60+ Keep Going Quotes


Being motivated into getting back to one’s feet can be a challenge for some people. We really cannot blame them for it because life is indeed challenging, but looking into new angles and ways to help oneself pursue and keep on moving forward is the natural calling of life.
Through these quotes, you may share inspiration with others and with yourself as well.


Why won’t you do something about that idea that kept bothering your thoughts? It will only stop if you do something.


Life is a dance floor; you have to move with every rhythm and beat change.


Painful experiences will instil heavy rocks in one’s heart, but positivity instantly crashes them into bits and pieces. Be hopeful in life!


This world is imperfect, and your life will always be filled with struggles from time to time but keep in mind that every time you overcome is another point added to your experience and strength.

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Do not complain about life being unfair. Be a good friend to life, and it will respond just the same.


Problems are like small children giving out tantrums, and you have to be patient enough before you get to handle them.


Adversities are ruthless. It does not know any authority. Whether you are rich or poor, strong or weak, it will come for you. Be ready.


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Keep going even if it seems that nothing is coming into a bear. Small steps eventually become miles of effort without you noticing it.


Be humbled by your bad experiences in life. You will have more, and as it humbles you, the more that you appreciate its existence. You will get to know why it is happening as the lessons and values unfold in the end.


Look up when life smashes you, Look up when problems come your way because as you look up, your body stands as well; Ready to be confronted.


We grow old not by our age but by the stories we are part of in people’s lives.


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Get up and go. Do not let invisible and imaginary negativity bring you down.


You were shattered, but you kept on moving. You deserve every bit of success that you have now.


Heartbreaks and the mind can be unfocused, but if the body and the soul are fueled with passion, you can still conquer the world.


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The only requirement for advancement is the will to keep going.


Doing nothing has a sure zero success rate to anything.



Please do something for me before you quit. Think of the possibilities that may come true. Think of the end of the tunnel and how it can give you joy and gratification before you give up.


I am closer to my dream now rather than before, so why would I stop?


The reason why people reach attainments in life is the same reason that forced them to do great things.


The most important thing is that you have never backed down into every challenge.


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The quest of our existence remains a mystery for everybody but the extent of our curiosity to push ourselves further determines our rightful destination.


The correct path is easy to find. It is usually just in front of you, but your vigour of taking the steps and going through it is the main challenge.


The elite groups in this world were not just placed there by appointment. They were part of the few people in this world that knew the antidote of going forward no matter what.


What are the things that you fear? These would be your most incredible power once you overcome them.


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Please do not be lazy in getting your dream because others can easily steal it from you.


If you ever find yourself lost and unmotivated in life, think of the less fortunate individuals that you can eventually change lives if only you have tried.


If only I, Let these three words not be in my mouth in the future.


Realize that you have an endless capacity towards gaining power into everything that you would want in life. Yours is the upper hand. Beat your negativity down to the core.


This is the first and last time that you will walk into this planet. Make it fierce and make the whole world know that your name.

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Live a prosperous life if you want to; in reality, the decision is yours to have.


Your criticism stops when my eagerness starts.


Do not stop just because you are tired. It will cause you a lot of delays, and the right moment might come to pass. Stop when you are done.


The best way to dream is when you are working for it to be actualized.


To surpass failures, you must believe in yourself that you can.


Work until your role models become your colleagues.


Running water can cut through anything not because of its strength but because of its constant perseverance.


If you wake up in bed with boldness, you will return to bed with comfort and fulfilment.


You are a fierce young man/woman, and you got this.


Your excuses of getting things done later than that of now will eventually turn to never.


Trust your inner capability to become the best.


Be the best version of yourself!


A dream is left to be a dream if you do not do something.


Whenever you feel like you cannot do it anymore, think of why you started it anyway.


Nothing good is easy to get. If it is easy, then everybody will do the same. It was made hard to test those who long for it.


You have to endure the worst days for you to enjoy the luxury of the better days of life.


If you worked hard for it, you deserve to feel good about your achievement. It is yours to keep. Congratulations buddy.


The lion can do much in a day than a thousand days of being a sheep.


Stay focused and carry on; in no time, you will arrive at your destination.


Being in the limelight is for the people who have collected little bits and pieces of glow in their lifetime.


If your initial plan did not work, do not worry; you can have the 2nd, 3rd, 4th. And nth on the way.


Ask yourself if what you are doing now can lead you to your future dream. If not, better rethink your game plan.


It would help if you always remembered that your biggest opponent is no one but yourself.


Let your plans be unshakable. And you too.


Be relentless about your goals in life. You will indeed thank yourself someday for it.


Sacrifice today for a prosperous tomorrow.


The road to success is not a free highway but a narrow tunnel.


Keep trying because no one else can do it for you.


It is easier to walk without baggage, do not put on negative loads of weight along your journey.


Errors are confirmations of taking another shot in every situation.


Work hard to gain the hard work’s outcome.


If you are willing to give up the comfortable life that you are in right now, that is the time that you can start hustlin’.


Endurance comes from your ability to surpass circumstances and your judgment of not giving up every time.


It is because you chose not to back down; now you are here on the top.


Be hungry and aggressive with what you want because those who would do will outrun you if you will not.


If you surrender now, you will miss a whole lot than what you may think.


I have never known anybody great that had not gone through difficulties in life.


We all have the battle to win, and it is our battle, not others.


The greater your action is, the bigger your chance is to make your dreams come true.


People have the same level of strength and energy, but it is up to us to apply it.


The secret to being disciplined is doing things without any laments, even if you do not want to do it.


No one can judge your future unless you are dead because it is the only time you cannot do anything but as long as you are alive. You can still do something.


Today, I will make it a point to do things many would not do to have a bright future.


All of us can make our dreams come true, but surely some who are more willing will make it there first and to remind you about one thing, you might miss your chance.


Wake yourself up, hustle, sleep. Then repeat.


A tragedy will never remain as such. Your life is a combination of many genres of books, but if you linger onto nothingness, it will also be in that way.


Strive for greatness. You are born with it; do not suppress your brightness just because others are telling you lies.


A person who has never tried to do something about it can never succeed in anything.


The future belongs to the ones who are ready for it. If you are not, then you are the type who would be left out.


Trust yourself more than what others are saying about you. They are not you anyway, so how would they know if you are able?


Winners are always prepared to make mistakes, and they are not afraid of them. Losers also know that they will have errors, but it would cause them to back out.


Chase your dreams like a lion hungry for its prey.


You can either choose to exist in this world or to co-exist with others.


Don’t you ever wonder what lies behind your thoughts of what-ifs? I bet they are good ones; go on and get it!


Fight vigorously about your dreams. It is just waiting at the near end of the tunnel.


Do not feel bad whenever rejections come along the way. They are there for a reason because they prepare you for the next round.