you proud.


In the path ahead of you, you might as well try your best, it might be wrong, but it’s there.


You can’t undo your choices more than you can go back to the past so keep moving onwards.


You might as well tell yourself to deal with the consequences of your choices, I tell you now.


There will be room for failure but do not take it for granted; always give it your all, dear.


It is never easy to take a journey to change and shape your life, but you need to.


For now, what you can do is trust your gut and believe that you can make everything okay.


Take on the adventure that will make you happy, inspiring you to do more today.


You need to note that things are always going to be okay the next day, darling.


Take things slowly, do not rush because you always need to have a clear head ahead of you.


May you remember to stop to listen to what your heart tells you on which way to head-on.


It has always been yours, and the decision has always been in your hands, I’ve told you before.


Never stop trying to take a journey to become a better you because that is the purpose of life.


Maybe a soul-searching journey is what you need at this very moment, my favourite.


It is a journey that takes you to places you never thought you would go to.


Every step you take in this journey will surely bring you one step close to all of your dreams.


Just focus on your journey and let no one tell you that you cannot finish it. Believe me on this.


Forget the destination and enjoy the journey you are in; that is what will count more.


The most challenging journey you will ever take in life is finding out who you want to become.


For now, I say you must keep on going towards the end of your journey; you’ll do great.


I can see in your eyes how excited you are for this journey, and I am just so proud of you.


Every journey you take matters, and you should make many friends while you are at it.